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10月 14th, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 05×11: And One to Grow On – Part2

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

Phil: "Moola" sounds like "coola."
moola ['mu:lə]: 金钱

Claire: Not a word. Money is in the air-conditioning vent
air-conditioning vent: 空调通风孔


Phil: This will all be over soon, buddy. Just give me one last smile!

Luke: You too.

Phil: Mom's already on her way with the money, okay? Don't worry! Oh, my God, I don't want to go in

Desk Sergeant: You're going in here.

Phil: I don't want to go in here!


Cameron: Okay. This is where Sophie works. She's the one in the hat.

Mitchell: Copy that.
copy that: 收到了,知道了

Cameron: Tracy works upstairs. We'll meet in the food court in 30 minutes. Sound like a plan?

Mitchell: A plan, not sure if it's a finger-drumming plan.

Cameron: Get in there.


Cameron: Two of my students, Tracy and Sophie, BFFs, were planning on having a joint sweet 16
together until they got in a fight over a boy, Rodney. Now Tracy is planning on having her own party
at the Carriage House.
BFF: abbr. 永远最好的朋友(Best Friend Forever)
joint [dʒɔɪnt]: involving two or more people together 共同的;联合的

Mitchell: Our venue, our date. So, our solution — talk to them, patch things up so that they have
their party together again at the original location.

Cameron: Friends fighting over a boy — something we know a thing or two about.
know a thing or two: 精通某事;很有经验

Mitchell: Of course, usually it's gay men, not teenage girls, so we will have to adjust our approach 
just a — not at all.


Mitchell: I don't know.

Sophie: Uh, may I help you? 

Mitchell: Mm, yeah, uh, Sophie. Um, I'm looking for something for my niece. She's been really
bummed out lately — fight with her best friend — so I'm just — I'm trying to cheer her up.

Sophie: That's so nice.

Mitchell: Yeah, she's always saying to me, "Uncle Mitch, you're so cool. You're so rad. I'm so glad
I talk to you about my problems." You know, I just — I really get kids that age. You know, she's —
she's almost 16, so…
rad [ræd]: very good 非常好的

Sophie: I'm almost 16.

Mitchell: Crazy.


Cameron: Tracy? Tracy McCoy?

Tracy: Mr. Tucker, hi.

Cameron: I didn't know you were old enough to have a job. I didn't have a job until I was 16.

Tracy: Well, I'm almost 16, so…

Cameron: Crazy!

Tracy: Yeah.

Cameron: Oh, my gosh, I remember back then. My friends and I had so much fun, well, when we
weren't arguing about silly things like parties and…


Haley: Okay, that's a lot of mirror looking, and that's me saying that. Good, good. Nice cruising
speed. Oh, look, there's that jogger. Now we're in the lead.
cruise: (of a car, etc. or its driver) to drive along slowly, especially when you are looking at or for something 缓慢地
jogger [ˈdʒɑːɡər]: a person who jogs regularly for exercise 慢跑者
in the lead: 领先

Alex: Can we put the brakes on the sarcasm?

Haley: They're worn out. Hey, Mom.
worn out: (of a thing) badly damaged and/or no longer useful because it has been used a lot 破旧不堪的;报废的

Claire: Haley, listen to me. You did not pay a bunch of parking tickets, and now your father is in jail.
And I have to go bail him out just as soon as I can get my hands on a giant pile of cash. Cash —
ash! Oh! Oh, God. Oh! That was furry!

Alex: You are in so much trouble.

Haley: Oh, don't you think I know that?! What am I gonna do?!

Alex: You're going to get what you deserve. A parking violation is second only to a moving violation, 
is grounds for the loss of a driving privilege. Privilege, not a right.
second only to: 仅次于
moving violation: 行车违规
be grounds for: 是…的理由

Haley: Oh, my God, shut up! This is why Mom pays me to drive with you!

Alex: What?

Haley: Where do you think she's calling me from — the closet and blinds union? Why would closet
workers and blind people even have a union together?! Think!


Andy: Excuse me, waiter. Could you please tell me about the surf and turf? Mr. Lobster says…
"It's terrible!" While Mr. Cow goes… "
Yeah. I think you should probably just have the pasta."
surf and turf: 海鲜牛排餐(如龙虾与牛排为主菜的一餐)
pasta [ˈpɑːstə]: an Italian food made from flour, water and sometimes eggs, formed into different shapes and
usually served with a sauce. It is hard when dry and soft when cooked. 意大利面食

Joe: Dada.

Andy: No, no, no, little man. That's your Dada right there with the drinky.

Jay: Over-explaining.
over-explain: 过度解释

Andy: Don't feel bad. He's just making sounds. He may not even know what the "d" word means.

Jay: I'm fine. He's 1. I've watched him pee into his own face and smile.

Gloria: Hola, mi amor. I wanted to talk to you. What are you doing?

Manny: I decided to top Amy's little "forgotten coat" trick with a romantic gesture of my own. You see –

Gloria: Yes, about Amy… I know that I don't know her, but she seems like some of those girls that you
have liked, but they haven't always –

Manny: You may not know her, but I do. I went on her Facebook page, and I put one of her favorite
things in each of the pockets of her coat.

Gloria: So when she reaches inside –

Manny: She'll find a small box of Dutch chocolates.

Gloria: Sweet, but –

Manny: Raspberry rhapsody lip gloss, anyone?
raspberry [ræzberi]: a small dark red soft fruit that grows on bushes 树莓
rhapsody [ˈræpsədi]: a piece of music that has an irregular form and is full of feeling 狂想曲
lip gloss [ˈlɪp ɡlɑːs]: a substance that is put on the lips to make them look shiny 唇彩;亮唇膏

Gloria: My favorite, but I still wonder –

Manny: Hello, heavenly soak bath salts.
heavenly [ˈhevnli]: very pleasant and enjoyable 极美好的 
bath salts: You dissolve bath salts in bath water to make the water smell pleasant and as a water softener. 浴盐

Gloria: What next will she find?!

Manny: Only a lily of the valley scented candle
valley [ˈvæli]: a low stretch of land between hills, especially one that has a river flowing through it 山谷
scented candle: 香味蜡烛

Gloria: I love it! Oh, I wish she had more pockets!


Claire: "Bucks" rhymes with "nyuks" — Three Stooges. Damn it! "Wampum," "pom-pom" —
cheerleading costume. Come on. Oh, my God, really? "Bank," "
sank" — novelization of the movie
"Titanic." Then why do we keep that thing?! Oh, Phil, of course! Of course, because "dough"
rhymes with — I don't care. I don't care.
Three Stooges: 活宝三人组,参见301.文化详解3.
wampum [ˈwɒmpəm]: (formerly) money used by North American Indians, made of cylindrical shells strung or woven
together, esp white shells rather than the more valuable black or purple ones (从前)北美印第安人使用的贝壳钱
pom-pom [pɑ:m pɑ:m]: (especially in the US) a large round bunch of strips of plastic, tied to a handle, used by
cheerleaders (啦啦队员用的)塑料丝球 
sank: (sink)的过去式
novelization: 小说版
"Titanic": 《泰坦尼克号》,参见122.文化详解5.


Jay: Hi, buddy. Who am I? Who am I? Come on. He's your Dad. That's right. He's your Dad. Hi, Dad.
Dad. You can do it. Come on, say, "Dad." Come on. Come on! Andy!


Cameron: Hey. How'd it go with Sophie?

Mitchell: I did my best, but I don't think she's ready to forgive.
do one's best: 竭尽全力

Cameron: Oh, damn it.

Mitchell: I know. We're screwed.

Cameron: Yeah, thanks a lot, Sophie.

Mitchell: Well, Tracy really was out of line.
out of line: behaving in a way that is not acceptable or right 越轨,无礼

Cameron: Was she?

Mitchell: Yeah.

Cameron: Or was Sophie, per usual, being a big drama queen?
per usual: 照常

Mitchell: Drama queen? No, Tracy was spreading rumors that Sophie's boyfriend was still into Maya.

Cameron: They weren't rumors. She heard it directly from someone who saw Maya and Rodney
holding hands at the pier.

Mitchell: Cam, who? Dana! Yeah, like she can be trusted. This is Aidan all over again.

Cameron: Mitchell, it's from Tracy. "Mr. Tucker, thank you. Talked to Sophie. Party's back on."

Mitchell: Are you kidding me?

Cameron: Oh, my gosh, you're an evil genius!

Mitchell: You are! You know what? I give Tracy a lot of credit for admitting she was wrong. I do.

Cameron: Yeah, even though it was Sophie's fault. No!

Mitchell: Hmm? What?

Cameron: They're still using our venue!

Mitchell: No! Are you kidding me?! This is so frustrating!

Cameron: Really? Are you sure that's how you feel, or do you need a little more time to think about it?

Mitchell: Sounds like you're trying to make a point there.
make a point: 表明一种看法

Cameron: Wow, I'm surprised you picked up on that so quick.

Mitchell: Yeah, you're definitely dancing around something. I feel like it's speed-related.
-related: combines with nouns to form adjectives with the meaning "connected with the thing referred to by the noun"

Cameron: Yeah, we lost the Carriage House because you, true to form, couldn't make a timely decision.
true to form: 一如往常
timely: happening at exactly the right time 及时的;适时的

Mitchell: We were out of the room for two second– What is this "True to form" business?

Cameron: 28 Richdale Road.

Mitchell: Oh, my God, are you kidding me?

Cameron: You hemmed and hawed over our dream house, and now somebody else is eating
breakfast in our
hem and haw: to take a long time to make a decision or before you say something 犹豫,踌躇
nook [nʊk]: a small quiet place or corner that is sheltered or hidden from other people 小角落;隐蔽处

Mitchell: I needed the weekend! I never saw myself in a ranch!

Cameron: And what about Las Vegas when you couldn't quite commit to the show?
not quite: 不完全地

Mitchell: No. No, no, don't.

Cameron: No, no, no, it's fine. We'll see them next time, just as soon as that tiger un-eats Roy
un-: added to the beginning of a verb that describes a process, in order to form another verb that describes the
reverse of that process (用于动词前)表示"做相反的动作"
Roy: 罗伊,参见108.文化详解10.


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