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12月 7th, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 05×16: Spring-A-Ding-Fling – Part1

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

Cameron: Okay, big day for this household.
household [ˈhaʊshoʊld]: all the people in a family or group who live together in a house 家庭;同住一所房子的人

Mitchell: It certainly is. So exciting. Nothing like starting a new job. 

Cameron: Or finally coming into your own at a job you already have. 
come into your/its own: If someone or something comes into their own, they become very successful or start to
perform very well because the circumstances are right. 得心应手

Mitchell: The promise of something new.

Cameron: Oh, the rewards finally being –

Mitchell: Opposite things being equally good. 

Cameron: Cheers. 

Mitchell: Yes.


Mitchell: I have accepted a job at the C.F.J., the — the Center For Justice. 

Cameron: Not, it turns out, a secret headquarters for superheroes
headquarters [ˈhedkwɔːrtərz]: a place from which an organization or a military operation is controlled 总部
superhero: a character in a cartoon or movie who has special powers and fights against evil (动画片或电影中的)

Mitchell: No, it — it kind of is. It's a legal-aid society founded by a law-school friend of mine. I will be
advocate for the people, a voice for the voiceless. And just as important… 
legal aid: money that is given by the government or another organization to somebody who needs help to pay for
legal advice or a lawyer 法律援助
advocate [ˈædvəkət]: An advocate for a particular group is a person who works for the interests of that group. 为
voiceless: 没有发言权的("the + 形容词"表示一类人)

Cameron: Oh, thank you. Tonight, I am chaperoning the Spring-A-Ding-Fling, a fundraiser, a dance,
which, under my
stewardship, has shattered school records. And I added the "A-ding." It used to
just be called the Spring Fling. I should have said my thing first. 
stewardship ['stju:wədʃip]: the act of taking care of or managing something, for example property, an organization,
money or valuable objects 管理工作;管事人的职位及职责
shatter [ˈʃætər]: to destroy something completely, especially somebody’s feelings, hopes or beliefs; to be destroyed
in this way 粉碎(梦想、希望、信仰等)


Phil: Hey, guys. For my opening number tonight– Be honest. Does it look like I have anything on
under this? 
number: a song or dance, especially one of several in a performance (歌剧、舞台剧等的)片段


Phil: Tonight is the SCARB. Southern California Annual Realtors' Banquet. It is the banquet for
southern California realtors. Literally, it's the only one. 

Claire: And this guy is the only two-time host –

Phil: Three-time.

Claire: Three-time host in the history of the event. Unfortunately, I have to miss it this year.

Phil: It's for the best. She's invisible at these things. It's tough being married to the rock star. Luckily,
lined up a substitute date. 
line up: to arrange for an event or activity to happen, or arrange for somebody to be available to do something 安排
substitute [sʌbstɪtuːt]: a person or thing that you use or have instead of the one you normally use or have (工人的)


Haley: Dad. You're still up. 

Phil: Yeah, just working on some jokes for the banquet. Hey, how'd you like to come with me?

Haley: I would love to! 


Phil: Not surprised she said yes. That girl's got real estate in her blood. She used to come with me to
open houses when she was little. We may have even talked about a father/daughter partnership.
Yeah, she's been
drifting a little lately, but I think a taste of regional real-estate's most glamorous
night might just re-ignite that flame. 
drift [drɪft]: to happen or change, or to do something without a particular plan or purpose 无目的地移动;随意转变
glamorous [ˈɡlæmərəs]: especially attractive and exciting, and different from ordinary things or people 吸引人的;
re-ignite [ˌriːɪɡˈnaɪt]: 再次点燃;重新激起

Haley: I can't believe I have to go to this thing. But what choice did I have? 


Haley: I would love to! But you're not gonna have those cookies without milk, right? 

Phil: Right. Come on, Phil.


Wendy: Break area. Copier. My stinky dog.
copier [kɑːpiər]: a machine which makes exact copies of writing or pictures on paper, usually by a photographic 
process 复印机

Mitchell: Oh, look at you. You just threw up recently. Okay. Oh, my gosh. That's you and Michelle
Michelle Obama: 米歇尔·奥巴马,参见305.文化详解5.

Wendy: That's my aunt.

Mitchell: I am so sorry. I don't know why I thought that –

Wendy: Calm down, white guilt. It's Michelle Obama.
white guilt: 白人内疚感,通常是指一些白人对于历史上或现在的对有色人种所遭受的种族主义对待而背负的个人或

Mitchell: Oh, good, yeah. Yeah, you've accomplished a lot in 15 years.

Wendy: Professionally, yeah. I haven't had a date in six months. Some sundays, I drive out to visit
my frozen eggs. But,
on the plus side, I have gotten really close with my Mom.
on the plus side: 在加分的一面

Mitchell: Oh, look at that. I see the resemblance.
resemblance [rɪˈzembləns]: the fact of being or looking similar to somebody/something 相似之处

Wendy: That's Maya Angelou.
Maya Angelou: 玛雅·安吉罗,参见112.文化详解5.

Mitchell: Damn it.

Wendy: It's signed, Mitch.

Mitchell: Yeah. I see that.

Wendy: This is gonna be fun!

Mitchell: I know! I'm just really looking for–

Wendy: You! What was that outfit last night? That was a business dinner! What is wrong with you?

Rex: Wendy, I tried.

Wendy: Well, try harder. Ooh, here's your office. 

Mitchell: Okay. Oh, this is nice.

Wendy: Yeah. Dennis liked it… until he didn't. I'll check on you later. 

Mitchell: Okay. All right. Let's see here.

Dan: New guy? 

Mitchell: Uh, yes. Hi. I'm Mitchell Pritchett. 

Dan: Dan. Hope you don't have any plans for Sunday night.

Wendy: Dan! What are you still doing here? Go!

Dan: Sorry. Right.

Wendy: That way! 

Mitchell: Oh, no.


Jay: I do love it in leather.

Gloria: Well, learn to love it in silk. It's too hot outside to be wearing leather.

Jay: I'm talking about this car. Oh, by the way, I do the negotiating at the dealership today.
dealership [ˈdiːlərʃɪp]: a business that buys and sells products, especially cars, for a particular company (汽车)代理

Gloria: Why?

Jay: Honey, I'm a businessman. When it comes to people, I know how to get what I want out of them.

Gloria: This watch — The man sold it to me for half of what he was asking. These — a third. These —
for free. So, who's better at working people, Mr. Businessman?

Jay: Fine. We have different approaches, but we're both pretty good.

Gloria: Hello, Mitch.

Jay: Hey, buddy. You look like you want to get up and walk. Late bloomer – fine. Who cares if the other
kids call you "Slo-Joe"? And they do, you know.
late bloomer: 智力发展晚的人,大器晚成的人

Gloria: Bye-bye. We're gonna have to reschedule the car shopping. Mitch has to work. Cam has to
dance. We have to
sit Lily. What?
sit: take care of children (临时代人)照看婴孩

Jay: Nothing. Just — I could have got us out of that.


Luke: Stop!

Rhonda: Eat it!

Luke: Get off me!

Rhonda: Eat the grass, cow!

Claire: Hi, Rhonda.

Rhonda: Hi, Mrs. Dunphy.

Luke: Hey, Mom.

Claire: Honey, it's getting very close to time for the dance. Shouldn't you go in and get changed?

Luke: I did already. The guys are coming by. We're gonna ride from here.

Claire: What about you, Rhonda? You want to go in and get cleaned up?

Rhonda: I'm good.

Luke: Are you? What about that dirt on your face?

Claire: Luke, you wait here. Ride with your friends. I will bring Rhonda. Come on. Just, um, give me
a good shake like a dog before you go inside.

Alex: I know.

Drew: And my Dad has three tattoos. Like, "Why? You're a Dad." Ew!

Alex: It's so sad when parents try. My Mom double-pierced one of her ears, and I'm like, "Hello! You're
50." It's so old, like, ancient to have an ear piercing.
pierce [pɪrs]: If you have your ears or some other part of your body pierced, you have a small hole made through
them so that you can wear a piece of jewellery in them. 穿孔

Claire: Uh, you two decide to go to the dance?

Alex: Well, yeah, but not really.

Drew: But, yeah.

Claire: What?

Alex: We're going ironically to make fun of all the kids who make a big deal out of it.


Claire: "Ironic"? My ass. Alex likes Drew. She's just playing it safe. Now, there are the pushy,
Moms who try and get involved, nudge them towards one another. We mean well. 
my ass: Indicates disapproval, disagreement, or disbelief, often with a tone of disregard, disdain, or disgust,
referring to the buttocks. 才不,才怪
play it safe: 求稳,不冒险,为了保险起见,稳扎稳打,小心行事
pushy: trying hard to get what you want, especially in a way that seems rude 强人所难的 
nudge somebody/something + adv./prep. [nʌdʒ]: to push somebody/something gently or gradually in a particular
direction 把…轻轻地推动


Angela: Fancy shirt, coach Tucker.

Cameron: Oh, thank you. You know what I like to say. I might be coach, but I travel first class.

Angela: So, what would you think about giving the opening remarks at the dance tonight? The arts
committee has never made this much, and it's all because of you.
opening remarks: 开场白

Cameron: Oh, you guys, when I came to this school six months ago, I never would have imagined
you would embrace me.

Señor Kaplan: Excuse me? Is this a chem lab? Because I'm looking for a big reaction. And there it is.
Hi. How are –
chem [kɛm]: abbr. 化学(chemistry)
reaction: 此处双关 (1) 反应;回应;(2) 化学反应

Cameron: Who is this?

Angela: How was sabbatical?
sabbatical [səˈbætɪkl]: a period of time when somebody, especially a teacher at a university, is allowed to stop their
normal work in order to study or travel (大学教师等的)休假 

Señor Kaplan: Amazing. I'm rested and ready… to take another vacation.
rested [ˈrestɪd]: feeling healthy and full of energy because you have had a rest 放松的;恢复元气的

Cameron: And how are we supposed to know him? 


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