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09月 15th, 2017

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 02×05: Unplugged – Part2

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

Nikki: Joanie will be right out. She's just finishing up another interview.

Cameron: Okay. Thank you. Yeah.

Mitchell: Thank you. Thank you.

Nikki: You're welcome.

Cameron: I really like this place. Look at all these drawings.

Mitchell: I know.

Cameron: And did you see the duckies in the yard? Lily loves duckies.
ducky: (childish) a duck, especially a toy rubber duck (儿语)鸭子

Mitchell: I know.

Cameron: I'm gonna mention that.

Mitchell: Okay, well, do, because that's really gonna [clicks tongue] set her apart from the rest of the kids.
set somebody apart from somebody: to make somebody different from or better than others 使与众不同;使显得突出

Cameron: Oh. We should also mention how she always perks up when we watch "Charlie Rose."
perk up: to become more cheerful or lively, especially after they have been sick or sad 振作起来;活跃起来

4. 《查理·罗斯》(Charlie Rose)是美国的一档电视访谈节目,由查理·罗斯担任执行制片人、执行编辑和主持人从1993

Mitchell: That was one time. He was interviewing Elmo.

5. 艾摩(Elmo)是儿童电视节目《芝麻街》中的布偶角色。他是一个三岁半的红色小怪物,有着高亮的声音和富有感染力


Nikki: You boys ought to relax.

Mitchell: Oh, I'm sorry. We just… We really want to make a good impression.

Cameron: Mm.

Nikki: Gay adoptive parents with a minority baby? Sugars, you can get into any school you want.
adoptive [əˈdɑptɪv]: an adoptive parent or family is one that has legally adopted a child 收养的;有收养关系的 
minority [maɪˈnɔrəti]: a small group within a community or country that is different because of race, religion, language,
etc. 少数民族;少数群体;少数派
sugar: a way of addressing somebody that you like or love 宝贝;亲爱的

Mitchell: What was that? Really?

Nikki: Oh, you didn't know that? [laughing] Oh, yeah. All of these schools like to brag about their diversity.
diverse times three. In demand. You're like Jimmy Buffett tickets to these hybrid-driving, straight
white folks.
brag about: 吹嘘(自己的能力、成就、财产等)
diversity [dəˈvɜrsəti]: the quality or fact of including a range of many people or things 多样性;多元化
diverse: If a group of things is diverse, it is made up of a wide variety of things. 多种多样的;多样化的
times [taɪmz]: multiplied by 乘以
in demand: wanted by a lot of people 受欢迎的,有需要的,销路好的
hybrid [ˈhaɪbrɪd]: (of a vehicle) using two different types of power, especially gas or diesel and electricity 混合动力

6. 吉米·巴菲特(Jimmy Buffett,1946-)是美国乡村歌手、词作者、畅销书作家和成功商人,他的音乐作品洋溢着热带
《玛格丽塔维尔》(Margaritaville)和《天堂里的干酪汉堡》(Cheeseburger in Paradise)命名。

Cameron: [laughs] Oh, I hear that, girl.

Nikki: Yeah.


[doorbell ringing]

Jay: I'm coming!

[ringing continues]

Larry Paulson: Where the hell is the dog?

Gloria: Who is it?

Jay: It's our neighbor.

Larry Paulson: The dog is gone.

Jay: Maybe it ran away.

Larry Paulson: It was chained to a tree.

Gloria: Maybe your wife took it.

Larry Paulson: According to my credit card, my wife is in Europe, searching for the world's most
expensive hotel.

Jay: Then what do you want from us?

Larry Paulson: You come over complaining about the dog and the next day it's gone? You tell me.

Jay: I'll tell

Gloria: How dare you? You come to our house, you ring our bell many times, and you accuse us of taking
your dog.

Jay: You should go home.

Larry Paulson: We're not done here.

Jay: Yes, we are. What did you do?

Gloria: You don't want to know.


Jay: Gloria's grandfather and uncles were butchers, so she's always had a certain comfort level when it
comes to… killing. One time, we had this rat…
comfort level: 舒适度,安适水平


Gloria: What? First you smash it, then you cut the head off.


Jay: It was like nothing to her.


Gloria: I go to church now.


Jay: She left the head out there to send a message to the other rats.


Phil: Hey.

Claire: Hi, honey. How was your day at work?

Phil: Amazing. Mwah.

Claire: Great. What happened?

Phil: Instead of wasting my lunch hour surfing the Web, checking football stats, I put on some mellow
music, and I meditated.
lunch hour: the period in the middle of the day when you stop working, usually for one hour, in order to have a meal.
stats [stæts]: (plural) a collection of information shown in numbers (复数)统计数据
mellow [ˈmɛloʊ]: (of color or sound) soft, rich and pleasant (颜色)柔和的;(声音)柔美的
meditate [ˈmɛdəˌteɪt]: to think deeply, usually in silence, especially for religious reasons or in order to make your mind
calm (尤指作为宗教仪式)默念,默想

Claire: Wow. For how long?

Phil: I have no idea. I just woke up 20 minutes ago.

Haley: Hey, Mom. I need a bar of soap and a black marker for an art project.

Claire: Okay. Well, the marker's over there, and the soap is under the sink. Isn't it great how much time
you have now that you're not wasting it online?

Haley: Oh, my God. Is this what you always sound like?

Luke: Look what I built, Dad. Dunphy Towers. 200 condos, a happy family in every one.
condo [ˈkɑnˌdoʊ]: (地产权通常属置业公司的)分套出售公寓 (condominium 的缩略形式)

Phil: Way to go, buddy. I got to hand it to you, honey. 24 hours without video games, he's already
contributing to society.
have (got) to hand it to somebody: used to say that somebody deserves praise for something 给予…应有的赞扬

Luke: Die! Die!

Claire: To be fair, he's using his imagination.

Luke: [high-pitched voice] There's no fire escapes! They cut corners! [normal voice] I'll cut your corners!
cut corners: to do something in the easiest, cheapest or quickest way, often by ignoring rules or leaving something
out 抄近路,走捷径,用最简捷的方式做事

[telephone rings]

Claire: Hello? Oh, hi. Luke, honey, it's for you. Hi, Griffin. How are you? Yeah, he's right here. Hold on.

Luke: Hey, Griffin. Oh, my God!

Claire: What happened?

Luke: There's a parasailing-donkey video on YouTube.
parasailing ['pærəseiliŋ]: the sport of being pulled up into the air behind a boat while wearing a special parachute (由
YouTube ['ju:'tju:b]: (trademark) a website where people can watch and share short videos (商标)YouTube视频网站

Phil: Oh, my God!

Claire: Wait, Luke. What about the contest?

Luke: I quit. I'm not made of stone, you know.
made of stone: cold (emotionally); free from emotions 没有感情的

Alex: Uhh! I can't believe it. I got a "B" on my paper.

Phil: Good for you.

Claire: Yeah.

Alex: No, it would be good for you. It's terrible for me. Thanks to your moldy encyclopedias, my take on 
mitosis was completely out of date. They don't even call it "protoplasm" anymore. It's "cytoplasm".
moldy [ˈmoʊldi]: covered with or containing mold 发霉的
take on something: the particular opinion or idea that someone has about something (某人)对某事的看法;(某人)
mitosis [maɪˈtoʊsɪs]: (biology) a method of cell division, in which the nucleus divides into daughter nuclei, each
containing the same number of chromosomes as the parent nucleus (
out of date: old-fashioned or without the most recent information and therefore no longer useful 过时的,不用的
protoplasm [ˈproʊtəˌplæzəm]: (biology) a clear substance like jelly that forms the living part of an animal or plant cell
cytoplasm [ˈsaɪtoʊˌplæzəm]: (biology) all the living material in a cell, not including the nucleus (生物学)细胞质

Claire: Well, you could have asked one of us.

Alex: Now you're making jokes?

Claire: I'm not making a joke.

Alex: Really? What's the difference between a "gamete" and a "zygote"?
gamete [gə'mi:t]: (biology) a male or female cell that joins with a cell of the opposite sex to form a zygote (= a single
cell that develops into a person, animal, or plant) (
zygote [ˈzaɪˌgoʊt]: (biology) a single cell that develops into a person or animal, formed by the joining together of a
male and a female gamete (= a cell that is provided by each parent) (

Phil: Don't fall for it, Claire. She's just making up words.

Claire: Huh.

Alex: That's it. I need the lnternet. I'm out of your stupid contest.

Haley: Hmm. And then there were three.

Phil: She's kind of scary.

Claire: We're not buying her a car.


Jay: [knocking] Hey, buddy, what you reading?

Manny: "The Old Man and the Sea."

Jay: You like it?

Manny: I like that Hemingway gets to the point.
get to the point: 扼要地说;直截了当

7. 欧内斯特·海明威(Ernest Hemingway,1899-1961)是美国著名作家、记者,1954年获得诺贝尔文学奖。主要作品有
《老人与海》(The Old Man and the Sea)、《太阳照常升起》(The Sun Also Rises)和《永别了,武器》(A Farewell
to Arms)等。海明威一向以文坛硬汉著称,他是美利坚民族的精神丰碑,

Jay: You read a lot of his stuff?

Manny: That was a hint, Jay.

Jay: Oh. Oh, okay. I wanna ask you something… between you and me.

Manny: You wanna know if I think my Mom did something to that dog.

Jay: Yeah.

Manny: Sit.

Jay: Don't most kids drink soda?

Manny: Who knows what they do?

Jay: So, your Mom.

Manny: Jay, I've learned a few things in my 12 years. Don't skimp on linens, don't compliment a teacher on
her figure, and when it comes to my Mom, never ask questions I don't want the answers to.
skimp (on something) [skɪmp]: to try to spend less time, money, etc. on something than is really needed 克俭,节省

Jay: I don't buy it. Sensitive kid like you, I think you wanna know every bit as much as I do.

Manny: You're wrong.

Jay: Then why is your hand shaking?

Manny: This is my fifth one of these today. I may have a problem.

Jay: Okay. That's enough.


Mitchell: No, no, no, 4:00 tomorrow is fine. Yeah, my-my life partner and I will see you then. Okay, tha-thank

Cameron: Since when do you call me your life partner?

Mitchell: Since a spot opened up at Billingsley Academy.

Cameron: But I liked Wagon Wheel. It had all the duckies. And it reminded me of where I went in Missouri.

Mitchell: Cam, everyone goes to Billingsley for a reason. It's the Harvard of preschools.

Cameron: She's not even 2 years old yet. She doesn't need the Harvard of preschools. She needs finger
 and duckies.
finger painting: a style of painting in which you use your fingers instead of brushes; a painting made using this

Mitchell: I'm begging you to please just say "ducks." [telephone rings] Hello?

Claire: Great news. Wagon Wheel loved you. You're in.

Mitchell: Oh. Wagon Wheel wants us.

Cameron: Oh, yes!

Mitchell: Okay. Well, that's great and everything, but actually we have an appointment tomorrow at

Claire: Really?

Mitchell: Yeah, apparently we are in very high demand.

Claire: Oh, well, just so you know, I don't think Wagon Wheel is gonna hold a place for you.

Mitchell: Well, I-I think we're gonna take our chance.
take one's chance: to take a risk or to use the opportunities that you have and hope that things will happen in the
way that you want

Cameron: Take our chance? That sounds chancy.
chancy [ˈtʃænsi]: involving risks and uncertainty 冒险的;靠不住的

Claire: You know, Mitchell, you were the one who called me in a panic. You were the one who needed me
to get you in.
in a panic: 惊慌地

Mitchell: I'm sorry, Claire. I didn't mean to put you out. But let's not get too dramatic here. You wrote an
put somebody out: to cause someone trouble, extra work, etc. 添麻烦;使不便

Claire: It wasn't an e-mail. It was a phone call from a land line.
land line: a telecommunications wire or cable laid over land (电话通信)陆上线路

Cameron: What did you do?

Mitchell: What's best for Lily.

Cameron: Did you?

Mitchell: Cam, this is the first time that being gay is a competitive advantage. They're choosing teams for
gym class, and we're finally getting picked first.
competitive advantage: 竞争优势

Cameron: I always got picked first. I could throw a dodge ball through a piece of plywood. But I see your
dodge ball: 躲避球(<>dodge ball: a game in which the players form a circle and try to hit opponents in the circle
with a large ball
plywood [ˈplaɪˌwʊd]: board made by sticking thin layers of wood on top of each other 胶合板

Mitchell: [grunts]


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