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12月 13th, 2018

【原创】志萍版摩登家庭英语笔记 05×18: Las Vegas – Part3

摩登家庭笔记, by 李志萍.

Mitchell: $120, $140, Higgins, for nothing — nothing! I want to do something crazy. Okay, I'm gonna
order a bath.

Higgins: Sir, it seems to me like you've gone mad. [Both laugh]

Mitchell: Okay, this is what I want. I want something romantic, but also a little dangerous.

Higgins: Romantic, dangerous — might I suggest, sir, the techno bath? Your heart will throb with the
bass while your eyes take in an off-the-scale laser light show from that most intimate of V.I.P. arenas
– your own tub.
techno [ˈteknoʊ]: a type of fast, electronic dance music, typically with little or no singing 泰科诺音乐,高科技舞曲
throb (with something): (of a part of the body) to feel a series of regular painful movements (尤指心脏等快速的)跳
bass [beɪs]: an electric guitar that plays very low notes 低音吉他(一种音高和音质与低音提琴相同的吉他,通常有
off-the-scale: 超过预期规模;超标
laser light: 激光
arena [əˈriːnə]: a place where sports, entertainments, and other public events take place. It has seats around it
where people sit and watch 竞技场

Mitchell: Okay. I want that. That's what I want.

Higgins: Me thinks the Little Red Riding Hood may be a big, bad wolf. 

2. 《小红帽》(Little Red Riding Hood)是关于一位年轻女孩和一只大野狼的欧洲童话故事,它的起源可以追溯到10

Mitchell: Oh!

Higgins: I'll be back shortly with supplies.

Mitchell: Okay!

Higgins: Ah, Mr. Dunphy! How are… we this evening?

Phil: Not so good. I'm in a tight spot with my lady.
in a tight spot: 处于困境,处境险恶

Higgins: Ah.

Phil: You know what might help? One of those — one of those luxury baths.

Higgins: Ah, get yourself out of some hot water by getting her into some.

Phil: Wow, so good.

Higgins: Might I suggest the Michael Bublé bath?
Michael Bublé: 麦可·布雷,参见113.文化详解10.

Phil: You are a mind reader
mind reader: 测心术者;能测人心思者

Higgins: I'm not a mind reader, sir. I've just been in the bath-buttling business since the early '90s,
despite my
fresh face, so I tend to know what these situations need. 
buttle [ˈbʌtəl]: 当男管家(或仆役长)

Phil: I'll get the water going.

Higgins: As you wish. Same price either way.

Jay: Burt says he's gonna be here any minute. We got to really lay it on for this guy — best scotch, put
on something sexy. 
lay on: If you lay on something such as food, entertainment, or a service, you provide or supply it, especially in a
generous or grand way. 精心安排(食物、娱乐、服务等)

Gloria: [Gasps] I… have a great idea! Cigars! A man like Burt appreciates a good cigar.

Jay: Good thinking! Of course, upstairs, the butler would be here already. I'm telling you, we might as
well be sleeping in the basement.

Gloria: I said hold it, not deliver it! [Breathing heavily] Okay, there. Come here. Stay in Claire's room.

Phil: Hey, honey. I'm in the bathroom. Honey? Okay, I-I know I messed up, but sit tight — I got a little
surprise for you.

Jay: Higgins, you got a minute?

Higgins: 60 an hour. They all belong to you, sir.

Jay: I need a couple of primo cigars, A.S.A.P. I'm not a stickler for how they got in the country. I'm also
expecting a special scotch delivery. I need a shave. Burt can't see me like this.
primo [ˈpriːməʊ]: best; first-class 最好的;一流的
A.S.A.P.: as soon as possible 尽快
stickler (for something) [ˈstɪklər]: a person who thinks that a particular quality or type of behaviour is very important
and expects other people to think and behave in the same way 坚持…的人

Higgins: Unfortunately, the shaving butlers are all –

Jay: I know, Excelsior Plus.

[Door opens]

Higgins: Are you decent?
decent [ˈdisənt]: wearing enough clothes to allow somebody to see you (穿得)能见人的

Mitchell: I am.

Higgins: Well, not for long.

Mitchell: My partner should be here any minute.

Higgins: Is it me, sir, or is the air positively fizzing with erotic anticipation?
positively [ˈpɑzətɪvli]: in a way that leaves no possibility of doubt 毫无疑问地;绝对地
fizz [fɪz]: when a liquid fizzes, it produces a lot of bubbles and makes a long sound like an 's' (饮料)嘶嘶地冒泡
erotic [ɪˈrɑːtɪk]: showing or involving sexual desire and pleasure; intended to make somebody feel sexual desire 性
anticipation [ænˌtɪsəˈpeɪʃən]: a feeling of excitement about something (usually something good) that is going to
happen 期盼;期望;预期;预料

Mitchell: Yeah.

Higgins: Oh, I forgot the ice.

Mitchell: Oh, yeah, I'm gonna get it.

Higgins: Oh, I couldn't ask you to do that.

Mitchell: No, not a problem.

Higgins: As you wish. Same price either way.

[Elevator bell dings]  

Langham: Oh, I-I'm sorry. I-I'm looking for Mitchell.

Higgins: Oh, yeah, he's expecting you. In fact, he's asked me to draw the two of you a bath.
draw something: to take or pull liquid or gas from somewhere 汲取,打(水);放出(水)

Langham: Wow. This is crazy.

Higgins: Yeah. I believe that's the plan. Enjoy.

Langham: Thank you.

Phil: Oh, good. You're back. How's Claire seem?

Higgins: I'm sorry?

Phil: You must have seen her out there. Is she mad? W-what's she doing?

Higgins: Uh, she's dusting, sir.

Phil: Oh, she always cleans when she's mad. Do me a favor — bring her a drink and tell her to get
comfortable on the couch.

Higgins: She's — she's allowed on the furniture, is she? [Both laugh]

Phil: She's my wife.

Mitchell: Oh, good! I've been looking for you.

Cameron: Well, you should have been looking for somebody who was looking for you, because that's
what I was doing.

Mitchell: Come on, I have a surprise for you.

[Muffled techno music plays]

Cameron: Oh…

Mitchell: Yeah, I-I've been thinking we need to stop being so uptight. We are in Vegas. Let's have a little

Cameron: Well, I'll have to wrap my head around that, but okay.
wrap my head around that: 试图理解

Mitchell: Now, I have just the way to kick it off – something we could do together. It's a little extreme, but
I think it might be just what we need.
kick off something: to start a discussion, a meeting, an event, etc. 启动

Cameron: Okay.

Mitchell: Go on in.

Cameron: Are you crazy?

Mitchell: Oh, come on, Cam, we deserve this. All right, you get started, and then I'll jump in when it starts
heat up.
heat up: When a situation heats up, things start to happen much more quickly and with increased interest and excitement
among the people involved. 升温

Cameron: Mitchell!

Michell: Come on. Then I will throw you into it, tiger. Rub a dub dub. [Laughs] Dear, no.
Rub a dub dub: 搓背歌(儿歌)

Cameron: Langham. [Music stops]

Langham: Both of you? Huh. Well, okay.

Michell: No. No. No, not okay. What are you doing here?

Langham: You gave me your room key.

Cameron: What?!

Langham: Don't act so shocked. You told me at the bachelor party you two lead separate lives.
lead a life: 过着…样的生活

Michell: You went to the bachelor party?

Cameron: Yes, and I was starting to feel bad about sneaking around, but I guess I shouldn't have, now
that I see what you're up to.

Michell: I'm not up to anything! I left my key by mistake.

Langham: We're all obviously tense. Let's take a deep breath… Get in the tub…

Michell: It's not happening.

[knock on door]

Cameron: You want to tell me how you "accidentally" gave someone your key?

Michell: You want to tell me why you spent all day sipping tequila out of some guy's navel?
navel [ˈneɪvəl]: the small hollow near your waist at the front of your body 肚脐

Cameron: You saw that?

Michell: I guessed.

Claire: Hi, guys. What's going on?

Michell: Hey, Claire. Can you please just come back?

Cameron: We're in the middle of an argument.

Claire: Oh. Bet I know why.

Langham: Are you guys getting in the bath?

Claire: Or I'm way off. 
way off: 错得厉害

[Knock on door]

Tim: Langham!

Langham: It's Tim. He can't know I'm here. He has insane trust issues.
insane: (行为、感情)疯狂的,发狂的

Mitchell: Insane?

[Knocking continues]

Tim: Langham, are you in there?

Mitchell: Go out this door.

Cameron: In here.

Jay: Gloria, hurry up, will you? [Door closes] He's on his way up. I need to shave. Oh, you're here.
Jay Pritchett. Thanks for stopping by. Nice robe. Like
Hef, back in the day. I'm gonna cut to the
chase. I like your lifestyle. I want a taste of it.
Hef: 海夫,参见422.文化详解1.

Langham: Well, s-sure, that's flattering, but…

Gloria: Okay, the bathroom is all you–

Jay: Gloria, it's Burt Tanner!

Gloria: That's not Burt Tanner, that's Long-ham.

[Knock on door]

Tim: Langham!

Phil: What's that thing doing here?

Higgins: Just enjoying a dirty martini before a cleansing romp in the bath. 
romp [rɑːmp]: an enjoyable sexual experience that is not serious 调情;风流韵事<幽默>

3. 马提尼(martini)是非常有名的鸡尾酒,口味多样。干型马提尼(dry martini)由金酒(gin)和辛辣的苦艾酒(dry vermouth)
调制而成,多以橄榄(olive)或珍珠洋葱(pickled onion)装饰。甜型马提尼(sweet martini)以金酒和甜味的苦艾酒
(sweet vermouth)调制,多以樱桃装饰。完美型马天尼(perfect martini)以金酒、辛辣苦艾酒和甜味苦艾酒调制,
以柠檬皮装饰。浑浊型马提尼(dirty martini)加入了橄榄盐水(olive brine)或橄榄汁(olive juice),以橄榄装饰。

Phil: That's not who the bath is for.

Higgins: [Door opens] Oh, my mistake. Welcome… Claire. You're certainly gonna be clean by the end
of the night, aren't you?

Gloria: Jay, I forgot all my hair products! I'm going to borrow from Claire.

Phil: Okay, the coast is clear.
the coast is clear: there is no danger of being seen or caught 危险已过

[Door closes]

Gloria: Eee! Ay. Huh? Jay!

Phil: Go, go, go, go, go, go.

Ducky: Hey. Phil, there you are.

Phil: Ducky! How'd you know where I was?

Ducky: Magicians run this town.

Phil: Really?

Ducky: No. I'm a shaving butler up on Plus. Look, I felt bad about how things went down today, and I-I
just wanted to give you another shot.
go down: to happen 发生

[Door opens] [gasps]

Phil: Right this way. I really think you're gonna like what you see. Okay, let me just get everything set up.
[Clears throat] Metamorphosis. They say the only constant is change.

Ducky: I-I'm sorry, what — I– s– what is that?

Phil: Oh, I don't even know. Something my wife bought. Let me just get rid of it. Here we go.

Ducky: Really, uh, rubbing it in on that wife thing, huh?
rub it in: 反复讲别人不爱听的事;(故意)触人痛处

Phil: Metamorphosis.

Jay: Burt! [chuckles] Nice of you to come down a floor and see how the other half lives. [both chuckle]

Phil: If you will, raise it above my head and pinch it at my wrists. Go ahead and make it good and tight.
Don't be easy on me.

Ducky: Okay.

Phil: Now… [clears throat] As the lowly caterpillar becomes the majestic butterfly, as the tiny acorn
becomes the mighty oak, so, too, do we complete our… metamorphosis.
acorn [ˈeɪkɔːrn]: the small brown nut of the oak tree, that grows in a base shaped like a cup 橡子;橡实

Ducky: So, it's The Governor's Bluff. 

Phil: Well, it's a huge twist on The Governor's Bluff.
twist: an unexpected change or development in a story or situation 意外进展

Ducky: Eh.
eh: 哦,啊,好吗(表示惊讶、疑问、要求重复或征求同意)

Phil: No, no, no, no, no! There were other elements. You just kind of threw me off. I forgot — I was
gonna — as a
flourish I was gonna use one –
flourish [flɜːrɪʃ]: an exaggerated movement that you make when you want somebody to notice you 招摇;炫耀;夸示

Gloria: Hola.

Ducky: A– that's amazing! Y-you lull me with this — with this hacky quick change, and the whole time,
you're changing the fake dog into a hot maid? It's brilliant! It's magic!
lull [lʌl]: If you are lulled into feeling safe, someone or something causes you to feel safe at a time when you are
not safe. 蒙蔽;误导
hacky [ˈhæki]: not new or interesting; used too often and therefore boring 无聊的

Phil: No, that's metamorphosis!

Jay: Like you, Burt, I enjoy the finer things. [knock on door] As a matter of fact, that's probably the
Cuban I ordered for you.
finer [faɪnər]: 出色的,好的
Cuban [kjuːbən]: from or connected with Cuba 古巴的;古巴人的

Gloria: Hola.

Mitchell: Cam, if you wanted a bachelor party, you should have just said something.

Cameron: Well, I didn't know I wanted one until we got here. And you're so "eh, eh, eh," I-I was afraid
to say anything.

Claire: Okay, all right. Lucky for the two of you, I know you better than you know yourselves, and what
the two of you need is a little
guilty pleasure, or should I say…
guilty pleasure: 内疚并喜悦的矛盾心理,有罪恶感的快乐

Higgins: The scotch delivery you had me on the lookout for, sir. [Bagpipe music plays]
on the lookout for: to watch carefully for somebody/something in order to avoid danger, etc. or in order to find
something you want 寻找;注意;警戒
bagpipe [ˈbæɡpaɪp]: played on or connected with bagpipes 风笛的; 和风笛有关的

Burt: I like your style, Pritchett. You're in.

Jay: Vegas.

Higgins: This reminds me of my late grandfather.

Phil: He was Scottish?

Higgins: He was a stripper.

Phil: Oh.


Ducky: There we go.

Jay: You've got the touch, kid.
touch: a way or style of doing something 风格;方法;手法

Ducky: I was blessed with my mother's small hands, sir. Shall I order your complimentary, in-room,
hot-stone massage?
complimentary [ˌkɑːmplɪˈmentri]: given free (尤指为宣传而)赠送的
in-room: 在房间里;室内的
hot-stone massage: 热石按摩

Jay: Complimentary?

Ducky: All part of the Excelsior Plus experience, sir. Might be nice after a dip in your private lap pool
dip: If you have or take a dip, you go for a quick swim in the ocean, a lake, a river, or a swimming pool. 快游
lap pool: 小型健身游泳池

Jay: Oh, where has this been all my life? [chuckles] You know, I saw a harpist in the elevator. Can we
get that for our brunch tomorrow?
harpist [ˈhɑːrpɪst]: a person who plays the harp 弹竖琴者;竖琴师

Ducky: If it was up to me, yes, but unfortunately, that is reserved for our Excelsior Ultra guests only.
ultra [ˈʌltrə]: 极端的;过度的

Jay: 62, 63, 64! Son of a bitch!

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