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10月 2nd, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 05×08: ClosetCon ’13 – Part2

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

Barb Tuker: Hot cider.
cider: 苹果酒,参见312.文化详解2.

Mitchell: Oh, yes. Thank you, Barb. Thank you so much.

Barb Tuker: It's chilly.
chilly: (especially of the weather or a place, but also of people) too cold to be comfortable 阴冷的

Mitchell: Mmm. Wow, that's got a kick.
kick: the strong effect that a drug or an alcoholic drink has 刺激

Barb Tuker: That'll be the rum.
rum: a strong alcoholic drink made from the juice of sugar cane (用甘蔗酿造的)朗姆酒

Mitchell: Ah.

Barb Tuker: I can feel it warming up your belly.

Mitchell: Yeah, still in my mouth and throat.

Barb Tuker: Well, what's that? 

Cameron: Boy, it starting to get nippy, huh? You guys want to walk down to the duck pond?
nippy [ˈnɪpi]: (of the weather) cold 冷飕飕的
pond [pɑːnd]: a small area of still water, especially one that is artificial (常指人工的)池,池塘

Barb Tuker: Um — that sounds lovely. I'll get the gun.

Lily: Are y'all coming? 

Mitchell: "Y'all"? We don't say "y'all"!

Cameron: Yeah, we do.

Mitchell: No, well, yeah, we say it… here, but not normally.

Cameron: Well, did you ever think this is how I really talk and that I talk different-like when I'm not here? 

Lily: Y'all fighting? 

Cameron: No, no, sweetie, we're just having a conversation about how your Daddy can be so stuck-up.
stuck-up: thinking that you are more important than other people and behaving in an unfriendly way towards them 傲

Mitchell: Cam, that's really mature. Use our daughter to get your little digs in. I would never do that,
dig: a remark that is intended to annoy or upset somebody 讽刺;挖苦

Cameron: You don't think I notice how condescending you are when we come here? You just set on
the porch. You roll your eyes. You don't participate in anything. And, yeah, I said "set." But that's how
we talk here. I'm from this place. I'm proud of this place. And it hurts me that the man I love just thinks
it's some big joke. Come on, sweetie.

Lily: Lord a'mercy. 
Lord a'mercy: 仁慈的上帝


Haley: Ugh. I'm starving. What are we gonna do about dinner?

Alex: I checked with Dad, and I ordered a couple pizzas from Theo's. 

Haley: I knew it! You're stalking my pizza guy!
stalk: If someone stalks someone else, especially a famous person or a person they used to have a relationship with,
they keep following them or contacting them in an annoying and frightening way. 骚扰;纠缠

Alex: He is not into you, okay? Does he call you "brown eyes" and give you extra mozzarella sticks? 

3. 酥炸莫萨里拉芝士条(mozzarella stick),把莫萨里拉芝士条裹上面糊和面包屑油炸,吃时常搭配番茄酱或海员式沙


Gloria: Okay, that's it, you two! You cannot fight over men like it's jewelry or shoes. If you're both
interested, no one makes a move. Sisters before misters!

Haley: Stalker!

Alex: Trollop.
trollop [ˈtrɑːləp]: a woman who has many sexual partners 荡妇;骚货;(尤指)妓女

Haley: Ha-ha, don't know what it means — What did you do?!

Alex: Nothing!

Haley: Aah! Yes, you did! You turned it on, and now the propeller's all tangled up!
to tangle something up: 使缠结在一起;使乱作一团

Alex: Why would I do that? 

Haley: 'Cause my pizza guy is coming, and now I have airplane in my hair!

Alex: I swear I didn't, Haley. Okay. I'll get it out. Oh, my God, ow!

Haley: What is happening?!

Alex: I don't know!

Gloria: Ohh, you find a little toy? 


Cameron: Hey, was that aunt Marge just tearing down the driveway?

Barb Tuker: Yes. And she dropped off a little present. 

Grams: Is that my Cam Cam?

Cameron: Gram Gram! 

Grams: Oh, you. 

Barb Tuker: There have been some storm warnings, so Marge thought she'd be safer over here. But
she dropped her off so fast that we didn't even have a chance to straighten up. 

Cameron: Oh.


Cameron: We never told Gram about the gay. You know, after they reach a certain age, you worry
that it could be the thing that
 sends them over the edge, and she's been on the edge for a long time.
We're actually on
deathbed number two. 
send somebody over the edge: 将…推至崩溃的边缘
deathbed [ˈdeθbed]: the bed in which somebody is dying or dies 临终所卧之床


Cameron: Mitchell. Mitchell. Okay. W-what's this? 

Mitchell: This is me ready to slop, bale, or milk something. 
bale [beɪl]: If something such as hay, cloth, or paper is baled, it is tied together tightly. 把…捆紧
milk something: to take milk from a cow, goat, etc. 给…挤奶

Cameron: You don't need to do that. 

Mitchell: No, I — Cam, I-I know. I know I gave you hell for being who you really are, and I want to make
that up to you. 
give somebody hell: to make life unpleasant for somebody 使…很不舒服

Cameron: Yeah, but you know what? Putting on my sister's Sunday overalls is gesture enough. What's

Mitchell: Oh, it's my chewing straw

Cameron: It's not straw. 

Mitchell: Oh, it's just show — for show.

Cameron: Hey. Come on, come on. 

Mitchell: You know, you love the man, you love the world he comes from. 

Cameron: Yeah, but you know what?

Mitchell: I don't know if it's these farming clothes or what, but I am feeling so close to you right now.

Cameron: Well, that's so sweet. 

Mitchell: Now give me a kiss. 

Cameron: No, not right now.

Mitchell: Well, don't make me rassle you down. 
rassle [ræsl]: <方> (=wrestle) 摔跤, 角力

Grams: Who's this? 

Barb Tucker: Oh, dear. 

Cameron: Uh… Well, Grams, this is Bud, our new farmhand
farmhand [ˈfɑrmˌhænd]: a person who is employed to work on a farm 农场工人

Mitchell: Bud?

Cameron: Yeah, Bud's a little simpleminded on account of getting mule-kicked, isn't he? And you know
the rules on being in the house, Bud. Now, go on outside. We're gonna milk the cows in a few minutes.
Get on out there. Have a treat afterwards.
simpleminded [ˌsɪmpl ˈmaɪndɪd]: not intelligent; not able to understand how complicated things are 头脑简单的


Luke: Here's what we've got to work with.

Phil: Nicely done. I've got Florida on the line. Dad, I'm flying you in. You're the model expert.

Frank Dunphy: What are we looking at, son? Holy Moses. More like Apollo 1,300 pieces! In space,
I guess no one can hear you be hilarious.
holy Moses: expression of surprise, outrage, disgust, etc. 表示惊奇等的感叹词

Phil: I need you to focus.

Manny: If Jay sees this –

Phil: I know! Dad, you've got three good men here depending on you.

Frank Dunphy: Say no more — I'm gonna tap a button now that's either gonna make you larger on
my screen or –
tap: to hit somebody/something quickly and lightly 轻拍;轻叩;轻敲

Luke: We've lost Florida.


Jay: Yeah, yeah. Bring the skeleton up now. I just got to the room.

Claire: Hey, Dad.

Jay: Hey, honey. I thought we were meeting at the restaurant.

Claire: Yeah, well, the lecture got done a little early, and I was kind of the star of the evening. I got a
huge laugh when I coined the phrase "
shelf-esteem." Huh? Yeah? Okay, I'll text it to Phil.
shelf-esteem: 音近self-esteem

Jay: Why don't you go down to the lobby? You'll get a stronger signal.

Rita: Oh. Hello.

Jay: Rita. This is my daughter, Claire.

Claire: Hi.

Jay: Claire, this is Rita.

Rita: Your Dad and I go way back. First time we met, I told him he needed a course in "hanger"
go way back: 关系很好;有很深的交情
"hanger" management: 音近anger management, 愤怒管理(一系列帮助人们控制自己愤怒情绪的方法)

Jay: It's still funny.

Claire: Seriously?

Jay: Her husband's in the garment business. He made me a suit.
garment [ˈɡɑːrmənt]: a piece of clothing; used especially in contexts where you are talking about the manufacture or
sale of clothes. 衣服(尤用于衣服生产和销售的领域)

Rita: I make the closets, and he fills them.

Jay: Match made in heaven. Honey, they're kind of sticklers at that restaurant. Why don't you grab our
? I'll put this in the room.
match made in heaven: 天生一对;天造地设
stickler [ˈstɪklər]: a person who thinks that a particular quality or type of behaviour is very important and expects
other people to think and behave in the same way 坚持细节的人;顽固的人

Claire: Uh, okay. Will do. Um, really nice to meet you. See you downstairs. I actually am gonna take the
stairs. That elevator is slow.

Jay: Hey, was it just me, or was she looking at me weird?

Rita: I did kind of sense that.

Jay: You don't think she knows about our deal? 

Rita: How could she? It was 20 years ago. And I never told anyone. Would she even care? 

Jay: That I tried to get rid of the man she ended up marrying? 

Rita: Well, it's not like you took a hit out on him. You had me offer him a job in the greatest state in the
Union: the US (used especially at the time of the Civil War) 美国

Jay: Okay, Tex.

Rita: If I never said anything, how could she know? 

Jay: You're not the first one I approached. You're just the first one who said yes. 
approach [əˈproʊtʃ]: to speak to somebody about something, especially to ask them for something or to offer to do
something 找…商量;同…联系;同…接洽


Mitchell: I'm done. I'm done.

Cameron: Come on. Please, just be Bud — for a couple days. You can do some chores, maybe I can
berate you a little bit to really sell it.

Mitchell: Do you hear how insane you sound? Chores? All right, you know what? You — you deal with
your grandmother however you want. Lily and I will just go get a hotel room.

Cameron: No, you can't.

Mitchell: Fine. Motel, silo – whatever you got around here.
silo [ˈsaɪloʊ]: a tall round metal tower on a farm, in which grass, grain, or some other substance is stored (农场储存

Cameron: No, that alarm means there's a tornado coming right now.

Mitchell: Oh, God. Well, where's Lily? I hope she's not still out in the field.

Cameron: Lil-y-y-y-y!

Mitchell: You can't just call her like a pig!

Cameron: Lil-y-y-y-y-y!

Mitchell: Okay, this is just a farm thing, not, like, a mall thing.

Cameron: What's that, city voice? Hmm?

Mitchell: Just go.


Gloria: This is really in there good.

Alex: Get her off of me. I'm getting dumb through osmosis.
osmosis [ɑːzˈmoʊsɪs]: the process by which a liquid passes through a thin piece of solid substance such as the roots
of a plant 渗透

Haley: I don't have osmosis. Oh, great. Chuck's here with the pizza.

Alex: Gloria, can you please get it? 

Gloria: No. You two be nice to each other and figure it out.

Haley: Oh, hey, Chuck. I didn't think you'd be working tonight.

Chuck: Hey. What are you doing here?

Haley: Oh, this is my grandfather's house. There's a pool. Do you swim? You look like you swim. 

Chuck: I do.

Haley: Oh, thanks. Ah-ah-ah!

Chuck: You okay? 

Haley: Oh, yeah. Totally. Just a cramp. I work out. One second. You little…
cramp [kræmp]: a sudden pain that you get when the muscles in a particular part of your body contract, usually
caused by cold or too much exercise (用力过猛、酷热或寒冷引起的)痉挛,抽筋

Alex: Shut up. Hey, you.

Chuck: Hey, brown eyes.

Alex: Okay, cool. Thanks. Bye.

Haley: Bye!

Alex: What?

Haley: Shut up, dork. 


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