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12月 29th, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 05×23: The Wedding (Part One) – Part2

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

Alex: Can you see better in here?  

Phil: A little, but those drops are really hanging onI'm like Han Solo right when he came out
of the 
carbonite. Really? Nothing?
hang on: If you hang on to or hang onto something, you keep it for a longer time than you would normally expect.
carbonite ['kɑ:bənait]: 碳质炸药

4. 汉·索洛(Han Solo)是电影《星球大战》(Star Wars)正传三部曲中的主要角色,在电影中由哈里森·福特(Harrison
自己的儿子本·索洛(Ben Solo)亲手杀死。


Alex: I get it. It's "Star Trek." 

5. 《星际迷航》(Star Trek)是由美国派拉蒙影视制作的科幻影视系列,由6部电视剧、1部动画片、13部电影组成。该
系列最初由编剧吉恩·罗登贝瑞(Gene Roddenberry)于20世纪60年代提出,经过近50年的不断发展而逐步完善,成为

Phil: You're breaking my heart.

Alex: Save it for Luke. He'll love that. Can we just get the gift and get out of here?

Phil: Right, but first things first. Let's put on some funny hats, act like they're not there, and then walk
around all serious.
first things first: (often humorous) the most important matters must be dealt with first 重要的事先做

Alex: What's the point of this?

Phil: That's good. You're nailing it. [Cellphone rings] Hey, honey.

Claire: How was the eye exam?

Phil: Great. I can barely see. I'm wearing giant sunglasses and a girly hat. Alex and I are having a blast.
have a blast: 玩得开心

Claire: But you got the gift, right?

Phil: That's what people tell me.

Claire: Honey, the bowl.

Phil: I have the bowl. It's beautiful. I'll… I'll see you at home.

Alex: Hey, here's a thought… Now that you told Mom you got the bowl, how about we actually go get

Phil: Yes, no more fooling around. Let's go get the bowl. Oh, right after we find out our sleep number. 
fool around: to waste time instead of doing something that you should be doing 混日子;闲荡
sleep number: 睡眠指数


Claire: There's my guy.

Luke: I thought Dad was picking me up.

Claire: Oh. I missed you, too. Come here. Aww. So, did you have fun?

Luke: Yeah.

Claire: What was your favorite thing?

Luke: I don't remember.

Claire: It was yesterday.

Luke: Hot dogs. Can we go now?

Claire: Honey, I feel bad that you have to leave early. What are you missing today?

Luke: Boating.
boating [ˈboʊtɪŋ]: the activity of using a small boat for pleasure (以娱乐为目的)划船,驾船,乘船

Claire: Well, I mean, we have a little time.

Luke: You don't mind waiting in the car?


Merle Tucker: So, Cam tells me you and Mitch had a little dust-up.
dust-up: an argument or a fight 吵架;争吵;打架 

Jay: Yeah. A couple of weeks ago. That kid can hold a grudge.
hold a grudge [ɡrʌdʒ]: 记仇,耿耿于怀

Merle Tucker: A little uncomfortable about that wedding, are you?

Jay: Well, you know what I'm feeling, right?

Merle Tucker: I'd like to think I've evolved on the subject. We got a couple of lesbo swans in the pond.
They seem pretty happy.
evolve [iˈvɑːlv]: to develop gradually, especially from a simple to a more complicated form; to develop something in
this way 使…逐步发展;逐步发展
lesbo: [ˈlɛzboʊ]: 同性恋的(等于lesbian)
swan [swɑːn]: a large bird that is usually white and has a long thin neck. Swans live on or near water. 天鹅

Howard: Hey, Jay.

Jay: Hey, Howard, Larry. This is my, uh… This is my friend Merle and he's visiting from Missouri.

Howard: Ooh, the "Show MState."
"Show Me State": "索证之州",美国密苏里州别名,这个州的人们曾经因不相信别人告诉他们的任何事情而著名。

Jay: Don't say that in here! [Laughter] 

Larry: So, what brings you to town, Merle?

Merle Tucker: Well, uh, my… our… Jay's and my… kids are getting married today.

Larry: Congratulations.

Howard: Isn't that nice? Father of the bride, father of the groom taking a steam together the day of
the wedding.

Jay: Yeah, something like that.

Howard: The day my son got married… piece of cake. But the day I lost my little girl… Ohh, that 
wrecked me. So, which one of you has to suffer through that today?
a piece of cake: a thing that is very easy to do 非常容易的事,简单的事
wreck [rek]: to damage or destroy something 摧毁

Merle Tucker: You know what? It's too hot in here.

Jay: Yeah.

Merle Tucker: Let's go.

Jay: Mm-hmm. Real evolved. Your swans would be ashamed.


Barb Tucker: Well, I guess I first noticed it after Pameron moved out, and Merle and I just started
sniping at each other.

Gloria: Yeah, like that bloodbath this morning?
bloodbath [ˈblʌdbæθ]: a situation in which many people are killed violently 大屠杀;血洗

Barb Tucker: Ohh. Again, I am so sorry. But Merle is not the type you can talk to about things. I mean,
the man's had a 
toothpick in his mouth our whole marriage, and I can't say a word.
toothpick [ˈtuːθpɪk]: a short pointed piece of wood or plastic used for removing bits of food from between the teeth

Gloria: No, you can't sit on your feelings. You will explode! I have, like, 10 little explosions every day,
so I don't have the big one. The women in my family… 
sometimes, they shoot their husbands.
sit on: to have received a letter, report, etc. from somebody and then not replied or taken any action concerning it 搁

Barb Tucker: Well, we've had 48… good years. I… guess we're just gonna run out the clock.
run out the clock: 拖延时间等待终场

Gloria: No! You're still… You have… That is bad attitude! You have to tell Merle what is bothering you.

Barb Tucker: Oh, he doesn't want to hear all that. He gets all closed off and [Deep voice] macho
close off: 封锁;隔绝
macho [ˈmɑːtʃoʊ]: male in an aggressive way 大男子气的


Merle Tucker: [Giggling] You're ticklin' my piggies.
tickle [ˈtɪkl]: to produce a slightly uncomfortable feeling in a sensitive part of the body; to have a feeling like this 使
piggy: (儿语)脚趾,手指

Jay: You get used to that.

Merle Tucker: It's a shame Mitchell's mother couldn't make it to the wedding.

Jay: For who?

Merle Tucker: Mm, things still rough between the two of you?

Jay: Merle, things have always been rough. That woman never stopped complaining. Finding the
strength to leave Dede was the hardest thing I ever did, but the best decision I ever made.

Merle Tucker: Well, you sure made a score with that Gloria. Wow.

Jay: Big-time. 
big-time: 第一流的;顶级的;获大利的;十分成功的

Merle Tucker: I bet you landed her before she got a gander at those hooves of yours.
have a gander (at something) [ˈgændər]: to look at something 看一眼;瞥一眼

Jay: You're welcome, by the way.


Haley: So, what are you gonna do in Utah?

Andy: Well, me and my girlfriend haven't seen each other in a while, so we're gonna be like a couple
bunny rabbits.
bunny rabbit: a child's word for a rabbit 小兔子

Haley: Wow.

Andy: Just hopping all over town.
hop + adv./prep.: (of an animal or a bird) to move by jumping with all or both feet together (尤指蛙、鸟、兔等)跳

Haley: Oh. Is this her?

Andy: Yep, that's my Beth.

Haley: Huh. She's pretty.

Andy: Yeah. She's the most beautiful creatureinside and out. I'm just the luckiest guy ever to get to
love her.
creature [ˈkriːtʃər]: (especially following an adjective) a person, considered in a particular way 人(用于表示鄙视、怜
inside and out: 从内到外地

Haley: Okay, she may be real, but no way you are. Who talks like that?

Andy: You know, I hate when you say things like that because you are funny, and you are pretty, and
you are smart in an 
original way, so why shouldn't a guy feel lucky to love you?
original [əˈrɪdʒənl]: new and interesting in a way that is different from anything that has existed before 新颖的;独

Haley: Shut up. Be normal.

[Cellphone buzzes] 

Andy: Hey, my phone just buzzed. Can you read it? I don't want to put our lives at risk.

Haley: It's, uh, it's from the airline. Your flight's delayed three hours.
airline [ˈerlaɪn]: a company that provides regular flights to take passengers and goods to different places 航空公司

Andy: Three hours?!

Haley: Yeah.

Andy: Ohh! Jinkies! I guess we can just drop me off at a coffee shop, and I can take a cab from there.
jinkies [ˈdʒɪŋkiz]: indication of surprise or amazement 表示吃惊

Haley: Okay. Actually, I really need to wake up. Maybe I'll grab a coffee with you, if you don't mind.
grab: If you grab something such as food, drink, or sleep, you manage to get some quickly. 匆忙地做

Andy: Please. The more I talk to people, the less I imagine plummeting to my death in a fiery spiral 
of screaming and crying.
plummet [ˈplʌmɪt]: to fall suddenly and quickly from a high level or position 陡直掉下;快速落下
spiral [ˈspaɪrəl]: 螺旋式运动

Haley: Pretty dark for someone who just said "jinkies."


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