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03月 18th, 2017

【原创】1013.The One Where Joey Speaks French—Part1

老友记笔记, by 李志萍.


[Scene: Central Perk. Everyone is sitting on the couch as Phoebe enters.]

Phoebe: Hi

All: Hey! Hi!

Rachel: How was the honeymoon?

Phoebe: Oh, incredible! Oh! Champagne, candlelit dinners, moonlight walks on the beach. It was so
candlelit [ˈkændəlˌlɪt]: lit by the light of candles 烛光的

Rachel: Oh!

Chandler: So, where's Mike?

Phoebe: Oh, he's at the doctor. He didn't poop the whole time we were there! Shoot, I wasn't
supposed to tell you that. I mean, okay, he's at a
gig (<同>206.Phoebe: But-but this is my gig! I mean, this is where I play.)

Chandler: A gig we are definitely not going to. 

Joey: Well, anyway, I'm glad you're back. I really need your help.

Phoebe: Oh, why? What's up?

Joey: I have an audition for this play and for some of it I have to speak French, which, according to my
résumé, I'm
fluent in.
fluent (in something) [ˈfluənt]: able to speak, read, or write a language, especially a foreign language, easily
and well 流利的;流畅的

Ross: Joey, you shouldn't lie on your résumé.

Monica: Yeah, you really shouldn't. By the way, how was that year-long dig in Cairo?
year-long: continuing for a whole year 持续一年的;整整一年的
Cairo [ˈkaɪroʊ]: 开罗(埃及首都)

Ross: It was okay.

Rachel: I did not know you spoke French.

Phoebe: Oui, bien sur je parle Français! Qu'est-ce que tu penses alors? [Translation: Yes, of course I
speak French! What did you think?

Rachel: Oh, you're so sexy!

Joey: Well, so, will you help me? I really wanna be in this play.

Phoebe: Sure! Tout le plaisir est pour moi, mon ami. [Translation: The pleasure is mine, my friend.]

Rachel: Seriously, stop it. I'm gonna jump on you.

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[Scene: Monica and Chandler's. Chandler comes out of the bathroom]

Chandler: Hey.

Monica: Hi.

Chandler: Why are you wearing my apron?

Monica: I'm making cookies for Erica. Oh, by the way, we have to leave for the airport soon. Her plane
comes in about an hour.
come in: to arrive somewhere 到达 

Chandler: Oh, hey, when she gets here, is it okay if I introduce you two as "my wife" and "the woman
who's carrying my child"? No? Divorce?

[Ross enters.]

Ross: Hey.

Monica: Hey.

Ross: You guys know where Rachel is?

Monica: No, we haven't seen her since this morning.

Ross: It's unbelievable. She was supposed to meet me half an hour ago with Emma.

[He tries to take a cookie, but Monica slaps his hand.]

Monica: Hey!

Ross: Hey!

Monica: These are for Erica!

Ross: What? She's gonna eat all those cookies?

Monica: Well, I want he baby to come out all cute and fat!

Ross: So, why is Erica coming to visit?

Monica: Well, because we want to get to know her better, and plus she's never been to New York, so
she wants to see all the
tourists spots, you know, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building
tourists spot: 旅游景点
Statue of Liberty: 自由女神像,参见106.文化详解6.
Empire State Building: 帝国大厦,参见307.文化详解3.

Chandler: Oh, those places! There's always so many people. They're being corralled like cattle. And,
you know, there's always some idiot who goes "moo"!
corral [kəˈræl]: to force horses or cows into a corral 把…关进畜栏(或类似的地方)

Monica: Well, if it annoys you so much, then why do you do it?

Ross: Hey, you should take her to a museum.

Monica: Oh, please. So I can hear Chandler say over and over again, "You call this art? I could make

Chandler: It was a tower of sponges.

[Rachel enters with Emma.] 

Ross: Oh, hi! Hi! Thanks for showing you up thirty minutes late!

Rachel: Ross…

Ross: No, no, no, I'm sure you have a great excuse. What was it, a hair appointment? A mani-pedi? 
Or was there a sale at Barneys?
mani-pedi: 同时修指甲和修脚 (<例>minicure: 手甲护理;pedicure: 足部护理)
Barneys: 巴尼斯精品店,参见715.文化详解2.

Rachel: My father had an heart attack… [crying] while I was at Barneys.

Ross: Oh, my God.

Monica: Honey.

Chandler: I'm so sorry.

Ross: Is-is he okay?

Rachel: Yeah, they said he's gonna be fine, but he's still heavily sedated.
sedate [sɪˈdeɪt]: to give someone drugs in order to make them calm or to make them sleep (用镇静剂)使镇静

Ross: Okay, okay, I'm gonna come out to Long Island with you. I mean, you can't be alone right now.

Rachel: No, come on, I'm totally okay. [hugging him] I don't need you to come! I can totally handle this
on my own.

Ross: Still-still, let me come for me.

Rachel: Okay, if you really need to.

Ross: I bet someone could use one of Monica's freshly baked cookies.
freshly [ˈfrɛʃli]: usually followed by a past participle showing that something has been made, prepared, etc.
recently 刚刚;才;新近(后接过去分词)

Rachel: Oh, I really could.

Ross: Oh!

Rachel: Oh.

[Ross mouths "ha-ha" at Monica and takes two cookies.]

[Scene: Central Perk. Phoebe is trying to teach Joey French.]

Phoebe: All right, it seems pretty simple. Your first line is "My name is Claude", so, just repeat after
me. "Je m'appelle Claude".
Claude: 克劳德(男子名)

Joey: Je de coup Clow.

Phoebe: Well, just, let's try it again.

Joey: Okay.

Phoebe: Je m'appelle Claude.

Joey: Je depli mblue.

Phoebe: Huh. It's not quite what I'm saying. 

Joey: Really? Sounds exactly the same to me.

Phoebe: It does, really?

Joey: Yeah.

Phoebe: All right, let just try it again. Really listen.

Joey: Got it.

Phoebe: Okay. Je m'appelle Claude.

Joey: Je te flouppe Fli.

Phoebe: Oh, mon Dieu! [Translation: Oh, my God!]

Joey: Oh, de fuff!

[Monica enters with Erica and Chandler.] 

Monica: Hey, you guys.

Phoebe: Hi!

Joey: Hey.

Monica: I want you to meet someone really special. Phoebe, this is Erica. And this is the baby!

Phoebe: Oh!

Monica: Joey, Erica, baby!

Joey: Hi.

Monica: Everyone, Erica, baby!

Chandler: Monica. Calm, self.

Hey, sit down.

Chandler: Here you go.

Erica: Thank you. It's really nice to meet you guys. I can't believe I'm here!

Joey: Well, welcome to New York City! Or should I say "ghe deu flooff New York City"?

Chandler: Why would you say that?

Phoebe: Okay. What are you gonna be doing today?

Erica: I wanna see everything! Times Square, Coney Island, Rockefeller Center
Times Square: 时报广场,参见305.文化详解1.
Coney Island ['kəuni]: 科尼岛(美国纽约市布鲁克林区南部海滩疗养和娱乐中心)
Rockefeller Center: 洛克菲勒中心,参见211.文化详解6.(2)

Joey: Oh, you know what you should do? You should walk all the way to the top of Statue of Liberty.

Erica: Oh, yeah, let's do that!

Chandler: Great! [to Monica] This baby better be really good.

[Scene: The Hospital. Rachel is stopping a nurse who's coming out of a room.]

Rachel: Hi, um, excuse me. I'm here to see my father. My name is Rachel Green.

Ross: And I'm Dr. Ross Geller.

Rachel: Ross, please, this is a hospital, okay? That actually means something here.

Rachel: So can we please go in

Nurse: Absolutely.

Ross: Rach, I think I'm gonna wait out here, because my throat is feeling a little scratchy. I don't wanna 
infect him.
scratchy ['skrætʃi]: that feels sore 令人发痒的,刺痒的
infect [ɪn'fɛkt]: to make a disease or an illness spread to a person, an animal, or a plant 传染 

Rachel: Ross, please, don't be so scared of him!

Ross: I am not scared of him. I'm really sick!

Nurse: He's under sedation, so he's pretty much out.
sedation [si'deiʃən]: If someone is under sedation, they have been given medicine or drugs in order to calm
them or make them sleep. (靠药物保持)镇静状态
 (<派>1013.Rachel: Yeah, they said he's gonna be fine,
but he's still heavily sedated.

Ross: I'm feeling better.

Rachel: Oh! [They enter.] Oh, my God! Oh, oh, wow, that ear and nose hair trimmer I got him was just
down the drain, huh?
trimmer [ˈtrɪmər]: 修剪器
(go) down the drain: (to be) wasted 被浪费掉

Nurse: Ms. Green, your father's doctor is on the phone if you'd like to speak to him.

Rachel: Oh, great. Are you gonna be okay?

Ross: He's unconscious. I think we'll be just fine!

Rachel: Okay.

[Ross turns on the TV. Dr. Geller awakes.] 

Ross: Um, did-did the TV wake you?

Dr. Green: No. When you put your feet up in my bed, you tugged on my catheter.
tug: to pull something hard, often several times 猛拉;拽
catheter [ˈkæθətər]: a thin tube that is put into the body in order to remove liquid such as urine 导液管(可插入

Ross: Ouchy.

Dr. Green: What are you doing here, Geller?

Ross: Well, I came with Rachel, who should be back any second! So what's new?

Dr. Green: Oh, I have a little heart attack.

Ross: Right. Is it painful?

Dr. Green: What, the heart attack or sitting here talking to you?

Ross: Let's see if we can get that Rachel back here.

Dr. Green: So what's new with you? Uh, knocked up any more of my daughters lately?

Ross: Nope, just the one. Rachel!

Rachel: Daddy, hi. You're awake. How are you?

Dr. Green: I'm okay. By the way, Ross has been of great comfort.

Rachel: Listen, Daddy, they wanna keep you here for a couple more nights. I know. But, you know
 I'm gonna go home and get a bunch of your stuff, so that you're really comfortable.

Dr. Green: Oh, thank you, sweetheart.

Ross: It's pretty ironic, huh? I mean, you being a heart surgeon, and you had a heart attack. It'd be like
if I was eaten by an
allosaurus. I'm gonna wait outside. "He's pretty much out."
allosaurus ['ælə'sɔ:rəs]: any large carnivorous bipedal dinosaur of the genus Antrodemus, common in North
America in late Jurassic times: suborder Theropoda 异龙(侏罗纪时代常见于北美地区的大型食肉恐龙)

[Scene: Joey and Rachel's. Phoebe is trying to teach Joey French.]

Phoebe: Je m'appelle Claude.

Joey: Je do call blue!

Phoebe: No! Okay, maybe if we just break it down. Okay, let's just, let's try at one syllable at a time,
kay? So repeat after me. "je".

Joey: je.

Phoebe: m'ap

Joey: mah

Phoebe: pelle

Joey: pel.

Phoebe: Great. Okay, faster! "je"

Joey: je.

Phoebe: m'ap

Joey: mah

Phoebe: pelle

Joey: pel.

Phoebe: Je m'appelle!

Joey: Me pooh pooh!

Phoebe: Okay, it's too hard. I can't teach you!

Joey: What are you doing?

Phoebe: I-I have to go before I put your head through a wall. [leaves]

Joey: No, no! Don't go! I need you! My audition is tomorrow! Shah blue blah! Me lah peeh! Ombrah!
[gives up] Pooh.

[Scene: Green's Mansion. Rachel's Room. Rachel's is combing her hair. Ross's coming into the room.]

Ross: Hey!

Rachel: Hey!

Ross: I was gonna make us some dinner, but all I found in your Dad's fridge was bacon and heavy
. I think we solved the mystery of the heart attack.
heavy cream: very thick cream 高脂肪浓奶油

Rachel: Uh. Did you call your parents?

Ross: Oh, yeah. Emma's doing great.

Rachel: Oh, good.

Ross: Wow.

Rachel: What?

Ross: Just can't believe I'm in Rachel Green's room.

Rachel: What do you mean? You've been in my room before!

Ross: Yeah, sure, right! Like I've ever been in Rachel Green's room.

Rachel: Okay, I gotta tell you, it's really weird when you use my whole name.

Ross: Sorry. You okay?

Rachel: Yeah.

Ross: Yeah, you had a rough day, huh?

Rachel: Yeah, just so weird seeing him like that, you know. I mean, he is a doctor. You don't, you don't
expect doctors to get sick!

Ross: But we do! He's gonna be okay, Rach!

Rachel: Oh, I don't want him to wake up alone! I should go to the hospital!

Ross: What? No, no! Hey, hey, hey, look…

Rachel: What?

Ross: They gave him a lot of medication, okay? He wouldn't even know if you were there. Look, we'll
go see him first thing in the morning, ok
medication (<同>117.Monica: Okay, are you currently on any medication?)

Rachel: Really? I-I shouldn't feel guilty?

Ross: No. God! Hey, Rach, you've been an amazing daughter, okay? Right now you just need to get
some rest.

Rachel: Okay, maybe you're right.

Ross: [kisses her on the forehead] Good night.

Rachel: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Would you stay here with me for a little while?

Ross: Sure!

Rachel: Okay. Thank you for coming with me today.

Ross: Oh, of course.

Rachel: Rachel Green is very happy you're in her room!

Ross: Me too. Come here. [They hug.]

Rachel: I just don't wanna be alone tonight.

Ross: Okay, well, um, I can maybe grab a sleeping bag, or…[Rachel leans toward him in order to
kiss him, but he ducks
 away.] Oh, oh. No, Rach! I'm sorry, I just don't think this, this, this is a good
sleeping bag: a thick warm bag that you use for sleeping in, for example when you are camping 睡袋

Rachel: Wait. We won't know that until we do it, will we?

Ross: No, look, uh, you are upset about your father and you're feeling vulnerable and I just don't feel
it would be right
. I feel like I'd be, you know, taking advantage of you.

Rachel: What? Taking advantage? I'm giving you the advantage. Enjoy!

Ross: Look, I'm sure it would be great, but I-I think one of us has to be thinking clearly, so, I'm gonna go!

Rachel: Wow. Okay.

Ross: I'll see you in the morning .

Rachel: Mm-hmm.

Ross: I haven't had sex in four months. I should get a medal for that!


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