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【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 01×01: Pilot – Part1


2017年07月09日 摩登家庭笔记 

Claire: Kids, breakfast! Kids? [sighs] Phil, would you get them?  Phil: [video game sounds] Yeah. Just a sec.  Claire: Kids!  Phil: That is so- Claire: Okay. Phil: Kids? Get down here! Haley: Why are you guys yelling at us when we're way upstairs? Just text me. Claire: All right. That's not gonna happen. And, wow! You're not wearing that outfit. Haley: What's wrong with it? Claire: Honey, do you have anything to say to your daughter about her skirt? Phil: Sorry. Oh, yeah. That looks really cute, sweetheart. Haley: Tha....Read More




2013年03月31日 老友记笔记 

  在做《老友记》英语笔记的过程中,你会发现有些单词在字典中是查不到的。或者即使查到了,但放在句 子里是不符合语法规则的。我把这些单词归为仿词,并解析了仿词构成的三种方式:(1)词缀法;(2)复合 法;(3)转化法。如果你仅仅满足于结合《老友记》的语境,大概理解这些单词的意思,那只是学到了表 面的招式,而没有领悟到心法,功力是不会快速提升的。我们必须知道它们的来龙去脉,才能灵活地生 成自己的语言。   (1) 词缀法:是指在特定的语言环境中,为了满足表达的需要,在原有单词前后加上词缀、临时仿造出新 词。 101.Ross: I'm supposed to attach a brackety thing&nb....Read More


【原创】志萍版老友记英语笔记之文化关键词:1. Muppet 布偶


2012年12月16日 老友记笔记 

  用《老友记》作了解美国文化的载体,除了逐集攻克外,还要善于将同类问题整理到一起,建立起属于 自己的一套逻辑来。我们要系统深入的学习文化,而不应满足于一知半解的皮毛。当然,这需要长期对 细碎的知识点进行积累,才有能力发现前后联系的线索,高屋建瓴地做出总结。 217.Joey: Huh? So what do you think? Casa de Joey. Huh? I decorated it myself. Ross: Get out. All: No. Monica: Wow Joey, this is, uhh… Joey: Art. Monica: Art it is. Ross: Look,....Read More


【原创】101.The One Where Monica Gets a New Roommate —Part1

【原创】101.The One Where M

2010年07月15日 老友记笔记 

  使用笔记前,请阅读《志萍版老友记英语笔记的使用说明》 [Scene: Central Perk. Chandler, Joey, Phoebe and Monica are there.]   Monica: There's nothing to tell! It-it's, just some guy I work with! Joey: Come on, you are going out with the guy. There's gotta be something wrong with him! come on: used to show that you know what someone has sai....Read More


08月 20th, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 04×10: Diamond in the Rough – Part1

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Claire: Haley, hurry up! You don't have much time, and I made chocolate chip pancakes. Haley: Mom, I'm not 12. Phil: Dibs on hers. Honey, you excited about your first day? dibs on…: used to claim something as yours before somebody else can claim it 对…的优先权利(儿童常用语) Haley: You know what? I really am. There's something about going to work that makes you feel like you're… I don't know, worth something. No offense, Mom. Phil: Listen… [clears throat] I wanna give you some advice. Claire: Do it fast. She's gon....Read More

08月 16th, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 04×09: When a Tree Falls – Part3

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  Jay: I wasn't worried. I'd boxed in the Navy. And it was Phil. And here's something I thought I'd never say… I'd rather box my daughter's husband than my son's.   [dings] [fighting] [cheering] Phil: I may have been holding on to a tiny bit of anger towards Jay.   Phil: I scooped ice cream all summer for that boombox! [shouting] [grunting] scoop [skup]: to move or lift something with a scoop or something like a scoop 舀;铲 Manny: Oh.   Cameron: Excuse me. Pardon me. We're here! We're here! We cam....Read More

08月 15th, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 04×08: Mistery Date – Part2

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Mitchell: That's too cute. Jay: What the hell is that? Mitchell: That's the store mascot. That's Hug-a-Bunny. He goes around and he hugs… Jay: No, I get it. Nice for flu season. He ought to be called conjunctivitis bunny. flu season: 流感季节 conjunctivitis [kənˌdʒʌŋktɪˈvaɪtɪs]: an infectious eye disease that causes pain and swelling in the conjunctiva (= part of the eye) 结膜炎 Mitchell: Okay. So, Dad, the cribs are over there, but while we're here, a little advice, you can never have too many Onesies. All right? Any event, day or ni....Read More

08月 14th, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 04×07: Arrested – Part1

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[phone ringing] Phil: Night. Claire: No. Phil: Middle of the phone. I got it. Claire: Get it. Phil: Oh! My arm's asleep! My arm's asleep! asleep: If you say that your arm or leg is asleep, you mean that it is numb, for example because you have been sitting in an awkward position. (胳膊、腿等)麻木的  Claire: Get the phone. Phil, get the phone. Phil: Oh! [beeps] Claire: That's me. Hello! Hi. Yes, this is she. Phil: Who is it? Claire: Okay. Oh, God. Phil: Tell me what's happening here! Claire: Haley has been arrested. Phil: What?   [phone ringing....Read More

08月 11th, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 04×06: Yard Sale – Part3

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[footsteps] Alex: There you are. Michael: Hey. Sorry. I got lost in this "Elle Decor." Justin Timberlake is designing his own home line, and I'm trying to reserve judgment. get lost in something: to give all your attention to something so that you do not notice what is happening around you 迷失于 Justin Timberlake: 贾斯汀·汀布莱克,参见315.文化详解4. reserve judgment: 保留看法 4. 《家居廊》(Elle Decor )是美国ELLE旗下的一个畅销家居类杂志,1989年推出,全球23个版本。提供家居时尚、庭园 设计、装潢购物等信息和方案,还提供名人家居介绍和分析,设计....Read More

08月 9th, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 04×05: Open House of Horrors – Part2

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Phil: Which brings us back to our formal dining room. Now any questions? dining room: a room that is used mainly for eating meals in (家里或旅馆里的)餐厅,餐室,饭厅 Einstein: Can we have our candy now? Phil: Just as soon as we go over what you're gonna tell your parents. Now what was our style? Trick-or-Treaters: Pre-war craftsman. pre-war: happening or existing before a war, especially before the Second World War 战前的;(尤指)第二次世界大战 之前的 craftsman [ˈkræftsmən]: a skilled person, especially one who makes beautiful things by hand 工匠;手艺人;工艺师 ....Read More

08月 7th, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 04×04: The Butler’s Escape – Part1

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[explosion] Phil: Is everybody OK? Claire: I'm fine. Thanks for waiting. Alex: What was that? Phil: Water either gas line, the training is the same, people. Just stay low and move out! Claire: Honey, Luke's gone. Phil: Claire, spontaneous human combustion is very rare. combustion [kəmˈbʌstʃən]: the act of burning something or the process of burning 燃烧 Claire: I don't think he exploded, Phil. Luke: The rope ladder works. At least someone followed protocol. rope ladder: a ladder made of two long ropes connected by short pieces of wood or metal at re....Read More

08月 6th, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 04×03: Snip – Part3

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[door closes] Mitchell: Cam. Cameron! Ohh! You're gonna have to talk to me at some point! Cameron: Oh, well, let me put that on my list of things to do, right after "get a job." Mitchell: Would you stop running away? Cameron: Nope. Mitchell: C-Cam! Come on! You know, I can barely catch up with you now that you lost all that weight. Cameron: You know what? I am sleeping better, and I do have more energy… Oh, you know what? You're good. You're very good. Mitchell: Cam, the only reason I tried to get you that job is because you've been&n....Read More

08月 3rd, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 04×02: Schooled – Part2

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Mitchell: I am so sorry we have to meet like this, but I'm sure you can understand, as parents, the  instinct to protect your child. Pam: Yeah, it's what makes me want to punch you in the neck right now. Cameron: Wow. I see where your son gets all of his aggression. aggression [əˈgrɛʃən]: a quality of anger and determination that makes you ready to attack other people 攻击性 Principal Roth: Okay, let's all take a time-out. Mitchell: That's a good idea. This is getting a little heated. Right? heated [ˈhitɪd]: (of a person or discussion) full of ang....Read More

07月 31st, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 04×01: Bringing Up Baby – Part1

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Jay: Good morning! Manny: There's the birthday boy! 65 candles on one cake. This is a big day for you… and for the astronauts who can see it from space. [chuckles] Gloria: Happy birthday to you. Jay: Thank you. And just so everyone knows, I want a quiet day. No surprises. Gloria: No surprises.   Gloria: Last night, I found out that I am pregnant, so Jay's gonna get one big surprise. Okay, two if you count the barbecue apron with the bikini body on it.   Manny: I don't blame you, Jay. You'd had enough excitement in one lifetime… The da....Read More

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