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10月 1st, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 05×07: A Fair to Remember – Part1

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

Haley: I sure hope 
Mom and Dad are surprised by this anniversary breakfast we're bringing them!

Luke: I hate to walk in if they are naked.

Alex: Yes, that kind of image could haunt someone if she tries to sleep even years later.
haunt somebody [hɔːnt]: if something unpleasant haunts you, it keeps coming to your mind so that you cannot forget
it (令人不愉快的事)萦绕在心头

Claire: Oh, relax. I think you're safe.

Phil: Or are they?


Phil: It's our 20th anniversary, so today at the school fair, a band called the Dad Beats is gonna surprise
Claire with a power love ballad. And the 
lead singer… you might want to sit down… is the one and
only… get up on your feet!… this guy! 
fair: a type of entertainment in a field or park at which people can ride on large machines and play games to win
lead singer: The lead singer of a pop group is the person who sings most of the songs. (乐队的)主唱


Phil: ♪ She's a pretty sight ♪
♪ Wise as a Buddha 
♪ But, brother, watch that bite ♪
♪ 'cause she's a Claire-acuda ♪
Buddha [ˈbʊdə]: the person on whose teachings the Buddhist religion is based 佛陀(佛教徒对释迦牟尼的尊称)

Cameron: Or maybe an existing song.

Lily: Thank you.


Mitchell: Do you want to get your face painted like a pretty butterfly?

Cameron: No. I'm just not in the mood.

Mitchell: Lily, what about you?

Cameron: You know what? Maybe I will have them paint "Worst coach ever" on my forehead.


Mitchell: Cam's coaching freshman football, and his team's losing, and it's making him, uh, a little tense.
freshman [ˈfrɛʃmən]: In the United States, a freshman is a student who is in his or her first year at a high school or
college. (美国中学或大学的)一年级学生


Cameron: Run, run! Protect it like it's your baby! Ah! Ah! You dropped your baby! You dropped your baby! They're running away with your baby! Go get your baby! That's the worst call since they cast Russell
Crowe in 
"Les Mis," right there! 
cast: To cast an actor in a play or film means to choose them to act a particular role in it. 选…扮演角色
"Les Mis"《悲惨世界》,参见304.文化详解1.

1. 罗素·克劳(Russell Crowe,1964-)是来自新西兰的演员、电影制片人。2000年,在史诗电影《角斗士》(Gladiator)
中的出色表现,为他赢得了奥斯卡最佳男主角的桂冠。其它代表作品有电影《惊爆内幕》(The Insider)、《美丽心灵》
(A Beautiful Mind)等。


Cameron: You see the way everyone's glaring at me? 
glare (at somebody/something): to look at somebody/something in an angry way 怒视;瞪眼

Mitchell: No. 

Cameron: Like a big loser coach. 

Mitchell: All in your head.

Cameron: I'm the Hester Prynne of freshman football. I may as well have a scarlet "L" sewn on my shirt. 
may as well: to do something because it seems best in the situation that you are in, although you may not really want
to do it 不妨;也好

scarlet [ˈskɑːrlət]: bright red in colour 鲜红色的;猩红色的

2. 海丝特·白兰(Hester Prynne)是小说《红字》(The Scarlet Letter)的女主人公,作者霍桑,描述了十七世纪美国的

Mitchell: Well, then, everyone would think you're Laverne. 

拉维恩(Laverne)是情景喜剧《拉维恩和雪莉》(Laverne & Shirley)中的角色,由潘妮·马歇尔(Penny Marshall)饰演。
该剧1976~1983年在ABC播出,是《欢乐时光》(Happy Days)的衍生剧,讲述了两个住在同一宿舍的女人的故事。

John: Coach Tucker.

Cameron: Oh, hey.

John: That was a tough loss last night. 

Cameron: Yeah, yeah. Sure was. I feel your frustration. Sure do. Uh, Mitchell, this is John. He's Trevor's 
frustration [frʌˈstreɪʃn]: the feeling of being frustrated 失意;失望;沮丧;灰心

Mitchell: Sorry. 

Cameron: Star running back
running back: (in American football) an attacking player whose main job is to run forward carrying the ball 跑锋

John: Well, maybe not for long. I'm seriously thinking about pulling him from the team. 
pull…from…: 把…从…带走

Cameron: What? Why?

John: 'Cause Trevor's getting killed out there. You got no one to block for him.

Cameron: I-I hear what you're saying, and you're not wrong, but give me a little time.

John: You got one week. [whistles] Hey!

Mitchell: Well, that is not appropriate fair behavior at all. You know what might make you feel better? 

Cameron: Gathering my team and putting the fear of God in them
put the fear of God into somebody: to make somebody very frightened, especially in order to make them do something

Mitchell: I was gonna say a churro.

Cameron: I can do both! 

Lily: She's a mess.

Mitchell: Girl…


Manny: Hey, hey, lead foot, easy on the turns! I worked hours on this cake. 
lead foot: 爱开快车的人

Jay: You're sure you want to do this?

Manny: I'm going to win the cake contest, and then there'll be no stopping me.

Jay: From what? A beating? 

Manny: First-place ribbons earn respect, Jay. 
first-place: 第一名
ribbon [ˈrɪbən]: a ribbon in special colours, or tied in a special way, that is given to somebody as a prize or as a
military honour, or that is worn by somebody to show that they belong to a particular political party (勋章等的)绶

Jay: Not if your competition's a bunch of old ladies and weirdos. 

Gloria: Could you just be nice? You didn't seem to care when you were eating all his practice cake.

Jay: Finally. What are you gonna do, pal?!

Derrick: About to ask you the same thing. 

Jay: Did you not see my blinker
blinker [ˈblɪŋkər]: a flashing light for sending messages, as a warning device, etc, such as a direction indicator on a
road vehicle 闪光警戒灯

Derrick: Nope. 

Jay: Then you're blind, 'cause it's on.

Derrick: Looking at you, I'm guessing it was on the whole way here.

Jay: I got all day and satellite radio.

Derrick: I don't care if parking here is on your bucket list. I've got two books on tape, a space blanket,
and a protein bar
 in the glove box. I will sleep here if I have to. 
bucket list: a list of things that you want to do before you die 临别清单(离世前想做的事情列表)
space blanket: a plastic insulating body wrapping coated on one or both sides with aluminium foil which reflects back
most of the body heat lost by radiation: carried by climbers, mountaineers, etc, for use in cases of exposure or
exhaustion 太空毯(在铝箔边上涂上并包好的塑料绝缘体,以反射出大部分因辐射丧失的体温,为攀登者、登山者等
glove box: a small space or shelf facing the front seats of a car, used for keeping small things in 小储备箱

Jay: We're not moving. 

Gloria: Ay, but we are. Let's go, Manny.


Andy: Who are you?

Haley: Oh, my God! You scared the hell out of me!
scare the hell out of somebody: to scare somebody very much 吓得魂飞魄散

Andy: Okay, language. There's a baby in the house.

Haley: Uh, that baby happens to be my uncle.

Andy: Which one are you? You need to tell Mr. P. you broke one of his beers.

Haley: I'm Alex. Who are you?

Andy: I'm their manny.

Haley: Nice try. I know their Manny, and you look nothing like him.

Andy: Oh, you're Haley. I'm their male nanny, Andy. You really need to move.

Haley: Okay, well, I'll be out by the pool.

Andy: What? Nope! No, no, no. Not without permission, you're not. I'm gonna call Mr. and Mrs. P. 

Haley: Oh, wait! Um… seriously, Mandy, do you, uh… do you really have to do that? 

Andy: I see what you're doing. Don't bother, because I have a girlfriend of eight years back in Utah.

Haley: That's pretty young, but I guess they do things differently over there.

Andy: She's my age, and we're engaged… to be engaged. It's… it's a pre-engagement. She's in the 
Coast Guard. 
pre-: used to form words that indicate that something takes place before a particular date, period, or event 表示"在…
Coast Guard: the US military service that was controlled by the US Department of Transportation until 2003 and is
now part of the Department of Homeland Security. It was first established in 1790 and received its present name in
1915. The Coast Guard stops ships suspected of carrying drugs and other illegal goods, and can make arrests. It
also keeps watch to see that other laws of the sea are obeyed and rescues people and ships in danger. 海岸警卫队

Haley: In Utah? 

Andy: Yeah. It's the largest salt lake in the western hemisphere
salt lake: an inland lake of high salinity resulting from inland drainage in an arid area of high evaporation 盐湖
hemisphere [ˈhemɪsfɪr]: one half of the earth, especially the half above or below the equator (地球的)半球

Haley: Oh, good. She's protecting our lake. I'll be out by the pool. Your boss is calling you.


Luke: Hey! There she is.

Alex: Yeah, I'm not giving you any money. 

Luke: I don't need your money, I need advice… about a girl.

Alex: Gross, but I'm intrigued, so talk. 
intrigued [ɪnˈtriːɡd]: very interested in something/somebody and wanting to know more about it/them 感兴趣的

Sienna: Alex. 

Alex: Hey, Girlita. Sienna… girl!


Alex: Sienna is amazing… stylishworldly… and she's so new to our school, she doesn't even realize
that I'm a full 
social class below her. I need to cement the friendship before she finds out we have a
stylish [ˈstaɪlɪʃ]: fashionable; elegant and attractive 有风度的;时髦的;新潮的
worldly [ˈwɜːrldli]: having a lot of experience of life and therefore not easily shocked 世故的;老成的
social class: 社会地位
cement [səˈmɛnt]: to make a relationship, an agreement, etc. stronger 巩固(关系、协约)


Sienna: I've been looking all over for you. 

Alex: Uh, this is my little brother, Luke. He wants advice on some lame crush he has. 

Sienna: That's huge. 

Alex: So huge.

Sienna: So, Luke, who is this mystery woman?

Luke: Um… just some girl. 


Luke: And her name is Sienna. 


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