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12月 19th, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 05×19: A Hard Jay’s Night – Part1

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

Cameron: Hey! We got a package from my Dad.

Mitchell: No air holes in the box. That's a good sign.

Cameron: Lily loved having that chicken.

Mitchell: One more time than she realized. Listen, I just got an e-mail from our wedding singer. He has
a small request.

Cameron: Another one? Since when does the wedding singer send us requests?

Mitchell: Well, no, he just wants to change a few songs in your medley to avoid overlap with the stuff
that he's performing.
medley [ˈmedli]: a piece of music consisting of several songs or tunes played or sung one after the other 集成曲;

Cameron: Well, I hope it's none of my showstoppers.
showstopper [ˈʃoʊ stɑːpər]: a performance that is very impressive and receives a lot of applause from the
audience 因特别精彩而被掌声打断的表演

Mitchell: Oh, they're all showstoppers.

Cameron: Oh, you're too kind. Oh, my gosh, it's us. For our wedding cake. Couldn't you just die?

Mitchell: I really think I could.

Cameron: My Dad made this. He's a world-class soap carver. You know, once, when I was a kid, I
cussed, and my Mom washed my mouth out with the Leaning Tower of Pisa. She still blames
herself to this day.
world-class [ˌwɜːrld ˈklæs]: as good as the best in the world 世界级的;世界一流的
cuss [kʌs]: If someone cusses, they swear at someone or use bad language. 辱骂;说脏话
Leaning Tower of Pisa: 比萨斜塔


Mitchell: Oh, I would have nixed that wedding topper immediately, but Cam and I have an agreement.
We– we each got three
vetoes of each other's wedding ideas– no questions asked. And it– it worked
for… a while.
nix [nɪks]: to prevent something from happening by saying 'no' to it 拒绝
topper [ˈtɑpər]: 上层的东西
veto [ˈviːtoʊ]: the right to refuse to allow something to be done, especially the right to stop a law from being passed
or a decision from being taken 否决权


Cameron: I think you're gonna love my wedding board.

Mitchell: I'm pretty excited, too. Veto.

Cameron: Veto.

Mitchell: Veto.

Cameron: Veto.

Mitchell: Veto.

Cameron: Veto.


Cameron: [Voice breaking] I'm sorry I'm so emotional. It's just the nicest thing ever.

Mitchell: You don't think that I look just a little bit–

Cameron: I mean, my Dad carved through his arthritis!
arthritis [ɑːrˈθraɪtɪs]: a disease that causes pain and swelling in one or more joints of the body 关节炎

Mitchell: Maybe it's the kicky leg.

Cameron: I mean, the hours his ruined hands put into this. He found us in soap. Today, Mitchell, I know

Mitchell: I no love, either.


Phil: So, take your time looking around.

Blake: Thanks.


Phil: I'm helping Gloria sell the old apartment that she and Manny lived in before she met Jay. It's
in an
up-and-coming neighborhood with a distinct multicultural bent that's undergoing an exciting
urban renewal. That's a fancy way of saying "the gays found it."
up-and-coming [ˌʌp ən ˈkʌmɪŋ]: likely to be successful and popular in the future 很有前途的;崭露头角的;积极进
distinct [dɪˈstɪŋkt]: easily or clearly heard, seen, felt, etc. 明显的;清楚的;确切的
multicultural [mʌltiˈkʌltʃərəl]: for or including people of several different races, religions, languages and traditions
bent: a natural skill or interest in something 爱好;禀赋;倾向
urban renewal: the process of redeveloping dilapidated or no longer functional urban areas 旧城区改建;城市改造


Gloria: I can't believe that I lived here for five years. Even turning the lights on was a pain. Look at this.

Mrs. Rivera: Keep it down, you bitch!
keep it down: 安静点 小声点

Gloria: Ay. Mrs. Rivera's still alive.

Blake: I am really digging this place.
dig something: to approve of or like something very much 喜欢;理解;欣赏

Phil: Right? The gas stove, the moldings– they don't make 'em like this anymore.
molding [ˈmoʊldɪŋ]: a decorative strip of plastic, stone, wood, etc. around the top edge of a wall, on a door, etc. (放

Blake: I'll probably gut it.
gut something: to destroy the inside or contents of a building or room 损毁(建筑物)的内部

Phil: Rip it out. That's what I'd do.
rip it out: 撕破它

Blake: I want my contractor to swing by, but I really like it.

Phil: Great. All right. Thanks.

Gloria: Bye-bye.

Phil: Talk to you soon.

Gloria: So nice to meet you. I'm not selling to him.

Phil: What? Really? He's a quality buyer. You're tired of finding renters.
quality [ˈkwɑːləti]: used especially by people trying to sell goods or services to say that something is of a high
quality 高品质的;优质的;高级的
renter [ˈrentər]: a person who rents something 承租人;租户;佃户;房客

Gloria: This is a family building. Generations have lived there, and usually at the same time. He just
wants to flip it.

Phil: Okay. I got a backup I can probably get here in an hour. You want to wait in there?
backup [ˈbækʌp]: Backup consists of extra equipment, resources, or people that you can get help or support from
if necessary. 后备(设备、物资或人力)

Gloria: You walk in that door, you never come out.

Phil: No, no, not the bar– the coffee shop.

Gloria: Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.

Phil: Oh.

Gloria: But we can wait next door. That's my old hair salon where I used to work. You can get drinks
there, too.
hair salon: 发廊;美发沙龙

Phil: Oh.

Rita: Gloria!

Gloria: [In Spanish] How are you doing, girls?

Rita: [In Spanish] You finally brought Jay so we can meet him!

Gloria: [In Spanish] No, no, no, no. This is not Jay.

Rita: [In Spanish] Ah, so you got yourself a lover. [In Spanish] Give it to me when you're done with

Gloria: [In Spanish] So mean!

Phil: [Laughing] What's so funny? What's so funny?

Gloria: She thinks you're my lover.

Phil: [Laughing] That is funny! I don't know if it's "a room full of women laughing" funny, but…

Gloria: [Laughter] Ay, Rita, no. Phil is a friend of mine, and we're just killing time before an appointment.
kill time: 打发时间,消磨时光

Rita: I hate to ask, Gloria, but my new girl hasn't shown up. Any chance you could help?

Gloria: Ay, of course! It will be so much fun! [Laughs] Oh! I don't want to ruin my nails. Phil, would you
do my
shampoo something [ʃæmˈpuː]: to wash or clean hair, carpets, etc. with shampoo 用洗发剂洗

Phil: Well, I-I guess so. We've got the time. Just a warning– I haven't shampooed professionally since
college, and that was only part-time to pay for my cheer
gear. Wow. That was super-braggy. [Laughs]
What do we got, double sinks? What's the
nozzle sitch
gear [ɡɪr]: the equipment or clothing needed for a particular activity (用于特定活动的)设备、服装
super-: used to form adjectives which indicate that something is at a higher level than something else 表示"更加、
braggy: prone to brag 吹牛的,自夸的
nozzle [ˈnɑːzl]: a narrow piece that is attached to the end of a pipe or tube to direct the stream of liquid, air or gas
passing through 喷嘴
sitch: situation 状况


Claire: Not to sound too braggy, but your Mom was kind of a badass at work this week. It was hard
enough with grandpa being sick and me suddenly in charge, but it was just one crisis after another.
Luke, honey, we're going! Fire in the warehouse, surprise
inspection from OSHA, our biggest buyer
tried to
pull out of a deal, and I have to talk him off a ledge. Whatever. It's over now. I don't want to
bore you guys with this stuff.
badass [ˈbædæs]: a tough and aggressive person 很牛的人
inspection [ɪnˈspekʃn]: an official visit to a school, factory, etc. in order to check that rules are being obeyed and
that standards are acceptable 视察,检查
OSHA: a government agency in the United States which is responsible for maintaining standards of health and
safety in workplaces. OSHA is an abbreviation for "Occupational Safety and Health Administration." 美国职业安
全与健康管理局(Occupational Safety and Health Administration的缩写形式)
pull out of: 退出


Claire: So, when I get to work on Wednesday, Margaret is already in tears, and there are two cops
in the waiting room, and I say to them, "One of you had better be able to drive an
because I've got 100 rosewood
panels to get to Victorville, or it's coming out of my paycheck." I told
you guys about the drivers and the bad tuna?
18-wheeler: 18轮的巨型货车
panel [ˈpænl]: a square or rectangular piece of wood, glass or metal that forms part of a larger surface such as a
door or wall (门等的)镶板;嵌板
Victorville: 维克多维尔(美国城市)

Haley: Bad tuna, yes. Yeah.

Claire: Yes, I did. Whew.


Haley: Hey, Mom, I forgot how fun this car was.

Alex: And these automatic doors and that TV in the back.
automatic [ˌɔːtəˈmætɪk]: (of a machine, device, etc.) having controls that work without needing a person to operate
them 自动的

Claire: You know what else was fun? The party they threw for me at work on Friday. I mean, it was
a little bit embarrassing. I didn't even know "she-ro" was a word, and there it was, in
icing. [Laughs]
Hello, hello!
icing [ˈaɪsɪŋ]: a sweet mixture of sugar and water, milk, butter or egg white that is used to cover and decorate
cakes 糖霜

Jay: Welcome to Jay's night. Names, please. Want to make sure you're on the list. Kidding! Just
Appetizers on the bar, Scrabble on the coffee table, and our feature presentation, "The
Great Escape."
 Speaking of which, Haley…
appetizer [ˈæpɪtaɪzər]: a small amount of food or a drink that you have before a meal 开胃品
Scrabble: 拼字游戏,参见414.文化详解4.
feature presentation: (指电影前面的介绍与广告片之后的)正片

1. 《大逃亡》(The Great Escape)是美国1963年上映的一部战争片,描述二战德军战俘营中的一件真事美国和英国

Haley: Don't worry, grandpa. I'm not leaving. I have no plans for the night.

Alex: Me, either.

Haley: But when I say it, it's news.

Alex: When you say any complete sentence, it's news.

Claire: Okay, girls. Dad, you feeling better? You had a rough week, huh?

Jay: Nah. I'm fine. Looks like you had a big week.

Claire: You heard about that?

Jay: Yeah, I got the blow-by-blow on all the office drama. By the way, sincerely…
blow-by-blow: 极为详细的;详尽的

Clarie: Yeah?

Jay: ...great… great guacamole on the bar, there. 

2. 鳄梨酱(guacamole)源自墨西哥,以鳄梨(avocado)为主要材料,加入番茄、洋葱、辣椒、柠檬汁等配料调和。常作


Alex: Wow. That's it? Everything you did for him, and he doesn't even say "thank you"?

Haley: I get it. It's "hero" with a "she." Okay, I'm up to speed. Yeah, that was cold.
up to speed: (of a person) having the most recent and accurate information or knowledge 跟上进度;了解事态

Claire: It's just his way. After years of disappointment, I have learned not to expect a pat on the head 
from my
Dad. He's not capable of it. But it has taught me a very important lesson that you girls should
learn, too– approval comes
 from within.
capable of: 有…能力的;可…的

Alex: I knew that, Mom.

Claire: 'Course you did, 'cause you're smart. 


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