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08月 3rd, 2017

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 01×14: Moon Landing – Part2

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

Claire: So how's life
in the trenches?
in the trenches [trɛntʃ]: 在第一线,在现场

Valerie: You still got the bastards on the 23rd floor making life miserable for all the people actually doing the

Claire: Same as ever, right?
same as ever: 一如既往

Valerie: One-one difference.

Claire: Mm-hmm?

Valerie: I'm one of them bastards now.

Claire: Wait. You're on the 23rd floor?

Valerie: I'm on the 24th floor.

Claire: Wow. That's insane.
insane: (美国口语)极好的,了不起的

Valerie: It's-it's no big deal. I mean, if you hadn't left, it probably would have been you.


Gloria: I was driving along this street. The cars were parked just like this. And boom, out of nowhere, he hits

Mitchell: Okay, so, he-he cut you off?
cut off: (idiomatic, drive) to swerve in front of (another car) 急转弯

Gloria: Yes.

Mitchell: Right.

Gloria: A crazy driver.

Mitchell: You know, I used to be a little bit like that. I don't know, maybe it's because of Lily, but I've definitely
become more
considerate. Like, I used to never let people in, and now I do. Just now getting that metaphor.
considerate [kənˈsɪdɛrɪt]: always thinking of other peoples wishes and feelings 尽量为他人着想的

Gloria: So, what do you think?

Mitchell: Were there any witnesses?

Gloria: No, just Manny. He was in the back seat.

Mitchell: Okay.

Manny: It all happened so fast, just like they say.

Mitchell: Yeah. All right. Well, this is what we're gonna do. I'll take a few pictures, and then we'll sit down and
write a
statement: You can refer to the official account of events which a suspect or a witness gives to the police as a
statement. (

Gloria: Perfect. I'll go and get us a table.

Mitchell: All right.

Gloria: Manny, come.

Manny: Uh, just a minute, Mom. I need to tie my shoe.

Gloria: Okay.

Manny: Mitchell.

Mitchell: Yeah?

Manny: Don't talk. Listen. It was her fault.

Mitchell: I'm sorry. What?

Manny: Don't look at me. Do something. Take pictures.

Gloria: Manny! What kind of cupcake do you want?

Manny: Um, that's okay. I'm not hungry. That was a mistake. Now she'll know something's up.
be up: 不对,不正常,出毛病,出问题

Gloria: Are you okay?

Manny: I'm fine. She cut that guy off. She's a terrible driver. She's a danger to us all.

Mitchell: Okay, wait. Now stop. I thought she said he was parked and then he cut her off.

Manny: Everybody looks parked when you're going a hundred miles an hour.

Mitchell: Manny, why didn't you speak up?

Manny: She can't take criticism about her driving. Once an old lady yelled at her at a crosswalk, she
honked so long, the horn
ran out.
crosswalk [ˈkrɔsˌwɔk]: a part of a road where vehicles must stop to allow people to cross 人行横道
run out: if a supply of something runs out, it is used up or finished 被用完;被耗尽

Gloria: Manny!

Manny: I've said too much already.

Mitchell: [sighs] Are you hearing this?


Jay: Aw, that's--

Cameron: Point.

Jay: Hinder! Oh! 
hinder [ˈhɪndər]: 当选手企图击球时,该选手即被授予一个公平的机会去看球。击球方有责任在击球后随即移动,以便接

Cameron: Boom. 

Jay: Lucky shot!

Cameron: That is game and, I believe, match.

Jay: Yeah, fine, you won. But, you know, what do you expect? For the first half of the game, I was distracted
by what happened in the locker room.

Cameron: And you're sure it's not because I'm a fabulous racquetball player?

Jay: You're average. But I was a little thrown by you touching me. Which is unnatural. Not to you, of course.
No, to you it's like
rocket fuel.
average [ˈævərɪdʒ]: neither very good nor very bad, usually when you had hoped it would be better 平平的
rocket fuel: 火箭燃料(航天)

Cameron: Oh, sure. When you're gay, you just walk around giving butt bumps to everybody. It's like a high
five. It's a low two.

Jay: You know what? I'm gonna prove that you won only because I was distracted. We're gonna have a
rematch right here, right now.

Cameron: So you want to go up against me again?
go up against someone: 与某人竞争

Jay: Yes. No! Damn it. [cell phone rings] Hello!

Mitchell: Hey, Dad. Uh, did you know that the accident was Gloria's fault?

Jay: Yes. I mean, I wasn't there, but she's a horrible driver. If she hit 10 cars, I wouldn't be surprised.

Mitchell: If you knew it was her fault, why did you get me involved?

Jay: Because someone has to tell her she's in the wrong, and better you than me.
in the wrong: responsible for an accident, a mistake, an argument, etc. 犯错误,有过失;应受责备

Mitchell: That's great. Here I am thinking that my Dad actually respects me as a lawyer, and really you're
throwing me to the wolves.
throw somebody to the wolves: to leave somebody to be roughly treated or criticized without trying to help or defend

Jay: Can't it be both?

Mitchell: Okay. Dad, it doesn't bother you in the least that your gay son is the only one tough enough to
stand up to your wife?
not in the least: not at all 一点也不,丝毫不

Jay: Go get 'em, Rocky. See you later.

5. 洛奇(Rocky)是美国系列电影《洛奇》的男主角,第一部上映于1976年,由西尔维斯特·史泰龙(Sylvester Stallone)

Cameron: Your father and I had a moon landing in the locker room.

Jay: What's the matter with you?


Claire: What about you? I mean, do you ever get serious with anyone? Thank you.

Waitress: Sure.

Valerie: Oh, no. Not yet.

Claire: Oh, honey, you will.

Valerie: Oh, no, I hope not. It's-it's fun. I'm sorry. I'm just-I'm waiting for some news.

Claire: What news?

Valerie: I'm-I'm up for the Paris job.

Claire: The-the head of the international division? That's-that's-that's crazy.
crazy: (美国口语)极好的,了不起的

Valerie: Yeah, no. I mean, I'll never get it, but it'd be great 'cause, well, 'cause one of my lovers lives in Paris.

Claire: Wow. I-I don't know what jumps out of that sentence more, you know, "lovers" or "one of."

Valerie: Well, I'm single. I mean, it's kinda what you do.

Claire: Uh-huh.

Valerie: I have one in Paris. 

Claire: Oh. 

Valerie: Um, I have Paris, New York, Miami. I have a fourth one. I'm forgetting one lover. I'm forgetting one

Claire: Mmm. Last night I vacuumed the radiator thingy under the fridge. You know, it collects the dust.
'Cause you should, and I don't. So
, there's–
radiator [ˈreɪdiˌeɪtər]: a device for cooling the engine of a vehicle or an aircraft (汽车等的)水箱;冷却器
collect: to gradually increase in amount in a place; to gradually obtain more and more of something in a place 积聚,

[cell phone rings]

Valerie: Oh, hey, hold on. Cross your fingers.
cross your fingers: to hope that your plans will be successful (sometimes putting one finger across another as a
sign of hoping for good luck)


Claire: I'm not gonna lie. The thought of Valerie getting the one job in the whole company that everyone
coveted, well, I wasn't a "lover" of that. 
covet something [ˈkʌvɪt]: (formal) to want something very much, especially something that belongs to somebody


Valerie: Okay. Okay, thank you. [beeps]

Claire: Well?

Valerie: Oh, they haven't made a decision. They're-they're gonna tell me later on.

Claire: That's not what they said, is it?

Valerie: Uh, yeah, it is.

Claire: Oh, Valerie, come on. It's me. What are friends for, if not to be there for you when you get bad news?

Valerie: I got it.

Claire: Oh, my God. Aaah!

Valerie: I'm the head of Europe.

Claire: Well, you know, for the hotel. Not the continent.

Valerie: Kind of though. Kind of.

Claire: Kind of. Why didn't you tell me when you-when you first heard?

Valerie: Oh, 'cause, you know--


Claire: And that's when it really hit me. Valerie wasn't jealous of me. She pitied me. And part of me wanted
to take her back to the house, and show her everything she was missing in her sad, childless,
life. But there's a little thing called "taking the high road."
husbandless: 无丈夫的(husband的变体) (<词缀>-less置于名词后构成形容词,表示"没有")


Claire: Why don't you come by and meet everybody?

Valerie: Oh, sure. Yeah, you know, that'd be great.

Claire: Yeah, I mean, Alex is just a genius, and Haley is turning into this beautiful young woman, and it
makes me realize that motherhood is-

Valerie: San Francisco.

Claire: The most important--

Valerie: That was my fourth lover. San Francisco. It would have kept me up all night.

Claire: Yeah.


Luke: Dad, look.

Phil: Just a sec, buddy. I'm on my way out to the bathroom.

Alex: Check it out. The Aubreys had this huge party last night, and we got all these bottles to recycle.

Phil: Great.

Alex: What's Jägermeister?

6. 野格(Jägermeister)是德国生产的利口酒,用56 种药草和香料来配制,像茴香、肉桂、甘草等,酒精含量35%

Phil: Um, well, you know how in a fairy tale, there's always a potion that makes the princess fall asleep,
and then the guys start kissing her? Well, this is like that, except you don't wake up in a castle, you wake
up in a frat house with a bad reputation.
fairy tale: a story for children involving magical events and imaginary creatures 童话
potion [ˈpoʊʃən]: a drink of medicine or poison; a liquid with magic powers (含药、毒或有魔力的)饮剂

7. 兄弟会(fraternity)和姐妹会(sorority)是美国大学里的学生社团组织,通常以两个或三个希腊字母命名,比如Alpha
Gamma Delta,写作ΑΓΔ。联谊会在校园里有自己独立居住的大房子(frat house),条件比一般宿舍(dormitory)要好。

[door closes] [engine off]

Dylan: Haley!


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