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12月 10th, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 05×17: Other People’s Children – Part2

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

Andy: Beth, I would swim the deepest, sharkiest oceans to be with you.

Haley: What are you doing?

Phil: Cut! Well, now we have a blooper reel. We're making a video love letter for Andy's girlfriend.
blooper reel: 拍摄花絮

Andy: Your Dad uses his computer to put in cool backgrounds while I act out all the things that I would
do to be with her, like swim an ocean or climb a mountain.
put in: 安装
act out: to reproduce (an idea, former event, etc) in actions, often by mime 模仿表演(想法、先前发生的事件等)

Haley: Ooh, how about you buy a plane ticket and visit her like a normal person?

Andy: I would, but the Coast Guard keeps her really busy.

Phil: Eyes. Does she like it?

Andy: She's probably so lonely with only two other women to talk to in her whole 40-person unit.
unit: a group within an armed force or police force, whose members fight or work together or carry out a particular
task 分队

Haley: So you're saying it's just your girlfriend and 36 super in-shape dudes?
in-shape: 在外形上处于良好状态的

Andy: 37. And it's not what you think. The Coast Guard seriously frowns on fraternizing. It's forbidden.
frown on: to disapprove of somebody/something 不赞成;反对
fraternize [frætərnaɪz]: to behave in a friendly manner, especially towards somebody that you are not supposed to
be friendly with 友好交往;交好;结交

Haley: That doesn't make it hot.

Phil: Oh, I got some on your face. You're gonna shine. I'll go get some of my… Claire's powder. My
Claire. She's my wife.
powder [ˈpaʊdər]: a very fine, soft, dry substance that you can put on your face to make it look smooth and dry 扑

Andy: I thought you had a date to go on.

Haley: I do.

Andy: When's he gonna get here?

Haley: Whenever he does. He's just, like, a few minutes late.

Andy: [Sighs] I'm sorry. That is so rude. A real man would be more considerate of your time.
considerate [kənˈsɪdərət]: always thinking of other people’s wishes and feelings; careful not to hurt or upset
others 体贴的;考虑周到的

Haley: You're right. That's why every year People magazine names the "consideratest" man alive. 

6. 《人物》(People)周刊创立于1974年,由时代公司(Time Inc.)发行,是美国读者量最高的杂志。杂志的视角聚焦

Andy: [Laughs] Oh, man, you can make fun of me all you want, but when you grow up, you'll see what
qualities make up a real man.

Phil: Someone say "makeup"?

Andy: I did.

Phil: [laughs] All right, here we go. Oh, yeah. Much better. You know what? I think I'm gonna shadow


Claire: Gloria, you are gonna love this one. I think we have finally found the perfect dress.

Lily: [Monotone] Ta-da. 
monotone [ˈmɑːnətoʊn]: without any changes or differences in sound or colour 单调的;无变化的
ta-da [tə ˈdɑː]: an expression that is meant to sound like a fanfare (= a short piece of music played to celebrate somebody/something important) 表示"闪亮登场"

Gloria: It's nice, but I don't like the bow. Let's try more.

Claire: We've tried on six dresses already. She's fine with this. Right, Lily?

Lily: I don't care.

Claire: See? She loves it. Done.

Gloria: Go try the lace one.

Claire: Seriously?

Lily: This is endless. 

Claire: Why are you dragging this out
drag something out: to make something last longer than necessary 拖延

Gloria: Because we haven't found the right dress. 

Claire: You have got to be a better shopper than this. I have seen you buy three outfits while driving
a car. 

Gloria: Come on. It's fun. I don't have any daughters. All I get to buy is tuxedos, and they all look the
same. But don't tell Manny that, because I don't want to hear another lecture.

Claire: It's funny. I have never cared about any of this stuff. I didn't even wear a wedding dress when
I married Phil. Never even tried one on. [Gasps] Easy. That is the reaction for when there's a man
behind me with a gun. All I said is I don't care about wedding dresses.

Gloria: Because you've never been in one. I'm gonna pick some for you to try.

Claire: Okay, no, no. No need. Mnh-mnh. 

Gloria: Come on, you'll feel beautiful. Then you can go back to your… boy clothes.

Claire: Hey. I bought this shirt for Luke and I couldn't return it. And I don't have all day to try on dresses.

Lily: Oh, and I do? 

Gloria: It'll be fun for me. You're my stepdaughter.

Claire: I'm older than you.

Gloria: You see? It's already fun.


Jay: We're gonna start by building a simple toolbox. First, I'm gonna show you how to cut the wood.
I know you're a little young for this,
Goober. Try to soak it all up.
toolbox [ˈtuːlbɑːks]: a box with a lid for keeping tools in 工具箱
goober: another name for peanut 花生
soak up: to absorb something into your senses, your body or your mind 吸收

Luke: What's this thing?

Jay: A table vise.
table vise: 台虎钳

Luke: [To tune of "Edelweiss"] Table vise, ta…
"Edelweiss" [ˈeɪdlvaɪs]: 《雪绒花》是音乐剧《音乐之声》(The Sound of Music)中的插曲,参见503.文化详解2.

Jay: No. I already went through this with Mitchell. That's what we're here to prevent. Didn't your Dad 
teach you any of this stuff?

Luke: He says the only tool you need is a sense of humor.
a sense of humor: 幽默感

Jay: 'Cause who needs the jaws of life if you have a good knock-knock joke? Luke, grab the goggles
over there, please. And try to pay attention. We measure twice, and we cut once. 
jaws of life: powerful shears used for cutting a vehicle open after a collision 救生颚(在车碰撞之后,用来切开车辆的
knock-knock joke: 敲门笑话,参见109.文化详解1.
goggles: large glasses that fit closely to your face around your eyes to protect them from such things as water, wind,
or dust 护目镜;风镜;游泳镜

Luke: Hey, grandpa, can you bench 180 pounds?
bench: to lift by bench pressing (仰卧于长凳上的)杠铃推举锻炼

Jay: I just said pay attention. And that's actually 205 with the bar. I'll lift that for you later. I can see
you're not gonna let up
about that.

Luke: Eh, I'm okay.

Jay: Spot me. Now, if this thing goes south, I want you to call 911 and tell Joe his old man died as he
… saving a trainload of people. [Grunts] [Inhaling, exhaling, and grunting rhythmically] All right.
That's enough for now.
go south: 搞砸,变坏
trainload: quantity that can be carried by a train 列车载客量

Luke: [Chuckles] Whoa. Tell me everything you know about women.


[Laughter] [Speaks french]

Cameron: [Laughs] Yeah, that last thing. Funny. Funny. Funny. I must be a little behind you guys.

Manny: His words.

Cameron: Do you feel what's happening here?

Mitchell: I feel pinching.
pinch [pɪntʃ]: to take a piece of somebody’s skin between your thumb and first finger and squeeze hard, especially
to hurt the person (尤指用拇指和食指)拧,掐

Cameron: No. I'm the weak link of this super group. They know it and I know it. It's fine when we're
all in a big group, but once we're separated from the
herd, the hooves come out.
the weak link: the point at which a system or an organization is most likely to fail 薄弱环节;弱键
herd [hɜːrd]: a group of animals of the same type that live and feed together 畜群
hooves [huːvz]: hoof的复数形式,(马等动物的)蹄

Mitchell: Don't you mean "claws"?

Cameron: Clawed animals don't travel in herds, Mitchell. Packs, flocks, and prides. Why can't we be on
a farm? I'd make you all look like such idiots. You know what? I'm just gonna wait outside. 
pack: A pack of wolves or dogs is a group of them that hunt together. 一群(狼或狗)
flock: A flock of birds, sheep, or goats is a group of them. 一群(鸟或羊等)
pride: a group of lions 狮群

Mitchell: Wh… no. Cam, come on. You're being silly.


Mitchell: To be perfectly honest, I-I really needed Cam to stay. The minute he goes, I'm the dumb one.
I-I took an art history class once, but that was just to look at naked ltalian dudes, so…


Phil: Remember now, you're in sub-zero temperatures. The only thing keeping you warm is the heat of
fiery passion. And… Go!
sub-zero [ˌsʌb ˈziːroʊ]: (of temperatures) below zero 华氏零度以下的
fiery [ˈfaɪəri]: showing strong emotions, especially anger 情绪激烈的;暴躁的

Andy: My beautiful Beth…

Phil: Colder!

Andy: My b-b-beautiful B-Beth.

Phil: Colder!

Andy: B-b-b-b…

Phil: That's too cold. That's too cold.

Andy: B-B-Beth!

Phil: Now we're talking!
now we're talking: 这才对嘛

Andy: You're so beautiful to me!

Phil: Yes!


Phil: Why am I so intent on helping Andy? I love filmmaking and I love love. I guess you could say I
enjoy making love on film, and now I don't have to do it by myself. 
intent on: 热衷,抱定决心要实行
filmmaking: 制片,电影摄制


Andy: Beth, this is my long way of saying I miss you. Th… uh. You know, this is weird. I don't really
know where to look.

Phil: No, it's not weird. J-just look deep into my eyes and sweep me off my feet. 
look deep into one's eyes: 深情地看着某人的双眼
sweep somebody off their feet: to make somebody fall suddenly and deeply in love with you 把某人弄得神魂颠倒

Andy: All right. Honey…

Phil: Yeah, that's weird.

Andy: It is. Yeah.

Phil: Haley, honey, can you help us?

Haley: I don't think anyone can.

Phil: Just let Andy hold your "Officer and a Gentleman" style, and I'll superimpose Beth's face over
yours on the computer.
superimpose [ˌsuːpərɪmˈpoʊz]: to put one image on top of another so that the two can be seen combined 将(一图像)

7. 电影《军官与绅士》(An Officer and a Gentleman)是1982年的一部剧情片,由理查德·基尔(Richard Gere)和黛布
拉·温格(Debra Winger )主演。全片以严格的军训与浪漫的爱情交互穿插发展,演绎了两对青年男女的情感变迁和


Haley: That's insane.

Phil: I know. I can do anything with this.

Andy: If she's not comfortable…

Haley: You know what, guys? This whole thing is really sad and pathetic. No girl wants a guy that tries
this hard. If I got this video, I'd call the police.

Andy: Some girls actually like guys who are nice to them.

Haley: Some girls like 36 of them.

Andy: There's 37 of them!

Phil: Okay, this is passion. We can use it. Andy, pick her up.

Andy: All right, let's just get this over with.

Haley: Oh, my gosh, he's actually picking me up! Dad!

Phil: It's just for a minute. Now lock eyes and… Action.
lock eyes: 锁定目光

Andy: Honey, this is my long way of saying I miss you. I don't have to climb a mountain or swim an
ocean to be with you, 'cause you're always with me… In my thoughts, my dreams… My heart. You
deserve more than I could possibly ever give you, but everything I have is yours. I love you.

Phil: Cut! That was beautiful. I really felt that one. Did you feel that one?

Haley: No, I didn't feel anything.

Phil: I was talking to Andy.

Haley: I know! Put me down, freak! Ugh!

Phil: Wow. That really takes me back to my cheerleading days.


Alex: How could a guy with so much pain create such hopeful imagery?
imagery [ˈɪmɪdʒəri]: You can refer to pictures and representations of things as imagery, especially when they act
as symbols. (尤指具象征意义的)图像

Manny: I certainly couldn't paint like that if my mother was dying of consumption. The last time she
had a cold, I could barely arrange the flowers on the front table
consumption [kənˈsʌmpʃn]: a serious infectious disease of the lungs 肺痨

Mitchell: You know what I found so interesting? Was that the first painting and the last painting
were so similar, and I think that that was
intentional, a comment on the perpetual motion of life.
intentional [ɪnˈtenʃənl]: done deliberately 有意的;故意的;蓄意的
comment [ˈkɑːment]: something that you say or write which gives an opinion on or explains somebody/something
perpetual motion [pərˌpetʃuəl ˈmoʊʃn]: a state in which something moves continuously without stopping, or appears
to do so 永动

Alex: The first painting was the last painting. We walked in a circle.

Mitchell: Are you sure?

Alex: Yeah.

Mitchell: So… you know, I'm gonna go check on Cam because he's been alone f-for quite some time.

Alex: Mm-hmm.

Mitchell: And, you know, he's probably touching a painting.

Manny: N-no, don't go! We're having such a good time.

Alex: I guess it's just you and me now.


Manny: It was okay when Cam left and passed the dunce cap to Mitchell, but with him gone, it went to
me. What I would've given to have Luke there. Ah, Luke. Sweet as
custard and just as smart.
dunce cap: a pointed hat that was sometimes given in the past to a child in a class at school who was slow to learn
custard [ˈkʌstərd]: a mixture of eggs, milk and sugar baked until it is firm (烤制的)蛋奶糕



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