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07月 17th, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 03×19: Election Day – Part1

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.


Phil: Councilwoman Dunphy, how do you respond to allegations that you look super sexy in your new
councilwoman [ˈkaʊnsəlˌwʊmən]: a woman who is a member of a local council (尤指市或镇政务会的)女委员,女
allegation [æli'geiʃən]: a public statement that is made without giving proof, accusing somebody of doing
something that is wrong or illegal (无证据或有待证实的)指控;无根据的断言

Claire: Uh, I haven't been elected yet. Come on, kids! We gotta vote! Honey, come on. Please stop

Phil: I'm just excited! After today, you are going to be a councilwoman, and I am going to be a first

Claire: And if you don't stop filming, you're going to be my first husband. All right, everybody, come on!
Do you know what you're doing, kids? You guys are
manning the phone banks. Alex, you're in
charge of that.
man: to work at a place or be in charge of a place or a machine 担任职务,在…就位(以随时准备行动)
phone bank: 装有好多电话的房间,在那里,竞选工作人员或者义务工作人员手持注册登记的选民名单,打电话跟

Haley: Wh-why is she in charge? And what's… what's a phone bank?

Alex: That's why.

Claire: Phil.

Phil: I got it. I will be driving 50 of our finest senior citizens to the polls, assuming, of course, that they
remember that I'm coming for them. Where you at?
the polls: (plural) the place where people go to vote in an election (复数)投票处;投票地点

Luke: High-five. Old people occasionally forget things.

Claire: Okay. All right, everybody, let's go. Let's go.

Phil: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Real quick! Sorry. Everybody get in there. Jump in there. I just want to
say how proud of you we all are. You're an
inspiration. Who would have thought that 20 years ago
when you were still in
the bloom of your youth
inspiration [ˌɪnspəˈreɪʃən]: a person or thing that is the reason why somebody creates or does something 提供灵感
bloom [blum]: a healthy fresh appearance 青春焕发,朝气蓬勃,风华正茂,年富力强

Claire: Okay, I'm gonna go start the car.


Jay: Claire likes to win. When she was 8, a little girl scout friend of hers bragged she could sell the
most cookies.
 Damn if Claire didn't walk the neighborhood till she got blisters on her feet and won
by ten boxes. Best part is Claire wasn't even a girl scout.
damn if…: 决不
blister [ˈblɪstər]: a swelling on the surface of the skin that is filled with liquid and is caused, for example, by
rubbing or burning (皮肤上因烫伤或摩擦而起的)水疱

1. 销售饼干是美国女童军(girl scout)每年一次的传统活动,也是筹集经费的重要途径。销量最高的女孩能为自己赢得



Cameron: The choice is Claire! Vote Claire Dunphy for town council.

[cheering and applauding]

Claire: Aw, I love it!

Phil: Aw.

Mitchell: What do you think, huh?

Claire: I love it.

Mitchell: We got it on Craigslist. [funny music] Came off a taco truck.
taco: 脆玉米卷,参见202.文化详解3.

Cameron: [laughing] It did.

Claire: I love that you're doing this for me. Thank you!

Cameron: You're welcome.


Mitchell: I know how important winning is to Claire.

Cameron: And I love to festoon things.
festoon [fɛsˈtun]: to decorate somebody/something with flowers, coloured paper, etc., often as part of a celebration

Mitchell: We're her dream team.
dream team: the best possible combination of people for a particular competition or activity 梦(幻)之队(由最佳人选

Cameron: So we cleared the whole day, dropped Lily off at school, and voted first thing.

Mitchell: Although, uh, one of us had a bit of a dimpled chad situation.
dimpled chad: 打孔器在有些选票上只是打出了印子换句话说,chad完全没有脱离选票Dimple原来指酒涡,这里
是选票上被打成凹陷的印子,所以dimpled chad就是选票上的陷印。Dimple长在脸上固然动人,但是落在选票上某


Cameron: Can you tell me how this machine works again, Chad?

Dimpled Chad: Oh, sure. No problem.

Cameron: Just wanna look in here. Just…


Claire: Thank you. Thank you. [clapping hands]

All: Bye! Bye!

Claire: Thank you, guys!

Cameron: I can see Clairely now that Duane is gone.
Clairely: 音近clearly


Claire: Bye! Thank you! Oh, my gosh. Okay, everybody, get in the car. Let's go. Let's go.

Laurie: Good luck today, Claire.

Claire: Oh, Laurie, thank you.

Laurie: Hey, by the way, we have some really good news.

Claire: What's that?

Laurie: Becky got into the University of Oregon.
University of Oregon: 俄勒冈大学位于俄勒冈州的第二大城市尤金,是一所具有百年历史的著名公立研究型大学。

Claire: Oh, congratulations!

Laurie: Any news, Haley?

Haley: Uh, uh, no, not… not yet, but, you know, super psyched.
psyched [saɪkt]: excited, especially about something that is going to happen 激动的;兴奋的


Haley: This whole waiting-to-hear thing has been a nightmare since the very first letter.


Haley: I'm too nervous. I can't do it.

Alex: [opening the letter] "Dear Miss Dunphy, we regret to inform you…"

Haley: What?! Don't leave me hanging!
leave me hanging: 吊我的胃口


Haley: After that, I decided to only tell my parents good news. I have one school left, and the only good
news I've gotten is that my annoying neighbor Becky is moving back east to Oregon.


Jay: Manny, write this down.

Manny: I didn't bring a pen.

Jay: Election day is America at its finest. The people speak, and the government listens. I don't know
what they do in Colombia.
at its finest: 处在最好状态

Gloria: No one does, and don't ask.

Jay: I mean, we know that voting's a privilege, but for my daughter to have her name on that ballot,
it just means so much more… You know what? I think I'm gonna vote later.
privilege [ˈprɪvəlɪdʒ]: (宪法保障公民享有的)基本权利
ballot [ˈbælət]: the piece of paper on which somebody marks who they are voting for 投票用纸;选票

Gloria: What? Where are you going?

Jay: Ah, the line is too long.

Gloria: It's only three people! And nobody has a gun!

Jay: Yeah. Ugh.


Cameron: [with a speaker] We're here, we're Claire, get used to it!
We're here, we're Claire, get used to it!: 改编自同志口号"We are here, we are queer and we are so used to it."

Mitchell: Uh. You know, I'm not sure if that's tracking. Here, let me try one. [with a speaker] You don't 
have to be Clairevoyant to know who to vote for. Vote Dunphy for town council. Uh, uh, uh, Claire
Dunphy. Uh, C-Claire's her first name. I'm sorry if that wasn't
track: 留下痕迹
Clairevoyant: 音近clairvoyant [klɛrˈvɔɪənt],a person who is believed to have the power to be able to see future
events or to communicate with people who are dead or far away 能预见未来的人;先知
Claire: 音近clear

Cameron: Oh, my God. Look at that. There's a trash can right there, and that guy just threw his paper
on the sidewalk.
[with a speaker] Hey! You in the yellow jacket. Pick it up and put it in the trash.

Mitchell: Oh, oh, my God. He did it.

Cameron: Yes, he did.

Mitchell: Ooh, here. Let me try one. I'll try… [with a speaker] Hey, dragon tattoo, no jaywalking!
jaywalking [ˈdʒeɪwɔ:kɪŋ]: the act of walking across a street in a careless and dangerous way, or not at the proper
place (不遵守交通规则)乱穿马路

Cameron: Oh, my gosh. [chuckling] This is an instrument of power. How could they not sell tacos?

Mitchell: You know what we could do with this thing? Cam, we could really make a difference. We
could be the voice of change.

Cameron: Ooh, I got it! Let's go yell at the dry cleaner that lost my shirt.


Phil: Come on, gang. Today is the Dunphys at their best.

[Luke kicking the board down]

Reporter: Hi.

Claire: Hi.

Phil: Hey.

Reporter: I'm from the "Weekly Saver." Mind if I ask you a couple questions about the big election?

Claire: Not at all. Fire away.

Reporter: Who are you voting for today?

Claire: Claire Dunphy.

Reporter: Finally. I've been waiting for someone to say that name. Why?

Claire: Because I am Claire Dunphy.

Reporter: Oh, sorry. They moved me over from ad sales. We take turns reporting. How do you feel about
your chances today?
ad sales: 广告销售
take turns: 轮流(说、做等),轮班

Claire: Not as good as I did a few minutes ago.

Phil: No, she feels great. Um, her spirits are high. The whole family's high. There's your headline.
headline [ˈhɛdˌlaɪn]: the title of a newspaper article printed in large letters, especially at the top of the front page

Claire: Phil, no.

Reporter: Uh, how about a photo of all of you?

Claire: Yeah. Sure. Yes.

Alex: Mom, Mom, Mom. Tag. Tag's still on.

Claire: Oh, my goodness. Thank you. That would have been a really awkward picture. Okay. Oh! No!

Alex: What is that? Is that a tooth?

Haley: Ew!

Luke: Awesome!

Haley: How old are you?

Claire: No!

Luke: Do it again!

Alex: How does that even happen?

Claire: It's a-a fake tooth from an old ice-skating injury. It just fell out. Oh, my gosh. Why today?! What
about the…

Phil: Let's not overreact. Let's… let me see it.

Claire: Okay. All right.

[all shocked]

Reporter: Got it. Thanks.


Gloria: What happened back there?

Jay: Line was too long. I couldn't wait.

Gloria: I've seen you wait 45 minutes in line for sherbet
sherbet ['ʃə:rbət]: like ice cream but made with fruit juice, sugar, and water 水果冰糕

Jay: Well, I happen to like sherbet, okay? That place I take you has the greatest sherbet on the west
coast. They got lime sherbet, they got coconut sherbet.

Gloria: Why are we talking about sherbet?

Manny: He's clearly changing the subject.

Jay: Why aren't you in school?

Manny: He's doing it again.

Gloria: Manny's right. You're being very ardilla.
ardilla: (西班牙语) 松鼠

Jay: "Ardilla"?

Gloria: Yeah, you know, the… the one that… that…

Jay: Rabbit? I was being rabbit-y?

Gloria: No, another one with the cheeks and the tail and…

Jay: Chipmunk? Possum?

Manny: Okay, obviously she means squirrel. You were being squirrelly then, you're being squirrelly
squirrelly [ˈskwɜːrəli]: unable to keep still or be quiet 紧张的;敏感的;古怪的

Jay: Better than being a rat.

Gloria: Manny, give us a minute.

Manny: Oh, sure. I served him up on a silver platter.

Jay: [opening refrigerator door] What? [closing refrigerator door] All right, it's no big deal. There was
a woman working there. I didn't want
 her to see me.

Gloria: Who is she?

Jay: Her name is Dottie. She's the first woman I dated after my divorce.

Gloria: You dated a Dottie after Dede?
Dottie ['dɔti]: 多蒂(女子名,等于Dorothea,Dorothy)

Jay: Y-you're focusing on the wrong thing here. The-the point is it ended badly. I tried to let her down
easy, but, uh, she didn't take it too well.
let somebody down: to fail to help or support somebody as they had hoped or expected (在需要帮助或紧要关头时)


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