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09月 14th, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 04×23: Games People Play – Part2

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

Manny: My backpack's definitely not in there.

Jay: Well, they're not picking up their phone.

Manny: He must've brought it inside.

Jay: Sorry, kid. Looks like you're out of luck.

[door opens]

Gloria: Come.

Jay: Don't they have a burglar alarm?

Gloria: Ay, please.

Manny: Okay, everybody, split up and search. Jay, you look in the bedroom.

Jay: I'm not looking in their bedroom.

Manny: Fine. Mom, I don't think my backpack is in Cam's bag.

Gloria: I was just closing it for him. I heard a noise.

Jay: Looks like the guys threw a little party.

Gloria: I noticed. They brought out the guest soaps.

Jay: How long have you been in here? Hey. This is that bottle of wine I bought Phil when he started
his company.

Gloria: And Claire's lipstick is on many of these wine glasses.

Jay: Pictionary. They had game night? 

2. 绘图猜词(Pictionary)由图片(picture)+词典(dictionary)组合而得,发明于1985年,目前是孩之宝的产品。游戏参加


Gloria: But we always go to game night.

Jay: Son of a bitch. They snubbed us.
snub: If you snub someone, you deliberately insult them by ignoring them or by behaving or speaking rudely toward
them. 冷落;怠慢

Manny: Found it!

Gloria: There must've been a dozen players. Pepper was here.

Jay: But Pepper loves me.


Cameron: Okay, she's all set. I defy you to find a tighter bun in this gymnasium.
defy [diˈfaɪ]: If you defy someone to do something, you challenge them to do it when you think that they will be
unable to do it or too frightened to do it. 向…挑战;惹
gymnasium [dʒɪmˈneɪziəm]: a room or hall with equipment for doing physical exercise, for example in a school 体育

Mitchell: Lot of different ways you could've said that.

Cameron: Oh, and good luck on your floor routine, sweetie. Not that you need it. That's Abby. She's the
best in class.
floor routine: (体操)地板动作

Mitchell: Oh.

Cameron: She's our competition. I've never wanted to beat a kid so badly.

Mitchell: Are you not hearing these? No? Okay. Oh, Lily's on the beam. I'm nervous about her dismount.
You said that she could stick the landing, right?
beam: a wooden bar that is used in the sport of gymnastics for people to move and balance on 平衡木
dismount: 下马;下车

Cameron: Yeah, as long as she breathes, relies on her training and stays in the zone.
in the zone: 专注地,专心致志地

Mitchell: We are talking about her stepping off a six-inch beam.

Cameron: And not falling. Right.


Mitchell: I have to admit. Seeing Lily do so well brought out something in me. The pride of being a
parent of a child who wasn't just participating but
thrive [θraɪv]: to become, and continue to be, successful, strong, healthy, etc. 健康成长;茁壮成长


Cameron: Okay, here comes her dismount.

Mitchell: Stick it, Lily. Stick it! [applause] She stuck it! [applause] She stuck it. Whoo!


Mitchell: 9.4. If no one beat my daughter's score on the beam, she would make pre-team. She'd be
one of the
elites. Funny thing, pride. They say it goeth before the- 
elite [ɪˈliːt]: a small group of people in a society, etc. who are powerful and have a lot of influence, because they are
rich, intelligent, etc. 精英;佼佼者
goeth ['gəuiθ]: go的第三人称单数现在式


Mitchell: [softly] Fall. Fall. Fall.

Cameron: Mitchell, I can hear you rooting for a little girl to fall. If I can hear you, other people can hear
root for somebody: to support or encourage somebody in a sports competition or when they are in a difficult
situation 支持;给…打气;为…加油

[people gasping]

Mitchell: Yes! I don't know why I said that. I don't I'm sorry.

Cameron: Yeah. He didn't mean it.

Mitchell: I didn't mean it.

Cameron: No, um, he just got caught up. And, uh, you know, we all know competition makes people
do crazy things, so-
got caught up: 入迷

Abby's Mom: Look at this! Her bun fell apart during the floor exercise. Her hair got in her eyes, and she
couldn't even finish.

Abby: You did it on purpose!

Cameron: No!

Lily: Daddies! I'm in first place.

Mitchell: Yay. That's great.


Jay: Did you offend them?

Gloria: Me? They love me.

Manny: Can we go now? I have a poetry reading tonight. And speaking of that, are you sure you guys
really want-

Gloria: It makes no sense. We're always the life of every party.

Manny: Maybe they didn't invite you because you're a couple of snoops?

Jay: Okay, Mr. Goody-Two-Shoes. 
goody-two-shoes: a person who always behaves well, and perhaps has a disapproving attitude to people who do not

Manny: A trait normal parents would value.
trait [treɪt]: a particular quality in your personality 特征;特点;特性

Gloria: Jay, I think you're right about him. He's been too good lately for a teenager. It's not normal. I am
afraid that the world is going to-

Jay: Oh, hell, no. This is too far. Look at this.

Gloria: Is that supposed to be-

Jay: That's us. Not only do we get blown off, now they're making fun of us. Well, I'm just gonna leave
them a little message. As far as I'm concerned, they can all- Ha!

Gloria: Horse mouth! That's a good one!

Jay: Horse mouth is not an expression. You can't get this? Look. Donkey.
donkey [ˈdɑŋki]: an animal which is like a horse but which is smaller and has longer ears 驴

Gloria: That's not a donkey.

Jay: Look at the ears.

Gloria: Okay. Donkey mouth.

Jay: That's a terrible guess.

Gloria: That's a terrible drawing!

Tony: Hello?

Jay: We weren't invited because you stink at this game.

Gloria: At least I can draw.

Tony: Excuse me. Just need a signature.

Jay: Yeah, sure. Okay. Here we go. There. Thank you.

Tony: Yep. That's not a signature. You drew a cat.

Jay: Thank you.


♪ ♪ [Grieg: "Morning Mood"]
Grieg: "Morning Mood": 挪威作曲家格里格作品《晨曲》


Claire: Perfect freaking harmony. That's when it hit me. Maybe it's not the cold confines of a moving
vehicle that brings out the worst in my kids. Maybe I bring out the worst in them when there's no
fun-lovin' Phil around to neutralize my toxins. I was in a full shame spiral.
confines [ˈkɑːnfaɪnz]: limits or borders 限度;界限;边界;范围
fun-loving: 喜爱娱乐的,爱好乐趣的
neutralize [ˈnuːtrəlaɪz]: When a chemical substance neutralizes an acid, it makes it less acid. 中和
toxins [ˈtɑ:ksɪn]: a poisonous substance, especially one that is produced by bacteria in plants and animals 毒素
shame-spiral: 自我消沉


Haley: Oh! A bee!

Claire: And then something wonderful happened.

Luke: I got it! [accidentally hit Alex's face]

Alex: Ow! You idiot!

Haley: Kill it!

Alex: No, don't! Haven't you heard of colony collapse? Bees are endangered.
colony collapse disorder: a mysterious and widespread phenomenon of the sudden disappearance of colonies of
bees 蜂群崩坏症候群
endangered [ɪnˈdeɪndʒərd]: (used about groups of animals, plants, etc.) at risk of no longer existing 濒危的;濒于

Phil: Okay, guys, stand still. It can't see you if you're not moving.

Haley: It's coming near me! ♪♪ [Grieg: "In The Hall Of The Mountain King"] [screams]
In The Hall Of The Mountain King: 格里格的《在山魔王的宫殿里》

Luke: Do I look like a bee?

Haley: No! It was an accident!

Luke: Well, so is this! [girls screaming]

Phil: Everyone remain calm. I'll just open up the double-tilt Swiss skylight, and the airflow will pull the
bee out of-
skylight [ˈskaɪlaɪt]: a small window in a roof 天窗
airflow: the flow of air around a moving aircraft or vehicle (行中的飞机、汽车、火车等形成的)气流

Haley: Aah! There's another bee now!

Luke: We must be near its cave!

Alex: Oh, my God! There's so much stupid in here!

Phil: All right, I'm pulling this thing over. Those are the wipers. Claire, say something.
wiper: a device that wipes rain from a vehicle's windshield 风挡雨刷

Claire: Kids, stop, please. Hey, there are daily flights to Yellowstone.

[screams] [fabric tears]

Alex: Ah! You ripped my sweater!

Haley: My sweater, which you shouldn't even be wearing.

Alex: Get off of my sweater!

Claire: Short layover in Salt Lake.
layover: a short stay in a place in between parts of a journey, especially a plane journey (尤指飞机旅行)临时滞留 
Salt Lake City: the capital and largest city of the US state of Utah, on the Jordan River near the Great Salt Lake. It
was established in 1847 by Brigham Young for his Mormon group, and is still the home of that religion and its very
large temple. Its original name was Great Salt Lake City and it was also called the 'New Jerusalem'. Local
companies now produce processed food, computers and other electronic equipment. 盐湖城(美国城市名)

Phil: Are you really not gonna do anything?

Claire: Oh, Phil, you must have known this was gonna happen.

Phil: I know that tone. You're making a point.

Claire: It's better that you find out who they are now than when you're halfway across the country.

[tires squeal] [screaming]

Phil: I guess I'm just a naive boob who thought we liked each other. Obviously, it was too much to ask 
o think that we could take one magnificent trip in a tricked-out, state-of-the-art R.V to see the sun
dancing off the Pacific. What a huge ask! [
buzzing stops] [door slams] Ow!
magnificent [mæɡˈnɪfɪsnt]: extremely attractive and impressive; deserving praise 出色的;壮丽的
tricked-out: 有各种新式装置的
state-of-the-art: using the most modern or advanced techniques or methods; as good as it can be at the present
time 最先进的;最现代化的


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