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11月 13th, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 05×14: iSpy – Part2

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

Mitchell: Hey, guys.

Lily: Hi, Daddy.

Cameron: How was lunch?

Mitchell: Oh, it was fine. Hey, when did salmon become a thing that we put on salad?

Cameron: 2008 in the city, 2011 in the suburbs. How was Brett? What's the drama du jour?
suburb [ˈsʌbɜːrb]: an area where people live that is outside the centre of a city 城郊;郊区
du jour [duː ˈʒʊr]: currently very fashionable or popular (置于所修饰名词之后)时下流行的,时髦的 

Mitchell: Nothing.

Cameron: Oh, please. It's never nothing with that one. His perm, the stalker he pretends to have,
nobody will date you when you work at the
I.R.S. I hate it. What was it this time?
I.R.S.: Internal Revenue Service (the bureau of the Treasury Department responsible for tax collections) 国税局

Mitchell: No, seriously, nothing. I guess it is nice to have something other than chicken to throw
on there.

Cameron: Okay, why are you being so evasive?
evasive [ɪˈveɪsɪv]: not willing to give clear answers to a question 避而不谈的

Mitchell: I'm not being evasive. I– check out this new tie.

Cameron: Oh, my gosh. You are redirecting me, like we do when Lily asks us a question we don't
want to answer and just throw a doll in her face.
redirect [ˌriːdəˈrekt]: If you redirect your energy, resources, or ability, you begin doing something different or trying
to achieve something different. 使转向

Lily: Wait a minute.

Mitchell: Don't be ridiculous. Like I could do that with an adult. Check out what I got for you.

Cameron: Oh, good, yes. A garlic press. I am so tired of my fingers smell– Oh, my gosh. You did it
press: (especially in compounds) a piece of equipment that is used for creating pressure on things, to make them
flat or to get liquid from them 压平机;压榨机;榨汁器

Mitchell: What's that?

Cameron: Oh, it's got to be good.

Mitchell: What?!

Cameron: Tell me.

Mitchell: No, nothing.

Cameron: Tell me.

Mitchell: There's nothing to tell!

Cameron: Tell me.

Mitchell: There's nothing to tell!

Cameron: Tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me.

Lily: Here. Answer me. How does Santa Claus get to all of those houses?

Cameron: Okay, sweetie, the adults are talking right now, and look what Daddy brought you.

Lily: Whoo!

Cameron: Whoo! Mitchell, when somebody tells me something, I can't wait to get home and tell
you. Don't you feel the same?

Mitchell: Of course I do. But he — he made me promise.

Cameron: Well, you know what? We don't have to share secrets. We don't. We already share a
house, a life, a daughter. You know what? I don't — I don't know why I care so much.

Mitchell: Okay, all right, okay. He got calf implants.

Cameron: Oh, my God! Oh, what do they look like?

Mitchell: Like he's smuggling two grapefruits. Which, by the way, were also on my salad.
grapefruit [ˈɡreɪpfruːt]: a large round yellow citrus fruit with a lot of slightly sour juice 葡萄柚

Cameron: Okay, this is huge. This is huge. Who all knows? We have to host a brunch.

Mitchell: Don't you dare tell a single person, okay? He made me promise not to tell anyone,
especially you.

Cameron: Especially me?

Mitchell: Oh, please. Everybody knows you're terrible at keeping secrets.

Cameron: Okay, well, I didn't know that was my reputation. Maybe that's a secret people have
been keeping from me.

Mitchell: I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.

Cameron: Well, you did. And you know what the sad thing is? We could be laughing at someone's
calf implants right now.


Haley: Hey, what are you doing?

Alex: I'm just watching you sleep. You look so pretty.

Haley: Okay, but don't breathe so loud. Hey, where are you going?!


Phil: I can't find a way in.

Claire: I can't see anything, but I hear them laughing. And you know why kids laugh.

Phil: Because their hearts are filled with joy, not suspicion?
suspicion [səˈspɪʃn]: If there is suspicion of someone or something, people do not trust them or consider them to
be reliable. 猜疑

Claire: We have got to see what is going on in there. Get the drone thing out of the car.
drone [droʊn]: an aircraft without a pilot, controlled from the ground 无人机

Phil: That "thing" is a professional aerial-photography tool for real-estate use only!
aerial-photography: 空中摄影的

Claire: You used it at the beach to film yourself doing sand angels.
sand angel: 人躺在沙滩上,双臂划出翅膀的样子

Phil: For my "Phil Dunphy will get you a heavenly deal on a beach house" video. A professional
real-estate tool!
heavenly [ˈhevnli]: very pleasant and enjoyable 极美好的

Claire: That was the consensus. Hey, Alex. What did you find out?
consensus [kənˈsensəs]: an opinion that all members of a group agree with 共同意见;一致看法;共识

Alex: Okay, this is a bigger deal than Haley let on. Only five people in her class were picked to show
their photographs, and Haley was one of them.

Claire: Amazing! Are there more than five people in the class?

Alex: Yes. That's the first thing I checked.

Claire: Wow. Then we really do have to be there. Call Uncle Mitchell and grandpa and see if they
can join us. She didn't catch you snooping, did she?

Alex: No. She's taking a nap.

Claire: She's been taking a lot more naps lately. See what you can find out about that.

Phil: This is so wrong.

Claire: Eh, well, desperate times call for desperate – What is on your head?
desperate times call for desperate measures: 非常时期就得采取非常措施

Phil: It provides glare protection, but apparently not from you.
glare protection: 防眩光

Claire: Let's just do this.

Phil: We are airborne.
airborne [ˈerbɔːrn]: (of a plane or passengers) in the air 飞行中的;升空的;空中的

Claire: Uh-huh.

Phil: Expertly navigating the wires.
navigate [ˈnævɪɡeɪt]: if you navigate an obstacle, you move carefully in order to avoid hitting the obstacle or
hurting yourself 绕过

Claire: Mm-hmm. You're right.

Phil: We have cleared the wall. Approaching target. There they are.

Claire: What are they doing?

Phil: They're jumping around on stuff.

Claire: Do you see anything suspicious, like, um — like smoke or paraphernalia, nachos? 
paraphernalia [ˌpærəfərˈneɪliə]: a large number of objects or personal possessions, especially the equipment
that you need for a particular activity 随身用具;全部有关的事物;设备

4. 烤干酪辣味玉米片(nachos)是一种小吃,源自墨西哥,在玉米片上浇上融化的奶酪、萨尔萨酱或辣椒等食用。


Phil: No, they're filming each other and moving around like zombies. Honey, they're not getting
high. They're making a movie… without me!

Claire: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Then why would Luke have lied about going to Sammy's, huh?

Phil: Honey, look.

Claire: Oh, God. Well, he's still our little boy. Oh, we got to get out of here. He cannot know we
were spying on him. Come on.

Phil: Too late. It's too late. They're pointing at the drone.

Claire: What?

Phil: We're compromised!
compromise somebody/something/yourself: to bring somebody/something/yourself into danger or under suspicion,
especially by acting in a way that is not very sensible 危及;损害;减弱

Claire: Get out, get out!

Phil: I can't leave the drone! It belongs to the office! They're still mad at me for writing on the dry-erase
 with a permanent marker!
dry-erase board: 擦写板
marker: a pen with a thick felt tip 记号笔,毡头笔,马克笔(笔头较粗,由毡毛制成)

Claire: Get in the car.

Phil: Hang on. Go, go, go!

Xander: What was that thing?

Manny: Somebody was filming us.

Luke: Hey, my Dad has one of those. I know what's going on here. A movie studio is trying to steal
our idea!
movie studio: 电影制片厂;电影工作室

Rhonda: Spielberg. 

5. 史蒂文·斯皮尔伯格(Steven Spielberg,1946-)美国著名电影导演、编剧和电影制作人。在四十年的电影生涯中,
《大白鲨》(Jaws)、《E.T.外星人》(E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial) 与《侏罗纪公园》
(Jurassic Park),曾打破票房纪录,成为当时最卖座的电影。至今,斯皮尔伯格执导的电影收入在全球粗估已超过85

Luke: I told you guys, zombie parkour is a million-dollar idea.
parkour [pɑːrˈkɔːr]: the sport of moving through a city by running, jumping and climbing under, around and through
things 跑酷(在城市街头跑步、在楼宇之间飞跃的运动)

Manny: I still don't get it. Zombies don't move well. Vampires, maybe. Plus, there's your title —

Luke: I don't hear it. 



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