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10月 24th, 2017

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 02×16: Regrets Only – Part1

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

Phil: Morning.

Claire: Hey.

Phil: You sleep all right?

Claire: No. You? Say no, Phil.

Phil: Of course no. I missed you up there.

Claire: Last night, I know I got kind of carried away

Phil: No, no, no. You don't need to apologize.

Claire: I don't think that I was apologi-

Phil: You were right to be mad.

Claire: Sometimes I just feel like I have to scream to let you know how upset I am, but you get it now, right?

Phil: I… do.


Phil: Not. No idea whatsoever. Ohh, if I knew, but… no.
whatsoever [ˌhwʌtsoʊˈɛvər]: You use whatsoever after a noun group in order to emphasize a negative statement.


Claire: Good. So let's pretend the whole thing never happened.

Phil: What were we even fighting about, huh?

Luke: What the heck happened in here? The raccoon get through the dog door again?

Phil: Yep. The raccoon got in, and your Mom fought it off with the fire extinguisher.

Luke: You're a mess! Are you okay?

Phil: Careful, buddy. Not today. I think you look beautiful.

Claire: Save it.


Jay: One time I forgot to get Gloria a birthday present, and I paid for it. Another time I remembered, but
she didn't like the gift. I paid for that. So you'd think when I remember to buy her a gift and she loves it, I
wouldn't have to pay for it, right?

Gloria: [singing] "Just call me angel of the morning, angel. Just touch my cheek before you leave me,
baby. Just call me angel of the morning, Jay!"
Just call me angel of the morning, angel.: 《晨间天使》(Angel of the Morning)首发于1968年,是多位歌者的热门


Cameron: Oh, hey, good. Grab the other end of this and help me get it out of here. I have to start setting
up the chairs for tonight.

Mitchell: Oh, tonight? What's tonight?

Cameron: Are you kidding me? This is what I'm talking about, Mitchell. You never listen when I

Mitchell: It's a fundraiser for the Friends of the Third Street Overpass Music Society. Two harpists are
performing, and you're anxious 'cause Andrew, your nemesis from the steering committee, ran the
event last year, and you wan
na upstage him. I was kidding.
fundraiser [ˈfʌndreɪzər]: a social event or an entertainment held in order to collect money for a charity or an
overpass [ˈoʊvərˌpæs]: a bridge that carries one road over another one 高架桥;立交桥;天桥
harpist [ˈhɑrpɪst]: a person who plays the harp 弹竖琴者;竖琴师
nemesis [ˈneməsɪs]: a person or thing that has competed with somebody or been an enemy for a long time 天敌
steering committee: a group of people that a government or an organization chooses to direct an activity and to
decide how it will be done (
upstage somebody [ˈʌpˌsteɪdʒ]: to say or do something that makes people notice you more than the person that
they should be interested in

Cameron: Ha.


Mitchell: Cam has it in his head that I don't listen to him, but I do.

Cameron: Do you, Mitchell? Do you?


Cameron: The doctor called and said Lily's rash is just dry skin. I'm so relieved. What did I just say?


Mitchell: You act like you listen to every single thing that I say, but you don't.

Cameron: Don't I, Mitchell?


Cameron: Hey, I'm going to the store today. Do you need me to pick anything up for ya?

Mitchell: [muffled]


Cameron: Razor blades, saline solution, black socks, and the new issue of Vanity Fair.
razor blade: a thin sharp piece of metal that is used in a razor, especially one that can be thrown away when it is no
longer sharp

1. 《名利场》(Vanity Fair)是美国著名的生活杂志,由康泰纳仕集团(Condé Nast)发行。第一版出版于1913~1936

Mitchell: Wow. I don't even remember asking for all that. Thank you.


Cameron: Don't I?


Jay: How'd this thing come off, anyway?

Claire: Well, I was cooking dinner, and

Phil: Right. And the raccoon just walked in the

Claire: And I already had the door open.

Phil: Right. Which I-I had already had ahold of the

Jay: Why don't you two go work on your story and come back?

Phil: Okay.

Claire: Okay.

Haley: I won't be home till late. I have another shift at the restaurant.

Phil: That's our working girl. Let the river run, honey.
let the river run: 《大流奔腾》(Let the River Run)是电影《打工女郎》(Working Girl)的主题曲,由卡莉·西蒙(Carly

Haley: Check it! $57 in tips from last night. Holla!
holla [ˈhɑlˌoʊ]: a cry for attention, or of encouragement (为引起注意或鼓励)

Claire: Honey, that's impressive. You know what? $57 from you, $57 from us… You keep this up, we are
going to be buying you a car by the summer.

Luke: Mom, is this "upscale casual"?
upscale casual: 高档休闲风

Claire: What?

Phil: Oh, yeah. Cam hired Luke to help out with the benefit tonight.
benefit: an event such as a performance, a dinner, etc., organized in order to raise money for a particular person or

Jay: Hey, you know what? I can't fix this thing.

Claire: What? I need that. I use it every day. Okay, Phil, what do you say? You wanna take a trip to the mall
with me?

Phil: I… do.


Phil: Not, if I can possibly avoid it. Claire has this little… habit… at the mall, where sh- I can't even talk
about it.


Gloria: Jay, come on! I want to go home because you said you were going to film me doing the karaoke
so I can send it to Colombia to my mother.

Phil: Claire, um, about the mall? I was actually gonna run out and get my hair cut this afternoon.

Jay: Well, hang on here. Why don't I run Claire down the mall, and you give Phil a haircut? You're always
talking about how you miss working at the salon.

Gloria: I guess I could. I do Jay. Why can't I do you?

Phil: You… you can do me.

Gloria: Okay, let's get this party started. You know that song?
let's get this party started: 《让我们开始吧》(Let's Get It Started)是美国嘻哈行音乐团体黑眼豆豆(The Black Eyed

Jay: Let's go, let's go! We're wasting time!

Claire: O-okay, okay. 

Phil: Yeah.

Gloria: You know it?

Phil: I think I do.


Cameron: So, that was Andrew, who practically choked telling me that no one had called in their regrets
for the event tonight. It is gonna be a full house.
called in their regrets: 打电话表示后悔 (<>call in sick: 打电话请病假)
full house: an occasion in a theater, cinema/movie theater, etc. when there are no empty seats (剧院等的)客满

Mitchell: Oh, that must feel great!

Cameron: Oh, I never thought I would enjoy having an archenemy. But I do, Mitchell. I do. [chuckles]
archenemy [ˈɑrtʃˈɛnəmi]: a person’s main enemy 要敌,大敌

Mitchell: Hey, Lily, what you got there?

Cameron: I do feel bad for those PETA folks. Their event's tonight, too. That's why I had you mail the
invitations so long ago. I shouldn't laugh. I do feel bad for those little PETA animals. I really do. What are
you doing?
PETA: (abbreviation for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) an international organization based in Virginia
in the US which campaigns against cruelty to animals, especially in farming, scientific research and in
entertainments such as circuses. It was started in 1980. PETA has organized many famous campaigns to
persuade people not to eat meat or other animal products, not to wear fur and not to buy things from firms which
it believes treat animals cruelly.

Mitchell: Nothing. She was, uh, she was, uh, sucking her thumb again.


Mitchell: Yes, I put Cam's invites in my car to take them to the post office and then threw my gym bag on
top of them and completely forgot they existed. Ohh, I feel terrible. Haven't been to the gym in six weeks.
And I ruined Cam's event.
invite: an invitation to something such as a party or a meal 请贴


Mitchell: Hello, Miss Hartwick. Uh, Cam and I are hosting a little event tonight, andYes, yes. No, I-I am
aware that there is also a PETA event, and

Cameron: Who are you talking to?

Mitchell: I'm in the shower!

Cameron: Luke, how are those chairs coming? Come in.
how are things coming?: how are things going? 事情进行得如何?
come in: 加入谈话

Luke: I think you should come in come in.

Cameron: Oh, now I'm worried about the flow. The eyes should go to the harps, not the backs of chairs.
flow: 连贯;顺畅的流露
harp: a large musical instrument with strings stretched on a vertical frame, played with the fingers 竖琴

Luke: Are you gonna get upset and starting eating all the appetizers again?

Cameron: It is amazing what you notice and what you don't notice. Please handle that. I need to think.

Luke: Come on, Luke.

Caterer: Hi, there. Your father home?

Luke: I think so. Why?

Cameron: Oh, oh! The waitstaff. Please, Luke, show them to the kitchen, please.
waitstaff: the people whose job is to serve customers at their tables in a restaurant, etc. (统称)侍者,服务员

Andrew: Knock knock.

Cameron: Oh. Hello, Andrew.

Andrew: Nice chair backs. I just thought you could use this. It's the sign-in book for my event last year. Let
me just turn to the blank pages, which should be… Oh. No. It's full.
book: 签到簿

Cameron: Oh, well, thank you for thinking of us, but shouldn't you be getting back home to Donald? That is
the name of your cat, isn't it?

Andrew: I'll see you at 7:00.

Cameron: Drive safely. [sighs] What did I tell you?

Luke: She's even worse than you said.


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