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09月 21st, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 05×03: Larry’s Wife – Part3

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

Lily: I thought cats had nine lives.

Cameron: Yeah, and they do, but Larry's wife was older than he was, and she'd been married eight
times before.

Lily: Like Elizabeth Taylor? 

9. 伊丽莎白·泰勒(Elizabeth Taylor,1932-2011)是一位英美女演员、女商人和人道主义者。从童星到贵妇,演艺生涯
演《玉女神驹》(National Velvet)引起轰动,片约不断。1956年主演《岳父大人》(Father of the Bride),属于其青春
期代表作。因出演《青楼艳妓》(Beutterfield 8)及《《谁害怕弗吉尼亚·伍尔夫?》(Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?),
喜欢的伴侣理查德·伯顿(Richard Burton)曾两次走过红地毯。

Cameron: Oh, you remember our bedtime stories.

Dylan: Hey.

Cameron: Hey. Oh, Dylan, thank you for coming on such short notice. I just need you to dig a hole
right over here. Thank you.
on short notice: not long in advance; without warning or time for preparation 刚约就要见(没有给对方充裕的时间)

Dylan: Oh, no problem. So, Lily, I'm really sorry. How's Larry doing? 

Lily: Fine. He's a happy cat.

Dylan: Oh, they're cats. That's gonna make my job a lot easier.

Cameron: Okay, everyone, thank you for coming. Uh, it means a lot to Lily, and it means a lot to me.
? [music] So, Larry's wife what can I say? Uh, she loved Larry. And, um, you know, like all
cat marriages, they
had their ups and their downs, but they always landed on their feet.
to have your ups and downs: 经历起伏;经历高潮与低谷

Dylan: Oh, hit a rock. Oh! Not a rock!

[kids screaming]

Cameron: Okay, everybody! Please stay calm! Please stay calm! No running! It's slippery! Angus,
keep playing! Okay.
slippery [ˈslɪpəri]: difficult to hold or to stand or move on, because it is smooth, wet or polished 滑的;湿滑


Mitchell: Randall!

Randall: Yeah?

Mitchell: I'm up here!

Randall: Mr. Pritchett? This is all intern work. It isn't for my band. Need me to do a coffee run? 
do a coffee run: (去店里)买咖啡

Mitchell: No. No, uh, listen, I was… I was cleaning, and I got stuck up here, and I need you to go into
my office and s
tand up the ladder that fell.

Randall: Got it. And I'm sorry about lying before. Those are flyers for my band, the Interns. [window
Uh-oh. Your door's locked.

Mitchell: Oh, no.

Randall: But, hey, I-I think, if you keep going forward, then back your legs out through the vent, I can
grab them to help you down.

Mitchell: Oh, I don't know. That makes me a little nervous.

Randall: Just think about something else. I heard you're getting married. How's that going? 

Mitchell: Oh, yeah, yeah. It's… it's good. It's good. You know, we're planning it right now. Actually, it's
being planned for me.

Randall: That's nice. No stress.

Mitchell: Oh, you'd think, huh? But it's getting a little bit out of hand.

Randall: Oh, that happens with weddings.

Mitchell: Does it? I mean, how many weddings have you been to that have something called a dove
cannon? You know, I think I should have a say in something like that.
have a say in: 对…有发言权

Randall: You need to let go, Mr. Pritchett.

Mitchell: I-I can't. I-I wish I could, but I can't. I just… it's freaking me out.

Randall: No, I've got you already.

Mitchell: Okay. Oh. Thank you.  

Randall: You know, I'm pretty good at reading people, and it sounds like you and your lady really need
to talk this out.

Mitchell: Yeah, maybe you're right. So I'm gonna let you in on a little secret. I'm gay.

Randall: Oh, my God. Does she know?

Mitchell: Got to save something for the wedding night, huh? Okay.


[kids screaming]

Cameron: Riley, no! Buster, please sit! Dylan, help!

Dylan: I can't! These cats and dogs are fighting like… oh!

Cameron: Okay, everybody, I'm sorry. This was supposed to be a small service, but I don't winnow
down. I overdo. And if I let a simple fake cat funeral get out of hand, how am I supposed to plan an
entire wedding
? You're late. Okay, I need Mitchell.

Dylan: Good news. He just pulled up.

Cameron: Damn it. Okay, in. In, in. Yes. Okay. And, please, can somebody catch that thing? Okay, all
right, stay. Everyone just…


[car door opens]

Cameron: Hey! How was the gym? 

Mitchell: I never made it. Listen, Cam, I got to talk about something.

Cameron: I do, too. What would you think about being more involved with the wedding? 

Mitchell: That's what I wanted to talk about. I would love to.

Cameron: Thank God. You know, I just think we're-we're better together.

Mitchell: "Better together." Mm, I like that.

[door opens]

Angus: I cannot be in a house with snakes.

Mitchell: How bad is it? 

Cameron: Gonna need about an hour.

Mitchell: Wow. Okay.


Jay: Here you go. I got you Sno-Caps, 'cause, you know, at the end, they escape across the alps. 

10. 雪帽(Sno-Caps)是一个糖果品牌,是外面沾着点点糖粒的半球形牛奶巧克力。这种糖果于20世纪20年代末推出,


Audience: Thanks for ruining it.

Jay: Calm down. The movie's 50 years old.

Manny: Making friends everywhere, aren't you? 

Jay: Listen, you always say, "Express your feelings." When I get mad, that's what I do.

FilmgoerHello? Yeah, I can talk. My parents dragged me into this stupid movie.
filmgoer [ˈfɪlm ɡoʊər]: a person who goes to the cinema/movies, especially when they do it regularly 去电影院观影

Manny: Go ahead, Jay. Feed him his phone.

Filmgoer: Yeah.

Jay: You're telling me that doesn't bother you? 

Filmgoer: I can't hear you. Talk louder.

Manny: I'm just saying…

Filmgoer: Uh-huh? Yeah.

Manny: If we give in to every impulse, we're no better than wild animals.
give in to: 屈服于…,对…让步

Jay: But if we push it down, it eats you alive.

Manny: Not if you just let it go.

Filmgoer: The chick from that crapfest "Mary Poppins." 
-fest: (in nouns) a festival or large meeting involving a particular activity or with a particular atmosphere 表示
"Mary Poppins": 《欢乐满人间》,参见402.文化详解9.

Manny: That's it.

Filmgoer: Hey, hey, hey, hey!


Manny: A lot of cold, lonely nights in that apartment by myself while my Mom was driving a taxi, and
only one thing kept me company. So, you got a problem with Poppins, you got a problem with me.


Gloria: Ay, father, I am so sorry. I didn't even know that he could hold a fork.

Father Marquez: No, no, no, I blame myself. I probably shouldn't have taken his nose.

Gloria: No, it's my family. The girls are very chesty, but the men, they're kissed by the devil.
chesty [ˈtʃestɪ]: 胸部大的

Father Marquez: Gloria, the fact that you are so concerned is only proof that you are a loving and
caring mother.
 It's the parents who shape the child. And your son is growing up in a wonderful home.

Manny: [shouting] Die, scum!
scum [skʌm]: an insulting word for people that you strongly disapprove of 人渣

Jay: No, no, no! Louder, like you did at the drive-through. 
drive-through: a restaurant, bank, etc. where you can be served without having to get out of your car (顾客无须下车

Manny: Mom, Jay and I saw "Death Wish." Amazing.

Jay: Manny got in a fight at "The Sound of Music," got kicked out. I've never been so proud.

Father Marquez: Well, I guess every household could use a little fine-tuning, huh? Let me give you
my card with my cell number on it.
fine-tuning [ˌfaɪn ˈtuːnɪŋ]: the action of making very small changes to something so that it is as good as it can
possibly be 细微调整;微调

Gloria: Please.

Father Marquez: And what did I do with my wallet?


Claire: I had yelled at Phil for not helping out, and there he was, doing exactly what I had asked him
to do…


Phil: Here's our zucchini. Up top, buddy.
zucchini [zuˈkiːni]: a long vegetable with dark green skin and white flesh 深绿皮密生西葫芦


Claire: …for some other family.


Lorraine: You are so sweet for helping me with this.

Phil: How hurt you've been, Lorraine… This is sweet. This is… normal.

Diane: Phil?

Phil: Diane? Hey, superstar.

Lorraine: I thought I was superstar.

Diane: Oh, your husband has been so wonderful to me.

Lorraine: He's not my husband. He's my Realtor.

Diane: Oh, he's my Realtor.

Phil: I'm both your Realtors. I-I'm just lucky to have such a…

Lorraine: We're on our way to an open house.

Diane: Oh, is that why you couldn't show me the colonial later? I made that cornbread that you like.
cornbread: a kind of flat bread made with corn (maize) flour 玉米面包

Phil: W-we're gonna make it to that. I just have to finish up with Lorraine.

Lorraine: Oh, you mean, like, "get it over with"? 

Phil: No, I-I don't mean that.

Lorraine: And I thought zucchini bread was your favorite. Why-why am I buying zucchini?

Phil: Hey, can't a guy like zucchini bread and corn bread? 

Ronnie: Phil? 

Phil: Damn it. Ronnie!

Ronnie: I thought you had a doctor's appointment. That's why you had to miss Darrell's swim meet.

Diane: Who's she?

Phil: Just another client.

Ronnie: "Just another client"? 

Phil: No, that's… what is this? Uh-oh, it is. It's my office. Got to take it. Hello?

Claire: Phil?

Phil: Claire? 

Claire: World's greatest Realtor.

Phil: What are you doing here? 

Lorraine's Son: Your hair is sweating.

Phil: That's 'cause I'm excited to see my friends. Let's go, buddy.

Claire: Are you all clients of Phil's? 

Diane: Apparently.

Phil: Uh-oh.

Claire: Well, you could not be in better hands. I met Phil when I was at such a rocky place in my life.
He was available to me morning, noon, and night. Of course he found me my dream house, but that
wasn't the best part. Phil taught me how to trust a man again, and I think that was always his plan.
rocky: difficult and not certain to continue or to be successful 不稳定的;艰难的;困难重重的

Phil: That was always my plan.

Claire: Mm. And it was not easy for me to trust a man after the husband that I'd had. This guys left
tools in the yard, let the kids
run wild.
run wild: if children or animals run wild, they behave as they like because nobody is controlling them 乱跑,胡闹

Phil: Well, great to see you, Claire.

Claire: He was always interrupting me. And he wore the most ridiculous sleep-mask thing.

Diane: Oh, God, sounds like such a diva.
diva: a person who is difficult to please and demands a lot of attention 难以取悦的人

Lorraine: Yeah.

Phil: Or he's photosensitive, which is a real condition.
photosensitive [ˌfoʊtoʊˈsensətɪv]: reacting to light, for example by changing colour or producing an electrical signal
condition: an illness or a medical problem that you have for a long time because it is not possible to cure it 疾病;病痛

Claire: Never took my advice. You know, that's the worst part. He never… he never said he was sorry
just one time. I would kill to have heard, "Claire, you were right."

Phil: Ugh.

Lorraine: Mm-hmm.


Phil: She was right.

Claire: Louder.

Phil: I do not love this side of you.


Haley: Thanks for winning my computer back.

Luke: And getting me all my money. That was awesome.

Alex: Yeah, if only I had stopped there, but I had to go back down. I got greedy, and I was careless.

Haley: There's a story about that I remember from school. Icarus flew too close to his son. I think their
bumped. One of them fell. They might have been ducks. Anyway, the lesson is, is that you have
to pay attention.
[door bell rings]
Icarus [ˈɪkərəs]: the son of Daedalus, with whom he escaped from Crete, flying with wings made of wax and
feathers. Heedless of his father's warning he flew too near the sun, causing the wax to melt, and fell into the Aegean
and drowned 伊卡洛斯(希腊神话中代达罗斯之子,以其父制作的蜡翼飞离克里特岛,其父逃脱了,不听他父亲的警告,
bump: 碰掉;撞落;震脱

Luke: Or pay the ultimate price. [door opens]

Reuben: Shall we, my dear? Don't wait up.

Alex: Wait up.

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