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09月 22nd, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 05×04: Farm Strong – Part1

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

Phil: Remember before when we don't have kids, we can just lie in bed on Saturday.

Claire: That's how we got them.

Phil: Why did I have to be so Sexy?


Phil: A few months ago, Luke joined the club soccer team. And at first, we were thrilled.
thrilled [θrɪld]: very excited and pleased 欣喜若狂的;异常兴奋的;非常开心的

Claire: But then we realized it takes over your whole weekend.

Phil: And not in the cool marathon way.
marathon [ˈmærəθɑːn]: a long running race of about 42 kilometers or 26 miles 马拉松赛跑(全长26英里385码,合

Claire: Luke sits on the bench a lot, which means we sit in the hot sun for like eight hours just to see
him play five minutes.

Phil: But what a five minutes. Tell'em about last week.

Claire: Oh, yeah. Luke stopped a goal with his face.

Phil: Yeah.

Claire: Too bad he doesn't remember that.

Phil: Yeah.


Claire: What if we sent Luke to the game without us today?

Phil: We can't do that.

Claire: Why not? Missing on tournament doesn't make us bad parents. My Mom never went to any
of my stuff. I'm fine.

Phil: Why didn't she go to any of your stuff?

Claire: Because she's an incredibly competitive woman who didn't like to see me do very well at
anything, but I think it's pretty clear who won.

Phil: Mm-hmm.

Claire: I'm working now, you know, and I really need my weekends back to-to catch up on errands.

Phil: I don't know. It just feels wrong.

Claire: Would it feel wrong to use that robot gutter cleaner that's been sitting in the box for the last
three weeks?
gutter [ˈɡʌtər]: a long curved channel made of metal or plastic that is fixed under the edge of a roof to carry away
the water when it rains (房檐的)排水槽

Phil: No, that would feel right– so right.

Claire: Mm-hmm.

Phil: Did I tell you I call it "The gutter done"?

Claire: You did! I love "Gutter done". It's your sense of humor. It's so fun.

Phil: Okay, stop drilling. You struck oil. But only if Luke's 100% cool with it.
strike: If someone strikes oil or gold, they discover it in the ground as a result of mining or drilling. 发现(石油或黄金)

Claire: Yeah, of course. I'm on it.

Phil: You know, if we're not going, we could stay in bed a little longer.

Claire: No, thank you.

Phil: Okay.

Claire: Don't want to have this conversation again in 15 years.


Cameron: Hey! Hey, hey, hey. What are you doing with those swatches? She's gonna be here any
minute. I told you to put all this wedding stuff away.
swatch [swɑ:tʃ]: a small piece of cloth used to show people what a larger piece would look or feel like 布样

Mitchell: Are these really our top-two choices for color palette? Why are they both white?
top-two: 两强,前两名
palette [ˈpælɪt]: You can refer to the range of colors that are used by a particular artist or group of artists as their
palette. (画家使用的)色彩范围

Lily: That's what my friend Keisha asks about you and Daddy.

Mitchell: Instead of hiding all this stuff, why don't you just tell Pam we're getting married?

Cameron: I will, when she's ready. Carefully and preferably in a large, open field.
preferably [ˈprefrəbli]: in a way that is more attractive or more suitable; in a way that is preferred to other ways 更

Mitchell: She's your sister, not the Hulk.
Hulk: 绿巨人浩克,参见110.文化详解13.


Cameron: My big sister, Pam, is emotionally fragile and she's still single, so when she finds out I'm
getting married before she is– Woo! Look out. She can be meaner than a
barn owl at sunset.
barn owl: a bird of prey (= a bird that kills other creatures for food) of the owl family, that often makes its nest in
barns and other buildings 仓鸮

Mitchell: Because that's when they wake up?

Cameron: Yep. That's morning time for a barn owl.


Cameron: It's her!

Lily: Quick! Hide!

Mitchell: It's okay, Lily. Come on.

Cameron: Oh, take that bow out of her hair. I don't want to rub our daughter's adorableness in my
barren sister's face. There she is!
adorableness [əˈdɔːrəbəlnɪs]: 可爱;讨人喜欢
barren [ˈbærən]: (of women or female animals) not able to produce children or young animals 不生育的;不孕的

Mitchell: Hey, Pam!

Cameron: Hey, hey, hey, hey!

Pam: Well, the damn airline lost my trunk. Now I'm gonna have to make new clothes.
trunk [trʌŋk]: a large strong box with a lid used for storing or transporting clothes, books, etc. 大箱子

Cameron: Oh, no.

Pam: Yep. I need to squeeze something. Get over here, Lily.

Lily: I'm good.

Mitchell: Yeah, well, she's shy. So, Pam, we've got some big news.

Pam: Speaking of big news– You remember that little ugly girl I used to babysit, Britney Horner?

Cameron: Yeah.

Pam: Well, she got married last summer, and now she's pregnant with twins. So, if you're keeping
, that's ugly– 2, me– nothing. What's your news?
keep track: 通晓事态,注意动向

Cameron: Um…

Mitchell: Well…

Cameron: We're getting a new dryer.

Pam: Oh. Well, I'm very happy for y'all.
y'all: In the Southern United States, people use y'all when addressing a two or more people. Y'all is an informal
way of saying "you all." (美国南部)you all的口语形式

Mitchell: Thank you.

Pam: How come I never get a new dryer?


Alex: Mom, in all the time you've known grandpa, has he ever used the word "Fluxions"?
fluxion [ˈflʌkʃən]: 流数;导数(数) <废>

Claire: Thas is not an F-word I have heard him use.
F-word: used to replace a word beginning with F that you do not want to say, especially the offensive swear
word "fuck" 粗话

Alex: He's beating me in "Words with friends." How is that even possible?

Haley: Shouldn't you be playing "Words with friends" with friends?

Alex: Grandpa is my friend.

Haley: Of course he is. That's not sad. What?

Phil: Morning, buddy. What's with the pillow?

Luke: It's for soccer. My neck gets pretty tired watching all those games.

Claire: Right. Yeah, I'll bet. Say, listen, your Dad and I were just talking about you maybe wanting
to go to the game without us today.
I'll bet: used to show that you can understand what somebody is feeling, describing, etc. 我能理解

Luke: Oh.

Phil: But it's totally up to you. Whatever you want because we love you very much.

Claire: Right. You can either ride with some of your teammates, like the L.A. Kings, or you can ride with
us, like how Gloria and grandpa take Joe to playdates.
 Professional athlete, litte poopy baby– your call.
teammate [ˈtiːmmeɪt]: a member of the same team or group as yourself 队友

1. 洛杉矶国王队(L.A. Kings)是一支位于洛杉矶的专业冰球队,隶属NHL西部大区的太平洋分区。球队成立于1967年,


Luke: I'll get a ride with Max.

Claire: Great!

Phil: Are you sure it's okay?

Luke: Yeah, it's fine. Hey, can I borrow your sleep mask?

Phil: You bet.

Luke: Awesome.

Claire: Yes! I love that kid.

Phil: Can you imagine how easy it would be if it was just him? I mean…

Alex: I know what you mean.


Manny: You call that folded? Where's that military precision?

Jay: We didn't fold many Onesies in the navy.

[door opens]

Gloria: I'm back!

Jay: What did the doctor say?

Gloria: He said my eyes are perfect.

Jay: Where was he looking when he said it?


Jay: Pretty sure Gloria needs glasses. The last couple of months, she's been struggling.


[Stella yelps]

Gloria: Ah!


Gloria: I'll take this one. It looks very good.

Jay: That's their address, Magoo.


Jay: Did he even give you an eye test?

Gloria: He put the spoon in one eye, the spoon in the other eye. The puff puff, the eye drops. 20/20.
Now who's the Magoo?
20/20: 说明距视力表20英尺处,能够看清

Jay: What the hell language was that? Did you see that fresh coat of nail polish? She never went to
the doctor.
coat: A coat of paint or varnish is a thin layer of it on a surface. (油漆、清漆等的)层
nail polish [ˈneɪl pɑːlɪʃ]: clear or coloured liquid that you paint on your nails to make them look attractive 指甲油

Manny: Why would she lie?

Jay: She's vain, Manny. She doesn't want to wear glasses.
vain: too proud of your own appearance, abilities or achievements 自负的;虚荣的;自命不凡的

Manny: Well, she's only hurting herself.

[Stella yelps]


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