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09月 13th, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 04×22: My Hero – Part1

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

Cameron: Oh, great. We got the Prius that can make dinner reservations, buy movie tickets, tell us
the weather. I just want one that opens. [

Mitchell: Maybe we should have gotten that one.

Teddy: Mitchell?

Mitchell: Oh, oh, my God, Teddy. Cam, this is Teddy.

Cameron: Teddy? Teddy Teddy? Doc-Docter Teddy!


Cameron: Teddy was Mitch's one significant boyfriend before me. Uh, Mitch had recently just come
. And as he put it, it was hard to love someone else if he couldn't love himself.
significant [sɪɡˈnɪfɪkənt]: large or important enough to have an effect or to be noticed 重大的;显著的
put: to express or state something in a particular way 表达

Mitchell: I actually said those words? It's kind of hard to love myself right now.


Teddy: You were the one who said, "I need some time. I'll call you when I heal more." Ten years later

Cameron: Aww!

Mitchell: I never said that.

Cameron: "Time to heal more." That's so sweet and sensitive. Why did you kill that part of yourself?

Teddy: You know, I'm hosting a fundraiser for the hospital this weekend at that roller rink on South
Main. Any chance you guys can come?
fundraiser [ˈfʌndreɪzər]: a social event or an entertainment held in order to collect money for a charity or an
organization 募集资金的活动
roller rink: 滚轴溜冰场

Cameron: Yeah. Absolutely. We'll be there.

Mitchell: Possibly. Okay.

Teddy: Great. So 4:00, Saturday. I'm so glad I bumped into you all.
bump into somebody: to meet somebody by chance 撞见;碰巧遇见

Cameron: Us too. Say bye, Lily!

Lily: Bye, Lily.

[all laugh]

Cameron: I taught her that, so

Teddy: Bye, Lily.

Mitchell: Bye. Bye, Teddy.

Cameron: Oh, my gosh, he's great!

Mitchell: You're okay making plans with my ex-boyfriend?  

Cameron: Um, yes. It's been a hundred years. Plus, this is one of the many benefits of being gay.
We can be friends with our exes without all the petty jealousy straight people go through.

Mitchell: Well, I guess I am friends with Pepper, so 

Cameron: I went on one date with Pepper. One. When are you gonna stop bringing it up?

Mitchell: When you stop reacting like that.

Lily: Daddy loves Pepper.

Mitchell: I taught her that.



Manny: That's private.

Claire: Oh, sorry. But why do you have all of our names down on a list?

Manny: It's for my school essay. "Pick a hero in your family and write about why you've chosen him
or her." You're still
in the running, but I'm not loving that you're drinking wine while watching my
essay [ˈeseɪ]: a short piece of writing by a student as part of a course of study (学生写的)短
in the running: 有赢的希望

Claire: Well, it was from an open bottle of white in your fridge, so 

Manny: It's about judgment, Claire. It's not the '70s. We know better.

Claire: There was lipstick on the bottle.

Gloria: There are my babies!

Claire: How was dinner?

Jay: Perfect. I had a steak. I had some ice cream. Gloria found a hair in her fish, and it didn't cost
us a
penny: If you say, for example, that you do not have a penny, or that something does not cost a penny, you are
emphasizing that you do not have any money at all, or that something did not cost you any money at all. 分文

Gloria: It might have been my own hair, but Jay was so happy that I didn't say anything. [Manny

Claire: Mm-hmm.

Gloria: Honey, you got a second before you go? I wanna talk about something.

Claire: All right. Why is she smiling at me like that?


Jay: It's good news.

Claire: Okay.

Jay: You remember Bob from my office?

Claire: Yeah, uncle Bob. The one who did the trick where he'd pull the quarter out of my ear.

Jay: He learned another trick. He pulled 50 grand out of our pension fund.
pension fund: 养老基金;退休基金

Claire: Oh.

Jay: I fired him. But the worst part is, I was grooming him to take over the company. But there's an
groom: to prepare or train somebody for an important job or position 训练;培养;使做好准备
upside: the more positive aspect of a situation that is generally bad 有利的一面

Gloria: He wants you to work for him! I know it's just a job right now, but you know that he has this
thing going on in his chest, so you never know where you're going to end up, Claire.

Claire: Mm-hmm.

Jay: Gloria. Gloria, it's a cold. Anyway, look.

Claire: Mmm.

Jay: I know you've been wanting to get back out there, and I always thought that if you did go back
to work, you'd come back to work with me.

Claire: I-I worked there for half a summer 20 years ago. And it-

Jay: It was terrific, honey. Listen, obviously, we'll start you out slow. We'll give you time to relearn
about the place and then maybe move you up. You know, you do know a guy.
relearn: to learn (something previously known) again 再学习(以前就知道的知识)
move up: 晋升;得到较高职位

Gloria: He means him!

Claire: It's a wonderful opportunity, Dad. Thanks. Could I Could I think about it, talk to Phil?

Jay: Oh, sure. I'll call you tomorrow.

Claire: All right. All right. All right.

Jay: Where's my boy? Give me my boy.

Claire: Here's your man. Here's your little man. Oh, love him.  

Jay: What did I say about these flowered blankets for him?
flowered: decorated with patterns of flowers (纸张或布料)印花式样的

Gloria: Ay.

Jay: Huh? He's starting to take after Hugh Hef-nerd over there.
take after: If you take after a member of your family, you resemble them in your appearance, your behaviour, or
your character. (长相、举止或性格)像

1. 休·海夫纳(Hugh Hefner,1926-2017)是美国的实业家和杂志出版商,1953年创办了《花花公子》(Playboy)杂志。


Manny: Very amusing, Jay. Let me just get your name down here.


Haley: Another brochure from a community college. You know, I bet Mom is having them send these.
brochure [broʊˈʃʊr]: a small magazine or book containing pictures and information about something or advertising
something (尤指介绍情况或做广告用的)小册子

Alex: Really? You don't think they've targeted you as a must-have recruit?
target [ˈtɑːrɡɪt]: If you target a particular group of people, you try to appeal to those people or affect them. 以(某特定
must-have: essential 必不可少的
recruit [rɪˈkruːt]: a person who joins an organization, a company, etc. 新成员;新人

Haley: At least this one doesn't have that fakey lunchtime shot of a black guy, Asian girl and an lndian-- 
Oh, wait! There it is. Wow, that wheelchair kid is really cracking everybody up.
fakey: 假装的;冒充的;伪造的

Phil: Girls, your Mom's on her way home with dinner!

Haley: I never got this. If he sees it, we'll have to talk about it.

Phil: What?

Haley: What what?

[door opens]

Claire: If Grandpa calls, I'm not home.

Phil: What happened?

Claire: He wants me to work for him. Like, groom me to take over or something. I don't know how
I'm gonna say no.

Phil: Why would you say no? I thought you were looking for something. We could use the money,
too, especially if Haley decides to go back to school.

Claire: Oh, is she still throwing out those college brochures?

Phil: Just tossed one now. Who does she think empties the trash?
empty: to remove everything that is in a container, etc. 倒空;清空;腾出

Claire: You know what really sucks? That job could be great. But my Dad is a terrible boss. He is
so mean. "Princess, coffeepot's not gonna wash itself."

Phil: That's where you got that?

Claire: I said it to you one time.

Phil: Well, you just gotta tell him straight up, man-to-man. Woman-to-man. You're very shapely
straight up: 直率地
shapely: 有条理的

Claire: I know. I will. It's just I hate it so much. The-the four big times that I disappointed him, it
devastated me. I mean, the first time, I cut off
 all my hair. I went to college out of state. I crashed
his vintage
Jag into a wall.
out of state: 非本州的;州外的
Jag: a Jaguar car, often understood as a symbol of affluence 美洲虎轿车

Phil: That's only three.

Claire: Kids, dinner!


♪ ♪ [pop]

Cameron: Oh, loving this already. If no one gets a concussion, we're totally coming back.
concussion [kənˈkʌʃən]: a temporary loss of consciousness caused by a blow to the head; the effects of a severe
blow to the head such as confusion and temporary loss of physical and mental abilities 脑震荡

Mitchell: So listen, if at any point you're not okay with seeing me and Teddy together, just please let me
know, and we can go.
at any point: 在任何时候

Cameron: Oh, well, thank you. And if at any point you're not okay with me being so okay with it, you let
me know. Teddy! Teddy! Hey!

Teddy: Hey! Aw, look at you! [gasps] This shirt is fantastic. You're adorable.

Lily: You're adorable!

Cameron: Oh, I think somebody has a crush!

Mitchell: Thank you so much for having us. I don't know which one of my girls is more excited. Okay.
Come on. Let's get you some
skates: roller-skates 旱冰鞋

Lily: I want Teddy to come.

Mitchell: Oh, honey, I-I-I'm sure Teddy has other things-- 

Cameron: No, no! You guys go! Catch up. I'll lace up.
lace up: to tighten or fasten (clothes or footwear) with laces 用饰带系紧(衣服或鞋类)

Mitchell: Okay.

Teddy: Okay, ready?

Cameron: Have fun, okay!

Haley: Hey, uncle Cam!

Cameron: Oh, my gosh! Hey! What's-what's going on? What-what are you guys doing here?

Alex: Teddy invited us.

Cameron: You guys know Teddy?

Haley: Yeah, totally.

Alex: Yeah, Teddy's great.

Phil: Heads up, amateurs! It's time to rock 'n' roll! Do you get it? Cam, what are you doing here?
amateur [ˈæmətər]: a person who takes part in a sport or other activity for enjoyment, not as a job 业余爱好者;

Cameron: Um-

Claire: Oh, hell, it's Dad.

Cameron: Whose Dad? Not your Dad.

Claire: I have been avoiding his calls all day. Quick, Phil, slingshot me. All right.

♪ ♪ [calypso
calypso [kəˈlɪpsəʊ]: a song about a current subject, sung in a style which originally comes from the West Indies

Phil: Oh. Limbo skate, kids. How low can you go?
limbo [ˈlɪmboʊ]: a West Indian dance in which you lean backwards and go under a bar which is made lower each
time you go under it 林波舞(舞者需后仰,从一根杆下通过)

Haley: I'm at a roller rink with my family on a Saturday night. I win.

Mitchell: I have got to get a photo of Lily. Teddy's making her giggle so hard.

Cameron: Oh, well, everybody loves Teddy, so

Mitchell: But you'll let me know if you're not okay.

Cameron: Mitchell, do you know your entire family's here, invited by your ex-boyfriend? Phil and Claire,
Jay and Gloria, your cousin Pete.

Mitchell: Hey! Okay, it's a- it's a fund-raiser, all right? I'm sure he just invited everyone on his contact list.
contact list: 联系人列表;通讯录

Cameron: Oh, well, that makes sense.

Mitchell: Yes, of course it does, and… I'm flattered.
flattered [ˈflætəd]: If you are flattered by something that has happened, you are pleased about it because it makes
you feel important or special. 感到荣幸的

Cameron: Why are you flattered?

Mitchell: You know.

Cameron: I don't.

Mitchell: You do!

Cameron: I really don't! 

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