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01月 1st, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 02×20: Someone to Watch Over Lily – Part2

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

Ooh, maybe I should also get a gift for my aunt Pat. Have I ever told you about her? Total gun
nut, lives completely off the grid.

gun nut: 枪械迷
live off the grid: 脱离世界这张大网的;不问世事的

Mitchell: Did you see how cute Gloria was with Lily?

Cameron: Oh, Pat is hilarious. I don't think she's paid taxes in 20 years, but very hospitable. Always has
a deer in the freezer.
hospitable [ˈhɑspɪtəbəl]: (of a person) pleased to welcome guests; generous and friendly to visitors 热情友好的;

Mitchell: Would you listen to me? I think that Gloria and my Dad could be Lily's guardians.
guardian [ˈgɑrdiən]: a person who is legally responsible for the care of another person, especially a child whose
parents have died 监护人

Cameron: Look, you know I love Jay, and they're still in the mix, but I just don't know about him raising a

Mitchell: Well, Cam, he raised me.

Cameron: Well, now you've put me in an awkward position. Oh, look at that. That's adorable. 


Jay: Let's see if we can get you some snow pants.

Manny: I just wish I felt better. I think I'm coming down with flu-like symptoms.
come down with: to get an illness that is not very serious 染,得(某种疾病)
flu-like: 类似感冒的 (<注>-like: 与名词一起组成复合形容词,表示"像…一样的")

Jay: Couple of hours before your camping trip, huh?
camping trip: 露营;野营旅行

Manny: I want to go. It's just, if I'm sick, I might get the chaperones sick, and without chaperones, it's
anarchy [ˈænərki]: a situation in a country, an organization, etc. in which there is no government, order, or control

Jay: Manny, listen to me.

Manny: The buddy system falls apart, the principle of "Last in, first out" is ignored.
buddy system: (游泳、侦察、巡逻等时两人负责相互安全)结伴制,两人同伙制
last in, first out: 后进先出

Jay: It's butterflies.
butterflies ['bʌtərflaiz]: 此处双关 (1) (复数)(由于焦虑、害怕或神经紧张等引起的)胃部颤抖(或要呕吐)的感觉;(2) 蝴蝶

Manny: Where?

Jay: You're just nervous because there's gonna be a lot of physical activity, which is not exactly your strong
be somebody's strong suit: to be a subject that someone knows a lot about 专长,特长

Manny: It is a little daunting out there.
daunting ['dɔntɪŋ]: Something that is daunting makes you feel slightly afraid or worried about dealing with it. 令人畏

Jay: D-don't use the word "daunting" in nature, okay? You just need a little self-confidence. Look at this.
They got one of these rock walls here. Why don't you hop up on that?

Manny: Why?

Jay: Why? To prove that you can do it. If you can do that, you can do anything.

Manny: Really? Can I fly? Can I speak Chinese?

Jay: No, but you can sleep in the house tonight. Ace? Wanna wire my boy up, here? Go ahead.
ace: 一种称呼,类似champ的用法
wire up: 给(电气系统、电路或零部件)布线;用线接


Claire: I'm sorry I went behind your back. But you get so defensive whenever we talk about Luke's issues.

Phil: He doesn't have issues. You're just a worrier. Like when you thought he was never gonna talk.
worrier [ˈwəriər]: a person who worries a lot about unpleasant things that have happened or that might happen 多虑

Claire: He was 2, and all he could do was bark!

Phil: I understood him.

Claire: Phil!

Phil: Look, he starts coming here, the other kids find out, he becomes a target, like that limping gazelle
at the watering hole that the alligator knows to eat.
target: (批评、讥讽、嘲笑、辱骂的)对象
limping [ˈlɪmpɪŋ]: 一瘸一拐的;跛行的
gazelle [gəˈzɛl]: a type of small African or Asian deer. Gazelles move very quickly and gracefully. (非洲或亚洲)羚羊
watering hole: a place where animals go to drink (动物饮水用的)水坑,水洼

Claire: Crocodiles, not alligators. There are no alligators in Africa.

Phil: How about at the zoo? Bam! Who needs a shrink now?

Dr. Klausner: Mr. and Mrs. Dunphy?

Claire: Yes? Hi.

Dr. Klausner: Luke, I'm gonna talk to your Mom and Dad for a minute, okay?

Luke: Okay. She's, like, the best doctor ever. A couple of puzzles, no shots. I didn't even have to take
my pants off. Found that one out a little late.

Phil: I've been there, buddy.

Claire: Mwah!

Dr. Klausner: Well, Luke's a terrific kid. I have a few thoughts, but, honestly, I don't see anything that's
cause for alarm.

Phil: Awesome. Thanks so much for your time.

Claire: We-we would love to hear your thoughts.

Dr. Klausner: Well… he's a bright and curious boy, but he gets distracted.

Claire and Phil: Mm-hmm.

Dr. Klausner: I see it all the time with above-average kids.
above-average [ə,bʌv'ævəridʒ]: 超过平均水平的

Claire: Mm-hmm. Phil, honey, I want you to hear this.

Phil: Mm-hmm.

Dr. Klausner: They're a little overstimulated because there are so many things they're interested in. They
never seem to focus.
overstimulated: 过度兴奋的,过度刺激的 (<注>over-置于形容词前,表示"过于")

Claire: Makes me crazy.

Phil: Too crazy.

Dr. Klausner: Well, they usually do outgrow it.
outgrow [ˌaʊtˈgroʊ]: to stop doing something or lose interest in something as you become older 长大成熟而不再,

Claire: What if they don't?

Phil: He will. 

Dr. Klausner: Well, there's-there's medication, but why don't we cross that bridge if we come to it?
medication [ˌmɛdɪˈkeɪʃən]: a drug or another form of medicine that you take to prevent or to treat an illness 药物治
cross that bridge when you come to it: to worry about a problem when it actually happens and not before 等出了

Claire: Is there any way to avoid that bridge altogether? You know, maybe there's diet or-or focusing
exercises or something?

Dr. Klausner: Mrs. Dunphy, what exactly are you worried about?

Phil: Get comfortable.

Claire: I'm worried he's turning into you, Phil.


Claire: I knew the minute I opened my mouth that I was in the wrong, but, honestly, sometimes I wonder
about him.


Luke: Hey, Mom, check it out.

Claire: What are you doing?

Luke: If I move my head fast enough, it looks like the can is standing still.

Phil: [laughs] He's totally right!


Cameron: I just find it interesting that you blame Jay for everything from your night terrors to your shy
, and now he's the perfect guardian for Lily.
night terrors: a condition in which a person, usually a child, suddenly starts from sleep in a state of extreme fear but
cannot later remember the incident (常指孩子的)夜惊,梦惊
shy bladder: an inability to urinate in the presence of others 尿羞症,无法在公共场合的厕所解小便,当有他人在侧,

Mitchell: No, not perfect, and-and I never said anything about my shy bladder.

Cameron: O-oh. Then why did I have to stand guard outside the bathroom at Pepper's three faces of 
New Year's Eve party?

2. 《三面夏娃》(The Three Faces of Eve)是美国1957年上映的一部悬疑。故事讲述了一个深陷困惑的家庭主妇

Jay: Damn it, Manny! Move it! Go!

Manny: It's scary.

Jay: You're 2 feet off the ground. I've seen vines climb walls faster than that. Move your butt!
vine [vaɪn]: a climbing plant that produces grapes 葡萄藤

Cameron: Oh, well, there's your esteem-building parent right there. Wait, wait, I think I hear future Lily
sending us a message from her stripper pole
 "Thanks, gay dead Dads. This dance is for you." Excuse
me, Jay?

Manny: I'm getting down.

Jay: Not till you touch the top! What is it?

Cameron: Well, maybe if we didn't bully Manny so much, but, rather, showed him, he wouldn't be so afraid.
Excuse me,
Sherpa, can you assist me with the harness?
Sherpa [ˈʃɜːrpə]: a member of a Himalayan people, who often guide people in the mountains, sometimes carrying
their bags, etc. 夏尔巴人(居于喜马拉雅山南麓的蒙古人后裔,善登山) 
harness [ˈhɑrnɪs]: 登山背带


Phil: [stupid voice] Oh, no. Which one of these is my driving machine?

Claire: Phil, I already apologized. It just… it came out wrong.

Phil: [normal voice] Funny, I thought that was my problem. I came out wrong. Hold on. Oh, good, I can
walk again.

Claire: Honey, you know, sometimes you can act a little bit

Phil: Oh, no! Where did everyone go?! Oh, just a blink.

Claire: Phil, when you are ready to talk to me like an adult, why don't you let me know?

Phil: Fine. Okay, okay. The adults are the big ones, right?

[engines turns over] [tires screech]

Luke: Hey, how do you think that got up there? Uh-oh.

Cameron: Now, I know it seems daunting, Manny, but it's very simple. I'm securely hitched to a rope,
which means I'm not going to fall.
securely [sikjuəli]: in a way that is not likely to move, fall down, etc. 牢固地;牢靠地
hitch [hɪtʃ]: If you hitch something to something else, you hook it or fasten it there. 把…钩住…拴住

Mitchell: You know, Dad, you're really making my life difficult right now.

Jay: How?

Mitchell: By barking at Manny like a drill sergeant when I'm trying to convince Cam that you'd be a
great guardian for Lily.
bark at: 突然向(某人)大喊大叫,咆哮;厉声说话
drill sergeant: 操练军士(军事)

Jay: Guardian?

Mitchell: Yeah.

Jay: You're kidding.

Cameron: Aah! Jay!

Mitchell: Yeah, never mind.

Cameron: That really hurt!


Alex: This is a mistake.

Gabby: Why does she keep saying that?

Haley: Because they're the first words she ever heard.

Gabby: Here, you go first.

Haley: This will teach that skank a lesson.

Alex: Shaving cream in her locker?

Haley: Just stand over there and yell if someone's coming.

Alex: She might have homework assignments in there she hasn't handed in yet. [sighs] Haley! [door closes] Someone's coming!

Haley: Run! [sighs] [whispering frantically] This way, this way!

Alex: Okay, okay, okay! Where are we?

Haley: Boys' locker room.

Alex: It smells like feet.

Haley: That's not feet. Okay. Come here.

Alex: I'm so scared.

Haley: Just go to your happy place.

Alex: We just broke into my happy place.

Security GuardWho's there?

[gasps] [both laughing]

Haley: Shh, shh. shh, shh! Go, go, run, run! Not so loud! Run! Run!



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