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10月 9th, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 05×10: The Old Man & the Tree – Part1

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

Phil: Oh, oh, God!

Claire: Phil, it's a little early, isn't it?

Phil: Go back to sleep. I don't need you awake for this.

Claire: Honey, it's Christmas Eve. Are you gonna spend all day on that thing?

Phil: I made a promise. Yes!


Claire: Last Christmas, Phil got an elliptical machine and vowed to walk the equivalent of our house
to Canada in one year.
elliptical machine [ɛˈlɪptɪkəl]: 椭圆机(一种运动训练工具)
equivalent [ɪˈkwɪvələnt]: If one amount or value is the equivalent of another, they are the same. 等量物;等价物

Phil: This body doesn't just happen, ladies.

Claire: If he didn't make it, no machine in the bedroom.

Phil: Except for this machine in the bedroom, ladies.

Claire: Who are these ladies?


Claire: Oh, Phil, give it up.

Phil: Oh, you would love that, wouldn't you? Just when I'm so close to the Canadian border, I can
smell the bacon and the
reasonably priced medications.
border [ˈbɔrdər]: the line that divides two countries or areas; the land near this line 边界;边疆
reasonably: in a fair way 公道地;合理地
medication [ˌmedɪˈkeɪʃn]: a drug or another form of medicine that you take to prevent or to treat an illness 药物

Luke: Mom, this came for you from Nana.

Claire: I don't know why she bothers to wrap it every year. It's always the same thing — slippers.
slipper [ˈslɪpər]: a loose soft shoe that you wear in the house (室内穿的)拖鞋

Phil: You never know. She might surprise you this year.

Claire: Would you care to take a visit to the museum of maternal indifference?
maternal [məˈtɜrnəl]: having feelings that are typical of a caring mother towards a child 母亲般的;慈母般的
indifference [ɪnˈdɪfrəns]: a lack of interest, feeling or reaction towards somebody/something 不关心;漠然;无动

Haley: Watch it! Oh, careful!

Claire: You guys are really moving her downstairs right now? Aren't you gonna be late for work?

Haley: They're not gonna fire an elf on Christmas Eve. Ugh, I thought this would be lighter without
my shoes on it.

Alex: You know, once you set up your room, you could put books on this.

Haley: Books… on a shoe shelf. Right.

Claire: You're not gonna jump on that?
jump on: to reprimand or attack suddenly and forcefully (突然或猛烈地)训斥或攻击 

Alex: I'm just too happy! After today, there'll be no more clothes thrown everywhere, no more
hour-long phone calls where all she says is "no way."
hour-long: 长达一个小时的

Claire: I think it's a little sad that you guys are doing this today. I remember when you used to get
into the same bed on Christmas Eve and talk about all the presents you were gonna get.

Haley: It's a perfect day for it! When I wake up in my own room tomorrow, I'm going to be giving
thanks for my
independence. And isn't that what Christmas is all about?
independence [ˌɪndiˈpɛndəns]: the freedom to organize your own life, make your own decisions, etc. without
needing help from other people (人的)自立

Claire: Seriously? Nothing?


Pilar: This is your great-grandmother's recipe. If she could see you now… she would die again,
because you're doing it wrong!
great-grandmother: 曾祖母;外曾祖母


Gloria: My mother has been here all week. I love her very much, but you know what they say —
house guests start to stink after three days, like dead bodies.
house guests start to stink after three days: 客待三天讨人嫌


Jay: What the hell is that?

Manny: A fiber-optic tree. It's way better for the environment than a real one.
fiber-optic [ˌfaɪbər ˈɑːptɪk]: connected with or used in fibre optics 光纤的

Jay: Not if the environment is my living room.

Manny: Look, I admit, it takes some getting used to, but so did Greek yogurt. Now I can't even
remember how the old stuff tastes.

Jay: Why do we keep changing things that don't need changing? Christmas is real trees and eggnog,
Perry Como and
bing on the hi-fi.
eggnog: 蛋奶酒,参见110.文化详解16.
hi-fi [ˈhaɪ faɪ]: equipment for playing recorded music that produces high-quality stereo sound 高保真度音响设备

1. 佩里·科莫(Perry Como,1912-2001),美国歌手、电视明星,二战后至50年代中期美国家喻户晓的民谣歌唱家。
1945年,科莫以一曲《直到时光流尽》(Till the End of Time)成名,正式成为知名歌手。1958年夺得格莱美最佳男

Manny: Now you're just making up words.

Jay: I'm drawing a line in the sand. We're gonna get a real tree, and we're gonna cut it down like I did
when I was a kid. Follow me.
draw a line in the sand: 划清界限,设置底线

Claire: Hi, Dad.

Jay: Can't talk. Saving Christmas.

Claire: Oh.

Gloria: Hi. Thank you again for coming.

Claire: No problem. I love babysitting!

Gloria: Good! We're going to run some quick errands.

Claire: Wait, if you're taking Joe –

Pilar: Hola, Claire!

Gloria: Around 4:00, she gets fussy for her bottle.


Mitchell: Lily, do you know why I'm able to relax and read this paper today?

Lily: Because you don't have a job?

Mitchell: FYI, I am starting a new job in exactly t– No. We're not doing this again. It's because I
planned ahead. I finished my Christmas shopping weeks ago.
plan ahead: 提前计划

Lily: It's important to keep busy.

Mitchell: I-it is perfectly normal to take some downti– No. No!
downtime: the time when somebody stops working and is able to relax 工间休息时间

Cameron: Okay. I printed out the directions to Pepper's party.
directions [dɪˈrɛkʃənz]: instructions for doing something or for reaching a place 行动指南;方位指示

Mitchell: Oh. We're calling it "The 12 Gays of Christmas" now. 

2. 《圣诞节的十二日》(The Twelve Days of Christmas)是一首圣诞颂歌,列举了在圣诞节的前十二天收到的丰盛礼物。
On the twelfth day of Christmas, 在圣诞节的第十二天
my true love sent to me: 我的真爱送我:
Twelve drummers drumming, 十二个打鼓的鼓手
Eleven pipers piping, 十一个吹风笛的风笛手
Ten lords a-leaping, 十位跳跃的勋爵
Nine ladies dancing, 九位跳舞的淑女
Eight maids a-milking, 八位挤奶的佣妇
Seven swans a-swimming, 七只游水的天鹅
Six geese a-laying, 六只生蛋的鹅
Five golden rings, 五只金戒指
Four calling birds, 四只鸣唱的鸟儿
Three French hens, 三只法国母鸡
Two turtle doves, 两只斑鸠
And a partridge in a pear tree! 及一只站在梨树上的鹧鸪鸟


Cameron: Oh, just be thankful we talked him out of "Feliz navidude." Okay, honey, finish your breakfast
so we can go help our
fellow man! One hour at this charity event, max.
Feliz navidad: a Spanish phrase meaning "Merry Christmas" (西班牙语)圣诞快乐
fellow man: 同胞
charity event: 慈善活动

Lily: I can't eat. I'm too excited to get my Puppy Pound.

Mitchell: I'm — I'm sorry. Your what?

Lily: Puppy Pounds have six puppies with online profiles. Ask your parents before using the lnternet.

Mitchell: Honey, you never mentioned a-a-a Puppy Pound.

Cameron: What is she talking about?

Mitchell: I-it's not on your list.

Lily: Yes, it is. "Puppy Pound."

Cameron: Oh, no! She put a "p" backwards. And, honey, there's a "u" in "pound." This says "guppy

Mitchell: Guppy pond!

Lily: What is a guppy pond?

Mitchell: It's only the — the coolest gift ever!

Lily: I want a Puppy Pound.

Mitchell: Um, honey, it's C

Cameron: Okay. I am not pointing fingers, but our daughter had exactly one thing on her list, and
someone didn't get it, so someone needs to go to the mall.
point fingers: 横加指责

Mitchell: You're pointing fingers.

Cameron: No. It's still a "1." It just fell asleep on the job. 


Phil: Ellipticaler's log, 12/24. 10 miles from Canadian border. Spirits — high. Stamina – strong. Must
get another
application of thigh lube. Oh, good. Luke.
stamina [ˈstæmɪnə]: the physical or mental strength that enables you to do something difficult for long periods of
time 精力;耐力;持久力
application [ˌæplɪˈkeɪʃn]: an act of putting or spreading something, such as paint or medical creams, onto something
else 使用;采用;敷抹;涂抹;施用
lube [luːb]: a substance, for example oil, that you put on surfaces or parts of a machine so that they move easily and
smoothly 润滑油(等于lubrication)

Luke: Dad, I was with you on the tightrope. I was your wing man in the wing-eating competition. But
I'm not feeling this one. You're missing Christmas Eve.
tightrope [ˈtaɪtroʊp]: a rope or wire that is stretched tightly high above the ground and that performers walk along,
especially in a circus (马戏团表演用的)绷索;钢丝
wing man: a friend who accompanies one to offer (or receive) support, especially in flirting with love interests 同伴

Phil: There's something more important than Christmas, son — pride. If I don't make it to Canada,
Mom wins, and this baby ends up in the garage first thing in the morning.

Luke: Our garage?


Luke: I'm in charge of the recycling. I'm supposed to bring it from the garage to the curb by 6:00 A.M.
Thursday morning. I may have missed a few weeks.


Luke: Shoot!


Luke: Maybe more than a few weeks. After a while, the pile just got so big, I couldn't bring it out the
night before or people would ask questions. I don't need people asking questions.


Luke: Then you're right! You've got to finish! You'll never use this thing in the garage! It's too drafty!

Phil: That's why I'm going to Canada, buddy — to avoid the draft!


Jay: No. Bang. I know we've been hiking for an hour, but… worth it when you look at this beauty, huh?
That's why you don't cut down the first tree you see.

Manny: This is literally the first tree we saw. There's our car.

Jay: No, we started that way.

Manny: So, you're arguing that we walked entirely around the earth?

Jay: Give me the ax. Don't give me that look. Trees are like women. The best ones make you work
a little bit harder.

Manny: She's just not that into you.


Claire: I know!

Gloria: Sorry it took so long!

Pilar: Oh, it's fine. Claire and I were having a nice time catching up.

Gloria: I am really sorry that I am late.

Claire: No, you're not.

Gloria: No, I'm not.  

Claire: Mm-hmm. It's fine. Just hope I didn't talk Pilar's ear off!

Pilar: No! I love hearing about your family and your big, new job!

Claire: Oh, well, it's — it's not such a big job. I mean, I'm really just working for my Dad.

Pilar: But you're working hard. I'm proud of you.

Claire: How do they look?

Pilar: Ooh! Perfect!

Claire: Yes.

Pilar: You are a wonderful student.

Claire: Thank you.

Pilar: My grandmother taught my mother. My mother taught me. And now, I teach Claire. And don't
be so
modest. I respect a woman who can raise a family and have a full-time job.
modest [ˈmɑdɪst]: not talking much about your own abilities or possessions 谦虚的

Gloria: Can you believe that on Fridays, they don't even have to dress up?

Claire: Taste. Taste. Taste.

Gloria: Sometimes, they even wear sweatpants.

Pilar: Would you like to lick the batter?

Claire: Yes! Oh, yes!

Gloria: Me, too!

Pilar: No, no, no! Helpers only.

Claire: I don't make the rules. 


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